When To Say No To #EdTech

When to Say No to EdTech

I love to write about adapting technology to almost every area of the classroom and am a firm believer in its wonderful benefits across a wide range of subjects and situations. Having said that however, I am also […]

Fun and Accessible Computer Science Tools for Kids

Computer Science Tools for Kids

Computer Science can sound pretty daunting, particularly if you don’t know a lot about the subject, and it is often thought of as the preserve of ‘geeks’ or particularly intelligent students. The idea that it is […]

Using Web Tools to Build Student Confidence

Build Student Confidence

As any teacher will know, a huge amount of student achievement stems not just from knowledge and understanding, but from having confidence in themselves and their own abilities. Countless times, a student who has all the […]

3 EdTech Tools to Kick Off the New Year

EdTech New year

Have you made a new year’s resolution? Or perhaps ten? Are you one of those people who thinks the whole thing is nonsense and you’ll never stick to it, so there’s no point in making one […]

7 of the Best EdTech Christmas Apps!

EdTech Christmas Apps

No matter what the subject or age group, there’s almost no classroom or home where learning can’t be boosted with a little Christmas sparkle! It’s the perfect time of year to take advantage of the excitement […]