4 Ways the Internet is Making Kids Smarter [INFOGRAPHIC]

4 Ways the Internet is Making Kids Smarter

It’s a pretty hot topic of debate… Is the Internet making us smarter or dumber? Or is it just making us more volatile to the occasional ‘YouTube comment‘ outburst. I guess it would be difficult to comment on YouTube without the Internet… So maybe it is to blame! Well, according to this infographic from WhoIsHostingThis? the Internet is […]

Five Newsworthy Apps for the Connected Learner

CNN app on iPad

The Internet has made news, readily available, virtually instantaneous, and interactive. On the plus side, news via the web can provide global perspective. However, on the negative side, in the rush to be first with a breaking story, there are frequently inaccuracies. Web connected classrooms provide opportunities for students and teachers to read original material, discuss current […]

54 Resources for Teachers Exploring Programming

Resources for Teachers Exploring Programming

One consistent request from our latest Fractus Learning Course, ‘Programming for Kids – How to Make Coding Fun‘, has been for a consolidated list of all the resources and tools we used. Well, rather than bundling it up as part of the training package, I thought it could be a bit more useful as an article that anyone […]

7 Fun Easter Apps for Kids Who are Sick of Chocolate

Easter Apps

Enough with the chocolate! I have seriously had more chocolate in the last week than Augustus Gloop on a Creme Egg binge. And the only way I know to distract myself from this Easter madness is to pull out the iPad and start (sticky) tapping. As a chocolate alternative this year, here are seven of the […]

7 Apps the Best Teachers Are Using

Apps Teachers are Using

Window (no pun intended) shopping the App Store these days can be a very dangerous game… Sure, it’s got a nice icon, a slick animated video of people ‘loving’ the app, and even a clever catch phrase that you swear you’ve heard before. But is it any good? Who can you ask? Well hopefully, it’s someone […]

6 Life-Changing Books That Inspire Education


Some people just do amazing things. They reach out and change the world. They take actions that impact millions. Are these people super-human? Are they world leaders? Well, generally no. They are individuals. Individuals who are willing to put their beliefs into action. These six books are the inspirational stories of those people. Those people […]

12 Fun Gifs That Put the Technology into Education

The Modern Classroom

Nothing speaks Internet better than animated gifs! Once relegated to the ‘Internet Hall of Shame’, Animated gifs are totally back, and actually a really easy way to inject some fun into lessons and material. Try using Giphy, the animated gif search engine, to find the perfect piece of animated silliness to put into your next lesson. […]

5 Apps I am Using to ‘Tweak’ My Lessons


Now that that the kids are positive I have lost my mind, I wanted to share with you some of the ways I am starting to ‘tweak’ my lessons. When I started, it was a little at a time, not a whole unit, not a whole week, just one lesson. Something unexpected happened. I found […]