Educators Need to be 21st Century Learners Too…

Educators Need to be 21st Century Learners Too

What is 21st century learning? It is collaboration. It is creativity. It is critical thinking and problem-solving. It is research and information literacy. It is digital citizenship. It is responsible use. We expect our children to develop these skills. We integrate these skills in our every day lessons so that our students can grow and […]

Using Twitter in the Classroom – My Firsthand Experience

Using Twitter in the Classroom

This guest post from Craig Kemp (@mrkempnz) was originally posted on Craig Kemp’s Professional Reflection Blog. As an educator who is addicted to Twitter I have always read about students getting introduced to Twitter and wondered how it would work. After reading and reading I have finally decided to give it a go. Here is my introduction to Twitter in […]

The Role of Twitter in Evidence Informed Teaching Practice

The Role of Twitter in Evidence Informed Teaching Practice

I spend a significant amount of time watching Twitter; in particular teachers and educators on Twitter. I call this research although I know I am deluding myself as at best it is usually procrastination. I am beginning to notice with interest that Twitter is causing the power balance in education to be shifted slightly away […]

Using Vine to Teach – 7 Seconds of Education

Using Vine to Teach

Using grapes to teach???  If that is your first thought then I am going to take it you are not yet familiar with Vine. To put it simply, Vine is a mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows) that enables users to create and post short (7 seconds max) looping video clips. These videos can then be shared […]

8 Great Twitter Accounts for Students to Follow


Putting together a list of 10 Inspirational Student Blogs recently was such an eye-opener to the fantastic ways students are using the internet, I couldn’t resist delving deeper and checking out some of the ways they are using social media too! I’ve written before about the brilliant ways Twitter can be used for learning, so if you’re looking for ways to […]

7 Top Tips to Attract EdTech Twitter Followers

Attract EdTech Followers

Eager to get involved in the thriving and enriching EdTech Twitter community? Take advantage of these top tips to help you bag a host of followers in no time!   Building Your EdTech Twitter Community   1. Promote Yourself Remember, when they first come across you on Twitter, all other users have to go on when deciding […]

Tweeting Teachers: Who will you Nominate for a Shorty Award in Education?


It’s that time of year again: the Shorty Award nominations have opened and the education category is ready and waiting to be flooded with enthusiastic, inspirational #EdTech tweeters! But with so many brilliant candidates to choose from, it’s not an easy decision to make.   What are the Shorty Awards? As their name suggests, the […]

5 Great Ways Students Can Use Twitter for Research

Twitter for Research

1. Create a poll A great starting point for research is the generation of new statistical results on a given topic, but when restricted to their own friends and contacts, it can be difficult for students to get enough results to provide a representative sample. This problem can be solved via Twitter using a clever […]

5 Great Ways for Students to Collaborate on Twitter

Student Collaboration on Twitter

Twitter is a brilliant resource for student collaboration, both between classes and peer groups and with other students and academics around the world! Here are 5 great ways for students to collaborate using Twitter…   1. Collaborate on Projects Using Hashtags A group of students can use Twitter for research on a particular topic and […]