5 EdTech Gems Hidden in the Back of the Filing Cabinet

5 EdTech Gems Hidden in the Back of the Filing Cabinet

Even as the school year is winding down and the kids are longing for summer, in the back of our filing cabinet is our secret folder. All the new things we wish we’d tried through the year or want to put in place for next year. When thinking about implementing common core, the task can seem almost […]

Drawing with Paper – The Ultimate Fingerpaint App


Paper is the drawing app by Fifty Three that has been the digital sketchbook of choice in our household since its release. What makes Paper unique is that the app does not have the chrome and visible tool sets that are found in most drawing applications for the iPad (or Android tablets).  The idea behind […]

Explore and Document Wildlife with Project Noah

Project Noah

Grab your pith helmet, camera and let’s go exploring with Project Noah. Project Noah is a web and mobile (iOS and Android) platform that helps students become “citizen scientists” by encouraging exploration and shared documentation of wildlife and flora. Students can discover wildlife from around the world or simply examine the living world in their […]

Hollywood in the Classroom with an iPad and Green Screen

Green Screen iPad

Educator, Technology Consultant and self confessed iPad guru, Jonathan Wylie, is a master of teaching with the tablet. He is also a pretty dab hand at instructional videos. In a recent tutorial, Jonathan shows how he uses Green Screen by Do Ink and a piece of green muslin cloth to make some very cool effects. Green screen activities have really taken off in […]

Classroom with 9 iPads, Now What?

Classroom with 9 iPads

About two years ago our district decided to take a drastic step in providing all of our students with a 21st century education. With the help of a technology bond initiative a few years back it was decided that all staff would receive an iPad and a MacBook to start the shift in teaching towards the […]

7 Writing Apps for Every Classroom Purpose

Writing Apps

I used to carry a pad of paper everywhere with me. Jot down ideas, appointments, thoughts and useless tidbits of information. But I don’t carry one any more. No, it’s not because my jeans are too tight (although some would argue this), and it’s not because I hate paper (paper still plays an important role in my digital world). It’s […]

5 Drawing Apps to Delight Creative Kids

Drawing Apps for Kids

At last official count, the number of drawing apps in the app store was estimated at… well, A LOT. With some free, some ridiculously expensive and some just really awful, choosing the best one for your kids can be a bit of a stab in the dark. In the five drawing apps below, I’ve tried to find […]

Five Newsworthy Apps for the Connected Learner

CNN app on iPad

The Internet has made news, readily available, virtually instantaneous, and interactive. On the plus side, news via the web can provide global perspective. However, on the negative side, in the rush to be first with a breaking story, there are frequently inaccuracies. Web connected classrooms provide opportunities for students and teachers to read original material, discuss current […]