Top 10 Tips For Using Facebook In The Classroom

The founder of Fractus Learning, Nick Grantham is an Australian educator living and working in Dublin, Ireland. With a background in education, engineering and digital product development, Nick launched Fractus Learning to connect people with a shared passion for technology and how it can bring education to life.

Facebook In The Classroom

As a special Christmas gift we are rewarding our Fractus Learning community with a FREE Prezi: “Top 10 Tips For Using Facebook In The Classroom”.

Get great ideas to use with your class, or download and present it to staff that may be interested in Facebook for education. The Prezi provides an engaging walk-through of ways you can use Facebook to enhance communication, networking and keep the classroom fun and relevant.

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Top 10 Tips For Using Facebook In The Classroom

Here is a taste of the areas covered in your FREE Prezi:


  • Get You Class Into News Feeds
  • Try A Poll With Your Class
  • Create A School/Class Facebook Page
  • Put Together Lists
  • Share Links And Media
  • Schedule Class Or School Events
  • Practice Foreign Language
  • Facebook Applications
  • Job Seeking And Career Growth
  • Use Facebook With Care



Image courtesy of Flickr, west.m