Three Great EdTech Resolutions For Teachers in 2013

Adam Heckler is a twenty-something Cincinnati, Ohio local working in the education technology sector. Most of his time is spent at VARtek Services where he writes for the blog, manages social media, and advises K12 s

Welcome to the new year everyone! We hope you enjoyed your holiday season and had ample time to visit with your family, friends, and other loved ones. Hopefully your break was long enough for you to recharge and prepare to make 2013 another awesome year!

Speaking of awesome, lots of people try to make New Year’s resolutions around this time of year. They set some goals that want to accomplish, and then stick to them as best they can. Well, I’ve been developing a little list of resolutions for my fellow edtech fanatics that I think all of us should adopt for 2013. Here they are!


Work Smarter, Not Harder

You know the feeling: so many assignments to grade, essays to read, and lesson plans to write up. You can feel swamped in no time. That’s why my number one resolution this year is to work smarter, not harder. Going into a caffeine-fueled, red-eyed work overdrive every single day won’t work for long. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to offload some of the pressure and make sure you get things done one small task at a time.

Happy New Year

Some previous posts here on the Fractus Learning blog cover helpful organization and time management topics. This post on Remember the Milk covers a great web application you can use to sort out and keep track of your everyday tasks. We’ve also covered how to revamp your approach to parent-teacher relations with Highrise, as well as how to manage your PLN much more effectively by using HootSuite.


Stay Positive

Teaching is the same as working in almost any industry in that, from time to time, it can wear you down and make it hard to stay focused. That’s why our second resolution this year is to stay positive. Sure, sometimes you’ll really feel the weight of your work bearing down on you, that happens to everyone. But it’s important to keep going and stay focused.


One of the things social media is really good for is passing around stories and inspirational moments. Just check out all the boards on Pinterest devoted to inspiring teachers to maintain a positive outlook. There are also many prominent educators on Twitter that post about their careers, resources, and motivations. Try following some of the more popular education-related hashtags for inspirational tidbits in 140 characters or less!


Update Your Skills

You probably already know this if you’re reading this blog, but thanks to technology, education is changing on a daily basis. So it’s critical that you’re always on the lookout, no matter what subject you teach, for ways to update your skills. Making learning a habit can help you avoid the situation where your students end up teaching you things you should already know!

Times Square

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to update your skills without breaking the bank! First of all, Fractus Learning offers several courses over in our Training section. Be sure to take a look at those to see if you can benefit. We also have some other courses on the way that may be of interest; be sure to register if one or two of them catch your eye!

Also, be sure to explore some of our previous blog posts, including these:


Let us know down in the comments what your resolutions are for 2013!


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