How to Create a Class Podcast in 5 Easy Steps

Class Podcast

Class blogs are so 2013 – make your mark this New Year by creating a class podcast with your students and become the immediate envy of your teaching peers! More immediate and fresh than a blog, a podcast gives your students the opportunity to practice a range of skills including recording and uploading their creations, […]

How to Make Sure Every Student Has a Voice in Your Classroom

Every Student Has a Voice

I participated in every class – from elementary school all the way through college. I was constantly raising my hand. My participation grade almost never fell below an A. But that wasn’t the same for many of my classmates. Some never said a word. That’s why I wanted to write this article. To help teachers […]

5 Ways Students can use the Internet to Change the World


It’s never been a more exciting time for social justice – the internet has opened up a whole world of activism and movements for change that are suddenly accessible to anyone at the click of a mouse. Not only can real change be made as a result, but young people can use activism to learn […]

Paperless Admin for Teachers – Some Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Paper Stack

Here is part of the tower of paper I shredded at the end of the last school year: It was a year’s collection of running records, assessment data, anecdotal notes and other documents used to  track my students’ progress over the year.  That was only a small part of my paper collection. I’d collected so […]

3 Great Ways Teachers Can Create an Online Identity for Their Class


It’s well known that creating a sense of shared identity and class spirit is a great way to encourage students to work hard, pull together and help one another to achieve their greatest potential. When kids feel part of a team, productivity is likely to increase and they have something to work for and take […]

The Dead Simple Backup Guide for Teachers

Backup Guide for Teachers

If you’re even the least bit tech-savvy, you know how important having a backup of all your critical files can be. People lose their data all the time, and for a variety of reasons. Maybe they put their files on a flash drive and dropped it somewhere, or maybe their files were on their laptop […]

5 Modern Ways to Find The Right Education Consultant

Find Education Consultant

Whether you are a school in need of a technology coach, or a parent looking for a math tutor, finding the right education consultant can be a very challenging task. In the last few years there has been massive growth in the number of education consultants. This growth has made it much easier to find someone, […]

8 Engaging Ways to Promote Your Classroom Blog

Promote your Classroom Blog

A classroom blog is a great way to build a professional learning portfolio. However, many well meaning teachers abandon a class blog after a few months because they feel their efforts are unappreciated and all their musings have fallen on deaf ears. Grinding out posts with a variety of media to document learning that is […]

How To: Lock Down Educator Facebook Profiles for Maximum Privacy

Facebook Privacy

If you live in the U.S. and have been following the education news lately, you may have seen that Ohio’s State Board of Education President Debe Terhar recently got herself into some hot water over a post she made on Facebook. Without going into too much detail about the post itself, let’s just say it was… […]

How to Launch your Edtech Startup on Startup Weekend Education

Launch - Startup Weekend Education

Do you have a great idea for an application, game or service that would help students to learn, involve parents or make life as a teacher easier? Do you require a skilled team to help design, code or sell the product? Then Startup Weekend Education might be the perfect place to turn your idea into […]