Schoology or Edmodo? Choosing the Best LMS for your iPad Classroom

Schoology or Edmodo?

Working in a 1:1 iPad classroom, I needed something that would solve my workflow problems once and for all. I spent a very long time looking at various apps that all claimed to solve my workflow issues, and finally decided I wanted to use an LMS, as they had the added bonus of facilitating more […]

Five Best US Computer Science Programs in 2013

Computer Science

Over the past fifty years, computer science has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy as well as in academia. In response to the economic crisis, more students than ever are looking for a relatively safe career field that can promise them a decent income. As such, choosing the best computer science […]

Increasing Interaction in Online Learning Environments

Online Learning Environment

In my experience as an online learner, some courses I’ve taken virtually have been lacking in opportunities for interaction. My online learning experiences have mainly consisted of reading texts posted by the instructor, listening to lectures, and participating in asynchronous discussion boards. Many of you may have had similar experiences as online learners. If you […]

5 Ways to Address Student Resistance in the Flipped Classroom


“Students forced to take major responsibility for their own learning go through some or all of the steps psychologists associate with trauma and grief:  Shock, Denial, Strong emotion, Resistance and withdrawal, Struggle and exploration, Return of confidence, and Integration and success” (Felder & Brent, 1996, p. 43.) Active learning environments cause disruption. They cause disruption […]

Teaching about Endangered Species – 3 Great Apps for the Classroom

Endangered Species Apps

What do we know about endangered species? If we think about it for a moment, many will agree that we actually don’t know that much about this important topic. So, how can we teach our kids and students about endangered species? In this post, I will share three fun and educational tools that will help your […]

Reviewing Google Glass for the Classroom – 5 Big Takeaways

Close View Google Glass Lense

This past weekend, I traveled to Chelsea Market in New York City so that I could visit Google and pick up my pair of Google Glass. I have been anxiously awaiting my invitation to go and get them since I first received notification that I was one of the winners of their #IfIHadGlass competition. As […]

7 Fun Ways to Integrate EdTech into the Classroom

Integrating EdTech

Education technology provides a host of brilliant resources, but it’s at its most effective when it is fully integrated into the classroom as part of the syllabus, not just used as a supplement every now and again. Here are some top tips for integrating education technology smoothly into the classroom.   Integrate EdTech into the […]

Free Lesson Plans for Every Subject from FREE.Ed.Gov

Free Lesson Plans

Many teachers, especially newer ones, struggle with creating new and exciting lesson plans for their classes. It’s definitely hard to be innovative and creative all the time, but if you ask me, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel for every single lesson you teach in a school year. That’s why today I want to […]

7 of the Best Channels on YouTube for Teachers

YouTube for Teachers

YouTube is sometimes underrated as an EdTech tool for the classroom, perhaps due to the potential to stumble across inappropriate material, or the risk of students getting side-tracked by ‘suggested’ videos and ending up watching skateboard tricks and cute puppy montages instead of educational videos! But as long as you’re in control of the mouse, […]