Educators Need to be 21st Century Learners Too…

Educators Need to be 21st Century Learners Too

What is 21st century learning? It is collaboration. It is creativity. It is critical thinking and problem-solving. It is research and information literacy. It is digital citizenship. It is responsible use. We expect our children to develop these skills. We integrate these skills in our every day lessons so that our students can grow and […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Blog With Your Class

Blog With Your Class

In my short four years, I have not come across anything so awesome, that ticks all the boxes like blogging does! So why should you start blogging with your class? I have written about the many benefits of blogging on my own personal blog here. From a personal perspective, I blog myself because it allows […]

Making Student Thinking Visible in Elementary… And Sharing It!

Making Student Thinking Visible in Elementary

Most teachers who are new to integrating digital tools come into the game with a product-focused mindset.  That innate desire to use your shiny new devices to create and share beautiful student products is warranted; however, it is only half the battle. Just as it is delightful to share and celebrate a completed art project, […]

7 Writing Apps for Every Classroom Purpose

Writing Apps

I used to carry a pad of paper everywhere with me. Jot down ideas, appointments, thoughts and useless tidbits of information. But I don’t carry one any more. No, it’s not because my jeans are too tight (although some would argue this), and it’s not because I hate paper (paper still plays an important role in my digital world). It’s […]

Blogs. Instagram. Selfies. Generation Narcissist.

Couple taking selfie

Are we obsessed with taking the perfect selfie? Ellen Degeneres seems to think so. Do we regularly check our Instagram and Twitter followers? We sure do. How about blogs? Is WordPress the new Facebook? Hell no. Blog is the latest four letter word. The playground expletive. Sound it out loud Miranda Hart style. BLOG. It […]

Organizing Student Blogs for Dynamite Conferences

Image courtesy of CC-Traditional learning journeys are done out of a binder of custom made folder.

Next to standardized testings, there is no more contentious issue in education than the use of blogs. Should students use them? What is the proper age to start? Is it a passing fad? Do these really correlate to academic achievement? Of course, whether or not classroom teachers are bloggers themselves is a big factor in […]

Why Should We Connect Students?

Connect Students

Last month was the Vietnam Tech Conference in Ho Chi Minh City. Our school hosted it with another and it brought together over 300 educators from Southeast Asia. I presented on Google Forms, and learned a few other web tools, but I left asking myself: “What blew my hair back?” It was not actually a […]