HOW TO: Make Your Edu-Prezi Shine

The founder of Fractus Learning, Nick Grantham is an Australian educator living and working in Dublin, Ireland. With a background in education, engineering and digital product development, Nick launched Fractus Learning to connect people with a shared passion for technology and how it can bring education to life.

PreziPrezi is just one of those tools that is a pleasure to watch someone use. There is no better feeling than watching everyone else in the room present slide after slide, knowing that when your turn comes, the room will come alive. This excitement is exactly the same for students, whether being presented to, or creating their own Edu-Prezi.

There are a million ways to make your Edu-Prezi stand out, but here are three very simple tips that will help you wow your audience:


Plunge and Rotate

The beauty of Prezi is the open canvas that we are able navigate our audience through. Most good Edu-Prezi’s use this floating navigation to build perspective and maintain focus. A great way to really grab audience attention is to use the “Plunge and Rotate” technique, where the user perspective dives into a point of focus and rotates the entire canvas – this gives the impression of a sky-dive or hurtling through space. Do be careful not to use this all through the presentation as the more queasy members of your audience could end up motion sick.


YouTube Integration

YouTube videos are an essential resource in a lot of what we do online, but when it comes to presenting they are a real spark to audience engagement. Placing a short and relevant video into a presentation gives the speaker a chance to relax while offering the audience a little variety in their viewing. Embedding YouTube clips into an Edu-Prezi is as simple as pasting the URL and placing it into the path. The nicest part about the embedded video is that it will play automatically once it is navigated to, giving a seamless feel to the presentation.



Infographics provide a wealth of data and information presented in an appealing and engaging format. Why not save yourself a lot of work and simply paste the whole thing into your presentation. OK, this sounds a bit like cheating, but as long as you have additional information to speak over the statistics and images, it really is a beautiful way to present you message.


So that’s three… What are your favourite tips and tricks for using Prezi?