Little Printer

Perhaps the cutest printer in Tech history, Little Printer was launched this week by London design studio BERG. Built to live in your home and print small feeds of news, puzzles and gossip, the mini printer is due to release in 2012.

The tiny cube shaped device connects to your home wi-fi and regularly checks selected sources for information. Using your smartphone you are able to configure what sources Little Printer should use for “publications”. Pressing the button on Little Printer’s head will kick start a delivery of your feed in a lengthy strip of text and images.

Like a receipt machine built with love, Little Printer has been construced with design and aesthetics in mind. The brushed steel faceplate holding the paper looks modern and friendly, while the ink-less thermal printer provides reliable and clean renders.

You can see from the below images, the level of time, care and eye for design that has gone into getting this pee-wee printing press just right.

Little Printer       Set Your 'Publications'

Print To Post       Print To Go

Aimed primaraily for home use, could this be something we come to see in schools? Certainly paper is being phased out in both schools and business, but BERG feels that paper can still play a role in our digital world.

Here are a few applications we can think of for this little fellow in the classroom:

  • Printing snippets of work for students to take home (stick on the fridge, etc.)
  • To-do lists for reminders and homework
  • Printing class member birthday lists
  • Take home notes for parents
  • School or local news and bulletins
  • Printing quiz questions and puzzles
  • School Twitter activity


So what do you think of this little printer with personality? Is this a fun gimmick for the class, or do you see some real applications? What specific uses can you think of for Little Printer in your classroom?



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