9 Goals of a Successful School Makerspace

Maker Culture

To celebrate our first #FractusReads, we are are giving away a free copy of the brilliant Worlds of Making. To enter, simply Tweet or share this post on Facebook or Google+ using the hashtag #FractusReads. It’s that easy! For the first book in our […]

9 of the Best iPad Cases for Schools

Best iPad Cases for Schools

There is a lot take into consideration when trying to find the best iPad cases for schools. What age group will be looking after the devices? How will students be using their iPads? What kind of budget is […]

3 Learning Problems Bigger Than Teacher-Prep

3 Learning Problems Bigger than Teacher-Prep

Over the last two years seven U.S. states announced intentions to revamp teacher-preparation and licensing requirements that essentially make it tougher to become and remain a teacher. Some of the new requirements include steeper admission requirements […]

How Are Teachers Using Tablets? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Are Teachers Using Tablets? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s one of the most versatile devices in the history of… well… devices. The tablet has changed the landscape of classrooms around the world, from flipped learning to augmented reality. A much needed balance between function and affordability, […]