9 Rokenbok Toys for Super STEM Recreation

Rokenbok construction toy systems are an ideal way to introduce your child to STEM concepts and learning. Science, technology, engineering and math skills promoted by STEM toys are not only useful in school, they are important skills for understanding how the world around us works. Building Rokenbok cities and then interacting with them with remote control vehicles, conveyor belts, and other machinery is a fun and exciting way for kids to explore scientific concepts from simple engineering up to complex aspects of robotics.

Top Rokenbok Sets for STEM Learning

1. ROK Works Start Set

ROK Works Start Set is a great introduction to the Rokenbok world, especially for those getting into it around age six. Included in this set is everything your child needs to build a construction site of their own unique design. Once the site is built, kids can enjoy navigating their remote controlled construction machine around the work site. The controller allows your child to pick up loads, navigate around obstacles, and bring things to the working conveyor belt. I was impressed by how user-friendly this set is. Even though we were not experienced with these types of toys, my family was able to figure out how to create a construction site and had a lot of fun doing it.

Ages: 6+

2. Rokenbok Monorail Mania Complete Building Set

Rokenbok Monorail Mania Complete Building Set can be either a starter set or an addition to your child’s existing Rokenbok collection. Because my husband is a train enthusiast he was eager to explore this set with our two daughters. My kids loved building the monorail train and then taking control of it for hauling and dumping loads of balls. If your child likes trains, they will enjoy building a track and adding crossings and rail switches with this version of a train set.

Ages: 3+

3. Rokenbok Young Builder Action Set

Rokenbok Young Builder Action Set is a great way to introduce a child as young as three to technology and engineering concepts. This set includes two interactive machines, a dump truck, and an automatic conveyor belt. My preschooler loved learning to control the machines with the easy-to-use remote; a dump truck is always a fun vehicle to have as a toy. There is so much enjoyment to be had from loading up and dumping cargo.

Ages: 3+

4. Rokenbok Deluxe ROK Blocks

Rokenbok Deluxe ROK Blocks are a great set for those kids who love the building aspect of these toy sets. These blocks will allow your child to build everything from a helicopter to a castle. This particular set includes lessons for teaching counting, sorting and shape identification. At first glance, I thought this set would be too advanced for my preschool age daughter because the blocks look different from what we traditionally expect in blocks for young children. But these blocks are easy to put together and manipulate, definitely easy enough for a three-year-old, but also fun for an older child.

Ages: 3+

5. Rokenbok Power Sweeper Value Pack

Rokenbok Power Sweeper Value Pack is an impressive remote control vehicle. This vehicle has four motors and can drive, sweep, lift and dump loads. The included controller will also work with other Rokenbok machines and sets. This is certainly the most entertaining remote control vehicle I’ve ever played with. A remote control sweeper is such an original idea, my kids found it charming and fun.

Ages: 6+

6. Rokenbok Remote Control Dozer with Recycling Center

Rokenbok Remote Control Dozer with Recycling Center combines the fun of a remote control construction vehicle with great educational value. The powerful treads of the remote control vehicle allow it to go over large obstacles and push big loads. My kids loved this small but powerful vehicle and figuring out how much they could make it do. The dozer also has working headlights and a horn for added fun.

Ages: 6+

7. Rokenbok Inventor’s Tool Box

Rokenbok Inventor’s Tool Box is a wonderful set for an experienced builder who really wants to see what they can do with these blocks. For a set this big, you’ll need to clear out some space to work. It will be well worth it when you see your young inventor build their own aerial tram or a working elevator. Although you’ll want to follow the directions exactly to use this set to its full capabilities. On the other hand, because it connects with all other Rokenbok sets there is still plenty of room for creative thinking and play.

Ages: 6-12

8. Rokenbok Mega-saurus Jumbo Building Block Set

Rokenbok Mega-saurus Jumbo Building Block Set is an excellent way to have a dinosaur fan bring that enthusiasm to other areas of science learning. My daughter loves dinosaurs and so did I when I was her age. She loved being able to build her own dinosaurs with the step-by-step instructions included with this set. Combining building with dinosaurs made for amazing educational and imaginative play.

Ages: 3+

9. Rokenbok Remote Control Forklift

Rokenbok Remote Control Forklift is as close to a real forklift as you will ever find in a toy. Although they can’t ride on it, your child can make it do everything else they would use a forklift for, just in miniature. When combined with other construction sets, this forklift gets a lot done. You can pick up bins and pallets and stack beams and move around even in tight spaces. I love the attention to detail shown in every Rokenbok set and was happy to discover this forklift even has a backup alarm.

Ages: 3+


Have you any Rokenbok toys at home that your kid just adores? They are a classic, after all. Let us know in the comments!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, kellyv.

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