Organizing Student Blogs for Dynamite Conferences

Image courtesy of CC-Traditional learning journeys are done out of a binder of custom made folder.

Next to standardized testings, there is no more contentious issue in education than the use of blogs. Should students use them? What is the proper age to start? Is it a passing fad? Do these really correlate to academic achievement? Of course, whether or not classroom teachers are bloggers themselves is a big factor in […]

Why Should We Connect Students?

Connect Students

Last month was the Vietnam Tech Conference in Ho Chi Minh City. Our school hosted it with another and it brought together over 300 educators from Southeast Asia. I presented on Google Forms, and learned a few other web tools, but I left asking myself: “What blew my hair back?” It was not actually a […]

3 Great Ways Teachers Can Create an Online Identity for Their Class


It’s well known that creating a sense of shared identity and class spirit is a great way to encourage students to work hard, pull together and help one another to achieve their greatest potential. When kids feel part of a team, productivity is likely to increase and they have something to work for and take […]

10 Inspirational Student Blogs

Student Blogs

Blogging is a huge part of the education technology movement – a great way for schools to connect and share what’s happening, and a fantastic resource for teachers to pass on exciting new resources and techniques. (See our earlier post, ’7 Must Read Blogs for Teachers’) But what about students? Encouraging students to get involved […]

5 Brilliant Literature Blogs for Language Lovers

Literature Blogs

With literature forming such a large part of any curriculum, it is essential students are introduced to a love of language as early as possible. As most of us know, love for a language does not generally come from a textbook. It comes from enthralling tales, stories and imaginative use of language. These five literature blogs are a […]

7 of the Best Science Blogs for Students and Teachers

Science Blogs

Best for educators, best for students… we’ve trawled the web for the most innovative, informative and exciting science blogs so you don’t have to!   Best for Budding Scientists Science Sparks Perfect for introducing young children to science in a fun, exciting way, this blog is written specially for youngsters and contains a wealth of amazing experiments. […]

8 Engaging Ways to Promote Your Classroom Blog

Promote your Classroom Blog

A classroom blog is a great way to build a professional learning portfolio. However, many well meaning teachers abandon a class blog after a few months because they feel their efforts are unappreciated and all their musings have fallen on deaf ears. Grinding out posts with a variety of media to document learning that is […]

7 Must Read Blogs for Teachers

Cool Cat Teacher

With blogging websites designed specifically to host educational blogs now boasting tens of thousands of accounts, the web is full of e-learning blogs, written by teachers, students and education companies. Here are some of the best… Blogs for Teachers   For Inspiration: Cool Cat Teacher As a Twitter edtech leader, many will already be familiar […]

3 Reasons to Try a Class Blog With Jux

Jux Class Blog

I have recently been working with a number of educators helping to set up personal, school and class blogs. It is sensational to see how these individuals are growing their own PLN, school community and professional presence using blogging. There are literally millions of ways for students and educators to publish their work online these days. Whether […]

6 Tips for Quality Student Blogging

Quality Student Blogging

“Gary, so much of what students blog about is crap and not worth reading. It seems like the emphasis is on creating content, but not quality content.” my coworker Tara commented last week. Her point is so important, and one that educators are struggling with around the world. As schools are moving towards student blogging […]