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Online training has become an extremely popular and cost effective way for people to learn new skills and upgrade their qualifications. IT teacher training being just one of the many types of courses on offer, a recent Infographic from Mindflash depicts just how broad and varied the fields now providing online training are:

  • Michigan offers online classes in bow hunting before you can be properly licensed
  • Washington state has online courses for anyone interested in learning about hazardous materials associated with weapons of mass destruction
  • While in Texas you cant take the lengthy bounty hunter class and testing process online

Given this widespread growth, statistics from SEG Measurement state that 36% of schools provide no technology professional development whatsoever. Across schools fewer than 7% of schools have teachers who are technology literate enough to integrate technology into lessons. This lack of IT teacher training and knowledge is concerning as teachers are falling behind while other industries have larger budgets to spend on professional development. Tight purse strings mean that teachers are either left to teach themselves or abandon technology altogether.

Technology in the classroom is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have. Students entering the school system are already proficient and familiar with technology and expect that teachers will be too. IT teacher training needs to be a fundamental part of keeping teachers up to date in their career. Technology is a very different skill set to traditional learning as it is continually changing and evolving at rapid pace. Students and graduates no longer study IT as an independent subject. Technology is now integrated into every facet of learning and future jobs. As students become more and more technology proficient, schools need to ensure their staff are equally prepared by providing sufficient training.

Budget restrictions, hectic schedules and high workloads mean that teachers need courses that are low cost and flexible with time. Online courses are a great option on both of these criteria:

  • No physical presence is required meaning IT teacher training services are able to offer much more affordable sessions
  • The nature of online courses also allows teachers to participate when it is convenient to them – from home, the classroom, or even on a commute.

If we are seeing the likes of Deer Hunters training online then governments should be putting more focus online for teachers.


Is IT teacher training provided in your school? What kind of courses would help your staff teach their classes and keep students engaged?


Image courtesy of Mindflash.

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