3D Printing in the Classroom is Elementary

3D Printing is Elementary

Since my school year finished at the end of June, I’ve been reflecting on my first year using a 3D printer with 4th and 5th grade students.  I must begin by first stating that I am in no way an expert in 3D design/printing. I’m simply an elementary tech coach/teacher who wanted my students to […]

8 Fascinating Pictures from Schools of the Future

Fascinating Pictures from Schools of the Future

There is a lot of very cool tech just on the cusp of going mainstream… Google Glass, Smart Watches and even Driverless Cars. But how is all of this going to impact our classrooms, schools and learning? What benefits and what challenges will these new technologies create? Well, to try and imagine just how it may come together, here are […]

Leveraging Mobile in the Classroom

Leveraging Mobile in the Classroom

Don’t ban technology, leverage it! Kids have access to a wide variety of internet-ready devices: tablets, iPods and handheld gaming platforms. Instead of asking students to put away their devices, why not have students leverage their mobile devices as part of the classroom experience with fact finding activities? You can start a classroom discussion on […]

An Essential EdTech Toolkit

The EdTech Toolkit

Like pretty much any other topic in the universe, edtech now has countless pages, networks, forums, blogs, companies and conferences devoted to it, with aficionados sharing top new tools and flinging acronyms from PLN to BYOD across Twitter. All this can seem a little daunting if you are a teacher coming to education technology for […]

Why EdTech Teachers Need to Talk to One Another

EdTech Teachers

It’s always been important for teachers to communicate, but never more so than since the boom in education technology and distance learning. Tech can both isolate us from one another and bring us together – but here are some important reasons why it’s more essential than ever for EdTech teachers to keep in touch, and […]

18 EdTech Stats About the Current State of Technology in Education

EdTech Stats

Some teachers rave about education technology and suggest that it’s impossible to run a modern classroom without it. (Full disclosure – I’m inclined to be in this camp!) Others have suggested that it’s a fad – a trendy add-on that does little to change the fundamental basics of education. And some even think it’s a […]

7 Fun Ways to Integrate EdTech into the Classroom

Integrating EdTech

Education technology provides a host of brilliant resources, but it’s at its most effective when it is fully integrated into the classroom as part of the syllabus, not just used as a supplement every now and again. Here are some top tips for integrating education technology smoothly into the classroom.   Integrate EdTech into the […]

You Can’t Adjust the Sails From an Armchair

Adjusting the Sails

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” John C. Maxwell There is definitely a “Wind of Change” blowing through the hallways of education. Now, I’m prepared to bet that many of you started singing The Scorpions song from 1990; admit it, you know I’m right. […]

8 Great Udemy Courses for #EdTech Teachers

Technology Teacher Training

If you have not yet explored Udemy, I can’t urge you enough to just dive in and see what all the hype is about. With the the catchphrase of “Start Learning from the World’s Top Instructors“, the platform is a treasure trove for all life long learners. And with more than 350,000 students already enrolled in Udemy courses, it is […]