Educational Podcasts

1. Stuff You Should Know

The spin-off podcast from the incredibly successful ‘How Stuff Works’ website, this brilliant series entertains and instructs students with straightforward explanations of concepts. From philanthropy to history to why the leaves change colour, students can explore any question they wish with these brilliant podcasts.


2. A World of Ideas

Ideally suited to older students, these fantastic podcasts compare and contrast the academic theories of educational thinkers from Harvard law professors to comedians, debating topical subjects across a wide and diverse range of different themes.


3. A History of the World in 100 Objects

This brilliant series of educational podcasts takes 100 objects from the British museum and shapes a single episode around each one, using it as a historical landmark from which to relate the history of the world. From economic to financial development to the growth and fall of civilizations, these fascinating insights into the artifacts of the famous British museum are a fabulous resource for history students or any young people interested in learning more about the world and its development.


4. Nova Vodcast

Bringing you short stories from the world of science, Nova explores fascinating topics, from discovering different types of packaging to the secrets of Stonehenge. Conveniently sorted into subject categories including ‘body and brain’, ‘evolution’,  ‘nature’ and ‘planet earth’, teachers of all subjects are sure to find useful resources here to engage and entertain their students.


5. Classic Poetry Aloud

Perfect for students of English and English literature, these wonderful podcasts introduce students to a growing catalogue of some of the greatest works of English poetry.


6. English as a Second Language Podcast

Ever wondered how easy it could be to learn English using the Internet? This brilliant series of podcasts is the answer. Each taking on a different topic, they provide the online equivalent of conversation classes, with specific ideas and issues explored in each new episode and the option for students to listen as many times as they need to in order to understand and note down the relevant new vocabulary.


7. Astronomy Cast

This great podcast series containing well over 200 episodes traces the heavens for students to explore and learn. With separate episodes on scientists, elements and space phenomena, this is a fantastic resource for scientists and budding astronomers alike to widen their horizons.


8. #SciCult Distillations

This fantastic podcast brings science students the past, present and future of chemistry! With a new episode fortnightly, the series gives students the opportunity to gain historical perspective on current scientific issues.


9. Math Mutation

Another one for older students, this fascinating podcast explores areas of math that might not be included on the curriculum, exploring the strange, fun or otherwise unexplored corners of mathematics!


10. Bytesize Science

This fantastic series of podcasts engages students by demonstrating the relevance of science in real-life situations. From exploring the chemistry behind the Thanksgiving turkey to investigating the science of photography, this is science in everyday life brought alive for students of all ages.


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