EdTech Tools: Connect, Collect and Collaborate with TheHubEdu

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We’re at the end of August which means it’s back to school, so I thought it might be useful to my fellow educators to review a tool that helps you organize, manage and share course resources with colleagues and students. However, in times of established social sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter where educators share […]

Teaching about Endangered Species – 3 Great Apps for the Classroom

Endangered Species Apps

What do we know about endangered species? If we think about it for a moment, many will agree that we actually don’t know that much about this important topic. So, how can we teach our kids and students about endangered species? In this post, I will share three fun and educational tools that will help your […]

How to Launch your Edtech Startup on Startup Weekend Education

Launch - Startup Weekend Education

Do you have a great idea for an application, game or service that would help students to learn, involve parents or make life as a teacher easier? Do you require a skilled team to help design, code or sell the product? Then Startup Weekend Education might be the perfect place to turn your idea into […]

Pop Culture in the Classroom and Students as Teachers


To keep our students motivated and engaged is a challenge every educator is faced with every day. Today, I would like to introduce you to two approaches on how to bring ‘real life learning’ to the classroom. NuSkool NuSkool just recently graduated from a newly created incubator called TechLaunch. The startup offers teachers and schools […]

3 Great Resources for Art Teachers

Resources for Art Teachers

Art is probably one of the most difficult subject matters to teach. Sure, as long as the kids are young, and happy to paint and craft in class all is well, but as soon as they grow older and crafting is “something for babies” and art history is “dull and boring” you’ve got a problem […]

Why We Need DRM-Free Alternatives Like Open Library

Open Library

At the beginning of September I wrote an article with the title ‘Who owns your digital content? Hint: Not you’ in which I state both Amazon’s and Apple’s terms of service that grant you a “nontransferable” right to use content on up to five devices. While in the article above I was thinking more about what happens […]