25 of the Best RSS Feeds for Educators

Best RSS Feeds for Educators

In his ‘EdTech Presentation for People Who Don’t Like EdTech Presentations‘, math teacher (and amazing presenter) Dan Meyer states that RSS feeds are part of his EdTech mission statement. I couldn’t agree more, and personally would be lost in a world of ‘information overload’ without my trusty Feedly feed. For me, if Twitter is the fire hose of information, then RSS […]

How This Class Got a 3D Printer Using the Power of the PLN

The Power of the PLN

Technology does not come cheap. In fact, it’s a huge expense for any school. So what do you do when your budget just won’t stretch far enough to teach how you want to teach? Well, when elementary technology specialist Karen Winsper was faced with this problem, she looked to technology and her PLN for a helping hand. Thanks to an innovative approach […]

8 Fascinating Pictures from Schools of the Future

Fascinating Pictures from Schools of the Future

There is a lot of very cool tech just on the cusp of going mainstream… Google Glass, Smart Watches and even Driverless Cars. But how is all of this going to impact our classrooms, schools and learning? What benefits and what challenges will these new technologies create? Well, to try and imagine just how it may come together, here are […]

Fear of Technology: Why Kids Have Seen It All Before

Fear of Technology: Why Kids Have Seen It All Before

Technology is a very relative term. What the word referred to one hundred years ago is very different from what is refers to today. One hundred years ago the frightening introduction of a new technology called ‘radio’ was heralded as the “end of conversation”. Nearly five hundred years ago, too many ‘books’ were considered “confusing and harmful” […]

MakerEd Books Going Super Cheap on Amazon

MakerEd Books Going Super Cheap on Amazon

Amazon is currently having a massive sale on all Maker and DIY Electronics books! There is up to 40% off on digital and paperback books covering everything from 3D printing to electronics and Raspberry Pi. Regardless of what tools, languages, kits or operating systems you use to make, there is guaranteed to be some great learning […]

The Maker Movement and Your Child’s ‘Cognitive Surplus’

The Maker Movement and Your Child’s ‘Cognitive Surplus’

What are your kids doing with all of their ‘cognitive surplus’? Not sure? OK, let’s take a step back. What is ‘cognitive surplus’? ‘Cognitive Surplus’ is a term coined by author and professor at NYU’s interactive telecommunications programme, Clay Shirky. Regarded as one of the leading thinkers on the Internet, technology and its impact on society, Clay introduced the concept […]

7 of the Best Keyboards for Kids

Best Keyboards for Kids

Recently I was chatting to a friend who was asking what laptop he should get for his three year old… My first response was “Are you serious?“, followed by a tirade on why a three year old did not need a thousand dollar machine to spill juice on and pluck’n’suck keys. After a brief rebuttal, it became clear […]

Blended Learning and the Value of the Teacher

Blended Learning

Monique Markoff is an educator currently teaching in the Education Department at Ithaca College. Speaking at TEDxIthacaCollege, Monique shared her experiences as part of the founding team at ‘Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle School’, a blended learning charter school in San Jose which is integrating technology to innovate on the middle school curriculum. Using a number of examples to illustrate the benefits of blended […]

Short Stories for Kids – 10 Brilliant Books

Short Stories for Kids

With all the technology we promote on Fractus Learning it can be a bit too easy to disregard the learning value of the printed page. Kindles, tablets, phones and laptops all have their place, but the rich, tangible and interactive experience of a physical book is impossible to replicate. Research shows that just 10 minutes of reading with your child […]