Online Learning and the Power of the PLN

The Power of the PLN

I want to introduce you to some of my best friends: This is Dave from the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. This is Jenny, an independent education consultant from the UK. And here’s Clarissa, an English as a Foreign Language teacher in Brazil. And yes, there’s Frances, an educator also from the UK, and […]

Why Should We Connect Students?

Connect Students

Last month was the Vietnam Tech Conference in Ho Chi Minh City. Our school hosted it with another and it brought together over 300 educators from Southeast Asia. I presented on Google Forms, and learned a few other web tools, but I left asking myself: “What blew my hair back?” It was not actually a […]

Thoughtful Change Required…

Change Required

The pace of change in all aspects of digital-technology and education is here to stay. On one hand new ideas, new applications and improved hardware are launched into education systems on almost a weekly basis, systems that strive to develop policies that seek to keep up with these advances. On the other hand, teachers and learners […]

You Can’t Adjust the Sails From an Armchair

Adjusting the Sails

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” John C. Maxwell There is definitely a “Wind of Change” blowing through the hallways of education. Now, I’m prepared to bet that many of you started singing The Scorpions song from 1990; admit it, you know I’m right. […]

Why MOOCs Matter

Why MOOCs Matter

Unless you’ve been locked away for the past year finishing your dissertation, then you know that MOOCs—massive open online courses—are about the biggest thing to happen in higher education since … well, since the invention of chalk. Some are suggesting that MOOCs may be bigger than chalk, but frankly, that remains to be seen. After […]

Common Sense Media Helps Teachers Find Appropriate Educational Content

Find Appropriate Educational Content

Last week, we talked about implementing topics of popular culture in the classroom in order to get students more interested and engaged. Today’s post heads in the same direction but is, once more, also centered around the topic of curation. With an ever growing amount of content on the Internet it is getting harder and […]

Pop Culture in the Classroom and Students as Teachers


To keep our students motivated and engaged is a challenge every educator is faced with every day. Today, I would like to introduce you to two approaches on how to bring ‘real life learning’ to the classroom. NuSkool NuSkool just recently graduated from a newly created incubator called TechLaunch. The startup offers teachers and schools […]

Three Amazing Resources For History Teachers That Students Will Love

Resources for History teachers

You might have noticed that I am a bit of a history and ancient culture addict and that I like to share resources for history teachers here on Fractus Learning. This week, I read two interesting articles that summarize pretty nicely how I feel. This is when understanding and awareness of other cultures and their history […]

The Challenges of Teaching Generation-Tech

Generation Tech

We live in the “Information Age”, where the World Wide Web has allowed, even encouraged, everyone to access everything all the time. Working together, albeit not in the same place, has also been a powerful development. The students we teach have not known a life without all this readily available information. Does this affect how […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Supporting the Reluctant Teacher

Reluctant Teacher

I want to talk about a mythical creature – the Reluctant Teacher. This teacher has no desire to try anything new – it either does not interest them, or they do not see how it can possibly improve the way they teach. Despite the whole school, and even the whole profession heading in a particular […]