Commercial Pilot School

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Article provided by: FlyBy Aviation Academy

How does one know how to pick a flight school from the hundreds promising a smooth entry into a pilot career? The best way to select a ground school is to visit the environment and gather testimonials from the graduates who have attended it and received their commercial pilots license. The best aviation academy will be a mix of the experience and tangible aspects of the school.

Some people will only want to learn to fly to be private pilots who do so for a hobby.  Thee people can settle for a private pilot course.  Beyond the private pilot certificate, others will want a career pilot program that will get them an instrument rating, multiengine rating and all the other commercial training, pilot certifications, and flight hours needed to fly complex aircraft and obtain the best pilot jobs.  For these commercial pilot certication through an integrated ATPL flight training program is ideal.  It is also easier to find financing available for the training if it is a complete curriculum the lender knows will be able to get you earning money as quickly as possible.

Here is why FlyBy is a unique commercial airline pilot program.

What is unique about our integrated ATPL course?

Commercial Pilot Training Location

Most people will want to study in a flight school next to highly scenic areas to get their commercial pilots license. It could be next to a water mass or a calm and straightforward city with quick access to tourist attractions.

FlyBy has a flight training program in on of the most desirable locations – Burgos, Spain. Just north are the scenic Pyrenees mountains and the beautiful blue ocean surrounding Spain. The school is not too far away from popular tourist attractions like Barcelona and Madrid.

You will enjoy your day-offs visiting glass museums, nature canopies, and centuries-old cathedrals. The city is also home to buildings that paint the skyline with unique architecture.

Burgos is a UNESCO World Heritage center with multiple historical attractions. There are tens of castles in the city with unique histories and fantastic buildings.

The location you choose for your aviation school has a direct effect on your performance. Flying in one of the world's most crowded airspaces could benefit your training, and likewise, being in a country with favorable weather mean less weather delays. Building flight time for the successful completion of your pilot license course is much easier as a result.  Spain has a friendly climate that is neither unbearably cold nor hot for most of the year.  B

Become a Pilot With an Integrated Program Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Modular Training Course

Our integrated program is the fastest way to get you to your goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot.  Modular training can be convenient in that they are custom programs, but can ultimately leave you paying a higher total dollar amount for training while also requiring you to spend more time getting to your first airline paycheck.  If you are getting your private pilots license on one module, your instrument rating in another, your commercial pilot certification in another, your multiengine rating in another, learning technically advanced aircraft manuvers in another over the course of many pilot courses, that is going to take awhile. 

Instead of custom programs, a comprehensive flight training program like the ATP certification will get your the training flight hours and flight experience to begin your airline career flying complex aircraft in the best pilot jobs as soon as possible.

Our ATPL integrated training provides a highly-paced, rigorous schedule to make sure you get your EASA commercial pilots license as soon as possible. From the a basic training flight or building flight to technically advanced aircraft manuvers, we cover all the bases necessary to receive your commercial pilot certification.  Our pilot training programs will help you pass the written exam necessary to qualify to be professional pilots.  This intense integrated program can shrink the time to completion from years to as little as 14 months.

Airline career development opportunity

It would be best if you choose a commercial training school that offers extra career development support for your career pilot program. We have flight instructors who help students achieve the best results by assisting them in getting into different airline companies.

You can check out testimonials from our past students to learn about the qualifications and perks they experienced after leaving our school. Check out their employment statistics and job retention rates to understand your chances or the best career route. Feel free to come to one of our many Open Days to speak a certified flight instructor to learn more about our training. You have ample resources to venture into any piloting niche such as bush pilot, an exotic airline pilot that flies into vacation destinations, or a prominent airline captain.

The strong post-course community support after the succesful completion of our program makes our team approachable and knowledgeable. A student who chooses a commercial pilot school will offer more career support than those at a university degree school. You can therefore immerse yourself into the full experience of the school with an integrated ATPL course.

Obtain Your Pilot Licence Safely

The safety of students is the priority of all our flight school staff. We ensure student’s safety by taking optimal security precautions for all student flights. Students' conditions match those they will experience in a work environment in the future, hence they have a better advantage of understanding safety measures in the most intense airline environments.

Our pilots use sophisticated tools to manage many different aspects of the flight experience, such as fuel and maintenance requirements. We have strict operational guidelines to ensure aircraft and simulators have the highest standards of safety.

Quality CPL Education

While FlyBy offers a great value to a prospective flight school student, our organization does not skimp on the high standard of service we offer to our students.

FlyBy takes great pride in offering personalized service over becoming the sterilized factory environment that characterizes many larger flight schools. We invest in the best resources and flight instructors and try to work with each student to make sure they are getting the training they need to progress to their goals. We push our many student pilots into the work field after successful completion of our course, with the highest quality of training.

You will need to obtain a third class medical certificate and a written exam to qualify to start at our ground school.  If you do not already have a class medical certificate we can help you get one (an extra 400 euros on the initial fee). third You do not need a private pilot certificate or any flight time to begin our pilot license course.  We also have cadet pilot training programs that can allow you to become a certified flight instructor after completing your ATPL integrated program.  There may be financing available through third parties, particularly if you are from a European nation.

Are you ready to start your journey to become a pilot with one of the best commercial pilot training experiences in the world? Feel free to check out our curriculum and call +44 7828 886964 for further details of different training programs.