Why EdTech Teachers Need to Talk to One Another

EdTech Teachers

It’s always been important for teachers to communicate, but never more so than since the boom in education technology and distance learning. Tech can both isolate us from one another and bring us together – but here are some important reasons why it’s more essential than ever for EdTech teachers to keep in touch, and […]

Complex Thinking in the Classroom with Quantum Random Walks

Quantum Random Walks

“Adopting quantum random walks in our classes means, then, that we shift from transferring knowledge—about history or math, say—to creating knowledge about history or math.”   I recently wrote a rather long, scholarly article (forthcoming) about the different kinds of learning structures that I see emerging in Connectivist-style MOOCs (cMOOCs). I argued that these learning […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Build a Class Site NOW

Build a Class Site

This year I created a website for my 1:1 iPad class.  I did not think it would change things that much, but wanted a space for students to have access to certain instructions, groups, timetables etc. What happened was that our class site became the backbone of our room, the go to place whenever they […]

Organizing Student Blogs for Dynamite Conferences

Image courtesy of CC-Traditional learning journeys are done out of a binder of custom made folder.

Next to standardized testings, there is no more contentious issue in education than the use of blogs. Should students use them? What is the proper age to start? Is it a passing fad? Do these really correlate to academic achievement? Of course, whether or not classroom teachers are bloggers themselves is a big factor in […]