7 Fun Easter Apps for Kids Who are Sick of Chocolate

Easter Apps

Enough with the chocolate! I have seriously had more chocolate in the last week than Augustus Gloop on a Creme Egg binge. And the only way I know to distract myself from this Easter madness is to pull out the iPad and start (sticky) tapping. As a chocolate alternative this year, here are seven of the […]

7 Apps the Best Teachers Are Using

Apps Teachers are Using

Window (no pun intended) shopping the App Store these days can be a very dangerous game… Sure, it’s got a nice icon, a slick animated video of people ‘loving’ the app, and even a clever catch phrase that you swear you’ve heard before. But is it any good? Who can you ask? Well hopefully, it’s someone […]

5 Apps I am Using to ‘Tweak’ My Lessons


Now that that the kids are positive I have lost my mind, I wanted to share with you some of the ways I am starting to ‘tweak’ my lessons. When I started, it was a little at a time, not a whole unit, not a whole week, just one lesson. Something unexpected happened. I found […]

The Day I “Lost My Mind” is the Day My Students Started Learning

The Day I “Lost My Mind”

It all started the day I announced we were not going to use paper and pencil for our lesson.  You could have heard my middle school students’ shouts down the hall.  I had been using iPad apps for certain applications such as the dictionary and Typo on a regular basis, as well as for special […]

5 Different Education Apps to Stimulate Your Child’s Mind


Now, more than ever, parents are plagued with monitoring the content on their children’s smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions. While it is a good practice to exchange children’s TV-viewing time with more family activities, it is also a good practice for parents to embrace technology because of the positive effects it can have as well. […]

Back to School: 5 Apps for Organised Students

Apps for Organised Students

It’s that time of year again – students who have spent the Summer making the most of sunshine and glorious freedom drag themselves reluctantly back to the world of the classroom! It can be a difficult time transitioning back into the routine of early starts, strict schedules and assignment deadlines, and the beginning of the […]

6 Sensational Summer Learning Apps


We all know how valuable it is for kids to keep up their learning over the Summer holidays (with a good dose of relaxation and fun thrown in too of course!) But trying to persuade them to sit down and read a novel or open a school text book can be an uphill battle and […]

Get Free Entry to 23 Museums, Zoos and Attractions with Google Field Trip

Google Field Trip

If you would like to meld your real world with the virtual one this summer Google might just have the right app for you. The Google Field Trip app originally launched in September 2012 with the aim to let you explore cool and interesting places around you off the beaten track. In May of this year the […]

There’s an App for That! 4 Life Lessons your Students WILL Thank you for…. Eventually!

Life Apps for Students

When it comes to teaching, there are two different types of lessons. There are the specific, academic, topical facts and figures you teach your students… historical dates, scientific experiments, algebraic equations…. And then there are the intangible, vital life lessons that aren’t included on any syllabus but that somehow slip in along the way – […]

Teaching about Endangered Species – 3 Great Apps for the Classroom

Endangered Species Apps

What do we know about endangered species? If we think about it for a moment, many will agree that we actually don’t know that much about this important topic. So, how can we teach our kids and students about endangered species? In this post, I will share three fun and educational tools that will help your […]