Super Easy Class Collaboration Using Padlet

Class Collaboration Using Padlet

Overview For those not yet familiar with Padlet, it’s an extremely versatile tool that is probably best described as a digital ‘post-it’ board. It’s being used by many educators and organizations as a tool to share and visualize any content (e.g. images, videos, documents, text), together with anyone, from any device. Name: Padlet (formerly wallwisher) […]

Developing Digital Literacy Through Content Curation

Digital Literacy through Content Curation

With the amount of content that is shared on the Internet every minute, it’s no surprise that many people feel overwhelmed by the quantity of information out there. This is why content curation is becoming an essential digital literacy skill for teachers and students. The act of curation requires critical and creative thinking, as decisions are made around […]

Using Technology to Enhance Communication with Families and the School Community

Using Technology to Enhance Communication with Families and the School Community

Teaching in the digital age opens up a wide range of new opportunities to communicate with families. Enhanced work samples, QR codes, blogs, and podcasts are among the most popular strategies today. At Catherine Cook School in Chicago, Illinois, we value the relationship between the teacher and the parent. In order to support that relationship, […]

MAP Prep Does Not Have to be a Drag When You…

MPA Prep

Close your eyes and just imagine the trees blooming, the birds singing, the smell of grass and —– all your students diligently working on your state testing booklets. Hmmm, the daydream turning to a nightmare does not have to be the case and this is the creative way that we found to help motivate students […]

Top 4 Peer to Peer Learning Tools for College Students

Peer to Peer Learning

Who can teach you better than your peers? Nobody! Seriously. Most educators are so far removed from your understanding that it’s difficult for them to think back when they didn’t know how to do the basics – like addition, or understanding osmosis. But somebody who’s just learned the process? Somebody who started on your level, […]

What’s a GIF? (and why you should use one)


I have been using GIFs more and more in my classes. I only learned about these this school year from the huge number that people share them on Google+.  The example below was playing in the background yesterday while my students were doing a lab investigating how the rate of evaporation affected crystal growth. What […]

12 Fun Gifs That Put the Technology into Education

The Modern Classroom

Nothing speaks Internet better than animated gifs! Once relegated to the ‘Internet Hall of Shame’, Animated gifs are totally back, and actually a really easy way to inject some fun into lessons and material. Try using Giphy, the animated gif search engine, to find the perfect piece of animated silliness to put into your next lesson. […]

Fun and Accessible Computer Science Tools for Kids

Computer Science Tools for Kids

Computer Science can sound pretty daunting, particularly if you don’t know a lot about the subject, and it is often thought of as the preserve of ‘geeks’ or particularly intelligent students. The idea that it is particularly difficult can put off students who might actually have a real natural ability for the subject, which is […]

Using Web Tools to Build Student Confidence

Build Student Confidence

As any teacher will know, a huge amount of student achievement stems not just from knowledge and understanding, but from having confidence in themselves and their own abilities. Countless times, a student who has all the tools they need, but just has doubts about their own ability, will fail to achieve the level they actually […]