Launch: Programming for Kids – How to Make Coding Fun

Coding for Kids

After talking about it for so long, we are finally so excited to be launching our latest Fractus course Programming for Kids – How to Make Coding Fun! With over over 800 educators joining on the first day the response has been amazing and it is clear that coding is becoming a “must have” skill in […]

8 Ways To Help Your Child With Homework – INFOGRAPHIC

Ways To Help Your Child With Homework

Whether you agree with homework or not, chances are it’s going to cause a battle in your household at some stage. Memories of tears, frustration, raised voices and stern looks come back to me as I reflect on those evenings of parent ‘bonding’. But there are ways to make the homework experience a little more […]

10 Silly Little Things to Help in Your Classroom

Silly Little Things to Help in Your Classroom

A recent /r/Teachers reddit post from user coraz0n posed the question “What are some silly little things that work for you?“. From the discussion came a torrent of those neat little tips that you only pick up in passing conversation. This is the beauty of casual discussion networks and communities like reddit. These are not the kind of tips […]

Try the ‘C3B4Me’ Policy to Encourage Students to Become Self-Directed Learners in the Flipped Classroom

'C3B4Me' Policy to Encourage Students to Become Self-Directed Learners

Without question, the complex dynamics of the classroom, its tone, the interpersonal forces at play, and the nature and structure of communication patterns all combine to either support or inhibit students’ motivation to pursue a goal” (Ambrose, et al, 2010, p. 79). In my previous article, I discussed five strategies to address student resistance to […]

Use YouTube Like an EdTech Rockstar

EdTech YouTube Rockstar

I’ve been using YouTube all wrong. Usually, I just upload my own video and search by typing a query in the box to see what comes up. I have recently learnt some new ways to get more out of the tool and turn you into a YouTube rock star. Here they are: Filtering: A quick […]

The Day I “Lost My Mind” is the Day My Students Started Learning

The Day I “Lost My Mind”

It all started the day I announced we were not going to use paper and pencil for our lesson.  You could have heard my middle school students’ shouts down the hall.  I had been using iPad apps for certain applications such as the dictionary and Typo on a regular basis, as well as for special […]

Edcamp: Where Teachers Confess, Encourage and Brainstorm


Edcamps have been springing up across the country as a “grassroots movement in educator professional development“. The definition of an Edcamp according to the Edcamp foundation is “a form of unconference designed specifically for teachers and their needs“.  Edcamps are always free. Edcamps flow. It’s living, breathing professional development that is determined by the educators who attend it. […]

Fun and Accessible Computer Science Tools for Kids

Computer Science Tools for Kids

Computer Science can sound pretty daunting, particularly if you don’t know a lot about the subject, and it is often thought of as the preserve of ‘geeks’ or particularly intelligent students. The idea that it is particularly difficult can put off students who might actually have a real natural ability for the subject, which is […]

Using Web Tools to Build Student Confidence

Build Student Confidence

As any teacher will know, a huge amount of student achievement stems not just from knowledge and understanding, but from having confidence in themselves and their own abilities. Countless times, a student who has all the tools they need, but just has doubts about their own ability, will fail to achieve the level they actually […]