21st Century Music Lesson – Performing with iPads and Drumline

21st Century Music Lesson

Looking for something to make you feel GREAT on a Monday? Well here is the perfect fix, courtesy of St. Anthony-Immaculate Conception School in San Francisco. Created in three weeks using spare time in literature and social studies classes, this amazingly beautiful and inspirational video is the perfect example of a 21st century music lesson! As well […]

The Day I “Lost My Mind” is the Day My Students Started Learning

The Day I “Lost My Mind”

It all started the day I announced we were not going to use paper and pencil for our lesson.  You could have heard my middle school students’ shouts down the hall.  I had been using iPad apps for certain applications such as the dictionary and Typo on a regular basis, as well as for special […]

Creating ‘Learning Zones’ Using iBeacon

iBeacon Learning Zones

Introduced in mid 2013 as a feature of iOS 7, Apple’s mobile notifications system iBeacon was created to help retailers notify in-store customers of particular offers or products. Now installed in a number of stores around the US, innovators are starting to experiment with other uses for this very personalised technology. One educator, Paul Hamilton, has been […]

Schoology or Edmodo? Choosing the Best LMS for your iPad Classroom

Schoology or Edmodo?

Working in a 1:1 iPad classroom, I needed something that would solve my workflow problems once and for all. I spent a very long time looking at various apps that all claimed to solve my workflow issues, and finally decided I wanted to use an LMS, as they had the added bonus of facilitating more […]

4 Steps to Managing Your 1:1 Classroom

1:1 Classroom

How do you manage a classroom where every student has a mobile device? When my high school Spanish students first got their iPads, they were paying more attention to them than to each other, and it seemed like every time I tried to integrate a new app or strategy into a lesson, it would fail […]

9 of the Best iPad Cases for Kids

iGuy iPad Case

As the proud owner of my brand new shiny new “New iPad” (did I mention it was new?) I have recently spent a lot of time (way too much time) researching the vessel in which it will travel… Yes, much like people do not wander around in the buff, it seems that mobile devices must […]

5 Fantastic Apps for Reluctant Readers

Apps for Reluctant Readers

Trying to encourage reluctant readers is an age-old problem for parents and educators alike. But luckily education technology brings a whole raft of new resources to bear on this ancient dilemma, providing exciting and engaging new solutions to help bring the world of words alive for even the most reluctant reader…   The Cat in […]

5 Great Ideas for Using iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the Classroom

1. Celebrate Mobility The whole point of m-learning (mobile learning) using devices such as iPads, iPods and tablets, is just that: it’s MOBILE! One of the greatest ways to get the best out of iPads in the classroom setting is to make the most of this flexibility– use them to combine technology with mobility in […]

Curious George Swings Onto The iPad In Style

Curious George At The Zoo

Everyone’s favorite monkey is back and he is looking better than ever. In the brand new app released yesterday by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Curious George is helping feed, clean and look after the zoo’s many animals. Aimed at children aged 3-5 years, the app incorporates engaging animation, fun game-play and gorgeous graphics in what is all round a […]

10 Outrageous iPad Covers For School Teachers

Home Ec. Teacher

The iPad has absolutely revolutionized the mobile space over the past year. Slick, portable and easy to use, these devices have become a fashion accessory like no technology before. But regardless of your own personal style, each iPad looks identical. There is very little personal flair in the choice between black or white. So how can you […]