Using Vine to Teach – 7 Seconds of Education

Using Vine to Teach

Using grapes to teach???  If that is your first thought then I am going to take it you are not yet familiar with Vine. To put it simply, Vine is a mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows) that enables users to create and post short (7 seconds max) looping video clips. These videos can then be shared […]

What’s a GIF? (and why you should use one)


I have been using GIFs more and more in my classes. I only learned about these this school year from the huge number that people share them on Google+.  The example below was playing in the background yesterday while my students were doing a lab investigating how the rate of evaporation affected crystal growth. What […]

7 Apps the Best Teachers Are Using

Apps Teachers are Using

Window (no pun intended) shopping the App Store these days can be a very dangerous game… Sure, it’s got a nice icon, a slick animated video of people ‘loving’ the app, and even a clever catch phrase that you swear you’ve heard before. But is it any good? Who can you ask? Well hopefully, it’s someone […]

21st Century Music Lesson – Performing with iPads and Drumline

21st Century Music Lesson

Looking for something to make you feel GREAT on a Monday? Well here is the perfect fix, courtesy of St. Anthony-Immaculate Conception School in San Francisco. Created in three weeks using spare time in literature and social studies classes, this amazingly beautiful and inspirational video is the perfect example of a 21st century music lesson! As well […]

6 Life-Changing Books That Inspire Education


Some people just do amazing things. They reach out and change the world. They take actions that impact millions. Are these people super-human? Are they world leaders? Well, generally no. They are individuals. Individuals who are willing to put their beliefs into action. These six books are the inspirational stories of those people. Those people […]

Why Education Reforms Fail – Square Pegs for Round Holes

Square Peg

Earlier in March, TEDxPurdueU explored the theme of ‘Daring Greatly’. One of the speakers ‘Daring’ to shake up education was Associate Professor of Learning Design and Technology, Bill Watson. As the director of the Purdue Center for Serious Games and Learning in Virtual Environments, Bill conducts research on and provides support for implementing, designing and developing educational […]

12 Fun Gifs That Put the Technology into Education

The Modern Classroom

Nothing speaks Internet better than animated gifs! Once relegated to the ‘Internet Hall of Shame’, Animated gifs are totally back, and actually a really easy way to inject some fun into lessons and material. Try using Giphy, the animated gif search engine, to find the perfect piece of animated silliness to put into your next lesson. […]

5 Apps I am Using to ‘Tweak’ My Lessons


Now that that the kids are positive I have lost my mind, I wanted to share with you some of the ways I am starting to ‘tweak’ my lessons. When I started, it was a little at a time, not a whole unit, not a whole week, just one lesson. Something unexpected happened. I found […]

Using Color to Add Clarity in Math

How would you feel if someone described you as being colorless? Yeah, it’s not exactly a compliment. Being called colorless is basically an unsubtle way of being told you are dull, uninteresting or boring. And just as some people are ‘colorless’, so is a lot of the content we deliver to our kids. But luckily it […]

Choosing the Best Game Console for Kids

Best Game Console for Kids

Whether you are looking for a game console for the family home or are leaning towards something more portable for your kids, there is a lot of different options out there. Between the many companies producing gaming systems, finding the best game console for kids is now a much more involved process than it was even […]