The Challenges of Teaching Generation-Tech

Generation Tech

We live in the “Information Age”, where the World Wide Web has allowed, even encouraged, everyone to access everything all the time. Working together, albeit not in the same place, has also been a powerful development. The students we teach have not known a life without all this readily available information. Does this affect how […]

9 Great Classroom Web Apps You May Have Missed


There are so many useful websites for educators; it is inevitable that some get missed. Here is a list of some lesser known classroom web apps that might come in handy next year…   1. A Web Whiteboard A touch-friendly online whiteboard app that lets you use your device to easily draw, collaborate with others, and even […]

How to Identify Good Web Resources for Teaching

Identify a Web Resource

I spend a lot of time on Twitter (you can follow me @heartofsol), keeping an eye out for any resources that really catch my eye. Not everything does, but those that do, fit a particular criteria of mine. I’d like to share my process, and hopefully encourage you to develop one that works for you. Any new resource […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Supporting the Reluctant Teacher

Reluctant Teacher

I want to talk about a mythical creature – the Reluctant Teacher. This teacher has no desire to try anything new – it either does not interest them, or they do not see how it can possibly improve the way they teach. Despite the whole school, and even the whole profession heading in a particular […]

5 Productive EdTech Tasks To Embrace Over Summer

EdTech Summer

Summer is here, at last. But, we all know that it will end too soon, and we will be back in the classroom, and we will be ready to do it all over again. Why not take this opportunity to get ahead of the pack, and make life a little bit easier? You may have heard of […]

10 Quick And Simple Ideas For Blogging In Class

Blogging In Class

Blogging has really taken off in lots of schools already, but some schools have only just started theirs. As with anything, teachers are always looking for quick and simple ideas to help get their blog up and running. Here are some ideas to get your blog started. Get Blogging In Class! 1. Diary Post the things that […]

Should We Be Teaching Computational Thinking In Schools?

Computational Thinking

Teachers of ICT (Information Communication Technology) in England are in the midst of recreating the subject they teach. The UK Government has announced that the current programme of study will not have to be taught from September 2012, and teachers have the freedom to teach ICT how they want during their lessons. So, what should […]

How NOT To Embed Technology Into The Classroom

How NOT To Embed Technology

The internet is full of articles advising schools and teachers on the best way to incorporate tech into their lessons. But what if you don’t want to? This article highlights some tips to help facilitate this neglected issue… Avoid technology as much as possible. If someone is showing you how to use something, look as […]

What Is A 21st Century School Supposed To Look Like?

21st Century School

The 21st Century. Robot servants. Flying cars. Teleportation. Based on the films I saw at the time, these are things that I expected to be readily available to me by now. There was another thing I want added to the list: Technology fully embedded across schools and in classrooms. I grew up with Amstrads, Spectrums, […]