8 Compelling Books to Get Kids Programming

Kids Programming

I read a quote yesterday that resonated with my geeky upbringing and the shedding of tech’s nerdy stereotypes: Thinking that coding is the nerdy IT guy at work rebooting your computer is like thinking that music is what happens when the piano tuner comes round. Ed Rex: You Can Already Code—You Just Don’t Know It Yet […]

4 Brilliant Resources for Paperless Books

Paperless Books

There is nothing in the world quite like a good book. Reading, whether curled up by the fire, secretly holding a torch under the duvet, or simply drifting through life with your nose firmly wedged between the pages, is one of the most wonderful things in life. As a veritable devourer of books since childhood, […]

3 Brilliant Resources for Home Learning

Resources for Home Learning

There are a variety of reasons why you might want students to be able to access excellent sites for brushing up on topics at home. Many teachers are now using the Flipped Classroom model, which sees the usual order of teaching reversed, so that students learn the main nuts and bolts of a new topic […]

INFOGRAPHIC: What are the World’s Biggest Technology Companies Doing to Improve Education?


Dollars, time and equipment…  The world’s biggest technology companies understand the value of education, after all, who will power their next generation of business success? The below infographic looks at exactly what tech companies have been doing to promote, assist and develop education around the globe. Infographic courtesy of Best Masters Programs.

Using Animoto in the Classroom


It’s unusual for me to write a blog post extolling the virtues of a single edtech tool – I usually prefer a rundown of several resource that can be used for any given subject, because there are so many brilliant tools out there to feature and usually so many advantages and disadvantages to using each […]

22 Education Terms as Defined by Urban Dictionary


The Urban Dictionary is the Internet’s tongue in cheek attempt at defining the English language. Community driven and open for all to contribute (credible or not) the Urban Dictionary aptly defines itself as: “A site where users attempt to mock and explain everyone and thing in life, under the guise of cynical quasi-intellectualism.  It should be both noted and […]

Famous Quotes to Inspire your Students


We’re in the middle of that dreary time of year, when the excitement of the new term has faded away but the Easter holidays are still too far off to contemplate. The days are cold and grey and settling back into the school routine for another year can feel a bit too much like hard […]

How to Create a Class Podcast in 5 Easy Steps

Class Podcast

Class blogs are so 2013 – make your mark this New Year by creating a class podcast with your students and become the immediate envy of your teaching peers! More immediate and fresh than a blog, a podcast gives your students the opportunity to practice a range of skills including recording and uploading their creations, […]

All That’s Wrong With Education Technology Conferences (and You Can’t Handle the Truth)

Education Technology Conference

Follow Simon at @connectedtchr Over the course of 2013 my school paid out a considerable sum for me to attend a range of Education Technology conferences. Unfortunately, I came back from all of them feeling largely dissatisfied and in some cases even “ripped off.” I am confident that others have had the exact same experience; […]