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A key skill to project preparation is collecting, organizing and sharing information. Highlighters, sticky notes and a red pen have always been the tools of choice for working with paper. But, what are the best page highlight tools when we take our notes online?

Here are three tools that will help your class organize, highlight, note and share their annotations on the web.


Page Highlight Tools

1. Awesome Highlighter

Awesome HighlighterAwesome Highlighter, as the name suggests is a very useful tool. The site lets you navigate to any remote site and select text to highlight in yellow, blue, green or pink. You can also add sticky notes to the page to provide extra information. A URL pointing to the annotated page is then generated. This URL is unique to your annotation and can be shared with anyone you please. Take a look at the example link we created.


2. is new page highlight tool that is about as easy as it gets. You enter the URL of the site you want to focus, then select the area you want to highlight. A URL is then generated that links to the darkened page with the highlight area lit up. The great feature here, is that the highlight area is the only interactive part of the page. This is a really useful way to make sure focus is exactly where you want it. Try the example.


3. Diigo

DiigoDiigo is the social bookmarking tool that lets you annotate pages that you bookmark. In a similar manner to Awesome Highlighter, Diigo lets you highlight text and add notes to a page. These annotations are integrated into your bookmarks, letting others see your notes, and vice versa. If Diigo interests you, check out our presentation “Convince Your School That Diigo Rocks In Just 7 Slides


Is there a particular page highlight tool you prefer? Drop a comment and let’s grow this list.


Image courtesy of Flickr, photosteve101


  1. It is worth “noting” that Evernote is another very popular page highlight tool (no pun intended). Along with many, many other capabilities it is a fantastic full suite for managing just about every note taking task.

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