3 Myths of Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning Infographic - Catherine Newton 2014

We live in the 21st Century. We have students learning subjects through online lessons, quite frankly, all the time. We live in a society that boasts pervasive mobile technology and low cost, user friendly Web Tools. We have access to credible and compelling educational research data describing the significant impact that Flipped-Learning has on student […]

Using Twitter in the Classroom – My Firsthand Experience

Using Twitter in the Classroom

This guest post from Craig Kemp (@mrkempnz) was originally posted on Craig Kemp’s Professional Reflection Blog. As an educator who is addicted to Twitter I have always read about students getting introduced to Twitter and wondered how it would work. After reading and reading I have finally decided to give it a go. Here is my introduction to Twitter in […]

9 Ways Fear Is Slowing the Integration of #edtech in Schools

9 Ways Fear Is Slowing the Integration of #edtech in Schools

There is a growing movement among theorists and educational practitioners to identify why “teachers neither use technology as an instructional delivery system nor integrate technology into their curriculum” despite its heavily-researched advantages. This in itself is a loaded question because it assumes that teachers are the ones delaying schools’ adoption of educational technology (#edtech for […]

BYOD: The “Rule”, not the “Exception”

BYOD: The “Rule", not the “Exception”

As schools and districts across the county are wrapping up the school year, they are also beginning to plan for the return in August. Part of that planning process involves the technological component (or lack thereof). 21st Century Learning includes both instructional best practices and the implementation of technology to enhance and supplement classroom learning. […]

Online Coding Resources in the CS Classroom

Coding Resources to Try in the CS Classroom

There has been a proliferation of online classes and resources for learning coding over the last couple of years. With all that’s out there, one might think there’s no need for a Computer Science teacher or program in schools anymore. However, I’ve found many of these resources can be great tools for teachers, both for […]

16 Class-Safe Jokes That Are Actually Funny

Class-Safe Jokes

OK, OK, I have a joke for you. How many potatoes does it take… Actually, that’s not really appropriate. What about… No,no, neither is that one. Now I think about it, it’s actually pretty hard to find a joke that is both funny and SFW. In a recent thread on reddit, titled ‘What is the […]