Super Easy Class Collaboration Using Padlet

Class Collaboration Using Padlet

Overview For those not yet familiar with Padlet, it’s an extremely versatile tool that is probably best described as a digital ‘post-it’ board. It’s being used by many educators and organizations as a tool to share and visualize any content (e.g. images, videos, documents, text), together with anyone, from any device. Name: Padlet (formerly wallwisher) […]

Start Your Day the #EdTech Way with a Techie Brekkie?

What is a Techie Brekkie?

This guest post from Craig Kemp (@mrkempnz) was originally posted on Craig Kemp’s Professional Reflection Blog. ICTuesday’s, Techie Brekkies, Techie sessions, whatever you call them – if you do them right they will create an exciting sharing culture within your school. I have been involved with Techie Brekkies for a long time now and have been inspired […]

The Benefits of Flipped Classes on Student Workloads

The Benefits of Flipped Classes on Student Workloads

I have to confess that when I started collecting data about my students’ attitudes about my flipped classes I was hoping that most of them would say that it helped them become better writers and learners. I teach introductory writing and literature classes, and so I want to show my peers and my administrators that […]

The Five C’s of Educational Leadership

The Five C’s of Educational Leadership

In previous posts, I’ve written about the 4 C’s of 21st century learning. I discussed their importance to student growth, innovation, and success. I talked about removing technology from the conversation in order to focus on the skills themselves. And like many before me, I suggested we move past the need to call them 21st […]

Whole School Tech – to LMS or Not to LMS?

Whole School Tech – to LMS or Not to LMS?

One of the exciting aspects of being a teacher in the 21st century (there I said it) is the constant stream of new tech and apps that are able to make arduous tasks quicker, our students more engaged, our learning programs more dynamic and our own professional development personalised. Alongside the excitement is a frustration […]

Educators Need to be 21st Century Learners Too…

Educators Need to be 21st Century Learners Too

What is 21st century learning? It is collaboration. It is creativity. It is critical thinking and problem-solving. It is research and information literacy. It is digital citizenship. It is responsible use. We expect our children to develop these skills. We integrate these skills in our every day lessons so that our students can grow and […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Blog With Your Class

Blog With Your Class

In my short four years, I have not come across anything so awesome, that ticks all the boxes like blogging does! So why should you start blogging with your class? I have written about the many benefits of blogging on my own personal blog here. From a personal perspective, I blog myself because it allows […]

3D Printing in the Classroom is Elementary

3D Printing is Elementary

Since my school year finished at the end of June, I’ve been reflecting on my first year using a 3D printer with 4th and 5th grade students.  I must begin by first stating that I am in no way an expert in 3D design/printing. I’m simply an elementary tech coach/teacher who wanted my students to […]

7 Steps to Start a Coding Club at Your School

Start a Coding Club at Your School

Previously I have detailed 8 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Code. If those reasons inspired you to start a Coding Club at your school this short guide will help turn that inspiration into action. Details are discussed following the list. 7 Steps to Start a Coding Club 1. Discuss Talk to the tech savvy students and find […]