Creative writing prompts for kids stimulate innovative minds and imaginations. Anyone who loves to write, not just fiction authors, experiences times when they can’t write a thing. Writing prompts help children, and adults overcome writer’s block. Teachers use interesting writing prompts to stimulate students’ thoughts in various ways, for example, when writing scholastic essays, stories, and “imagine that” scenarios; it inspires imagination and critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovative ideas, and is fun.

We created a list of creative writing prompts for kids to improve different writing styles and multiple topics that will resonate with a child in elementary school to a teen in high school; we’ve also included kids writing prompts for preschool-aged children. With 365 ideas, there is a writing prompt for kids for each day of the year, enough to create writing ideas and resources teachers can use throughout the school year in class or distance learning.

Great Writing Prompts For Children and Students To Encourage Awesome Writing Ideas

If You Could… Writing Prompts For Kids

One way to get a child’s creative juices flowing is to empower them!

If you could design the school uniform, what would it look like? What colors and fabric would you use? Would the clothing pieces be the same for boys and girls or different?

If you could change the school education system, how would you change it?

If you could go to any country in the world, where would you go?

If you could change places with someone for a year, who would it be and why?

If you could live anywhere in the universe, where would it be?

If you could organize a field trip for the class, where would you go?

If you could travel back in time to ask someone a question, who would it be, and what is the question?

If you could talk to a wild animal, what would you talk about?

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose, and how will it live in your home?

If you could only wear one set of clothes for a whole year, what would it be and why?

If you could pick a vegetable or fruit, what would you be, and what would it be like?

If you could live in a submarine and breathe underwater, where would you explore, and what would you find?

If you could meet one of the ten most famous writers of all time, what would you ask them?

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? Consider that whatever you do has consequences, and you could stay invisible forever.

If you could change something in your past that would affect someone’s future, what would it be?

If you could drive any vehicle in the world, real or imaginative, what would it be?

If you could replace something you broke or something stolen, what would it be, and who does it belong to?

If you could read minds, name one person whose mind you don’t want to read and why.

If you could read five people’s minds and whatever you see or hear appear on the news the next day, inside whose minds would you be and why?

Creative writing prompts encourage kids to write and get kids thinking.

Fun Writing Prompts For Children To Write About Family And Friendships

Creative Writing Prompts That Focus On Friends

What do you like about your best friend?

How would you describe your best friend in a few sentences?

If you could go on an adventure with your best friend, what would it be?

How would you react if you discovered your best friend is royalty?

How would you make your enemy your best friend?

What would you do if you visited your best friend’s house and found out your friend had turned into a snail?

Would you rather have a best friend or no enemies?

How many friends would you like to have and why?

What is the nicest thing you can do for your best friend?

How would your best friend describe you?

What kind of birthday party would you plan for a friend who has never had a birthday party?

List three things you never want your best friend to say. What will happen if they do say it?

Writing Prompts For Kids Focusing On Family

Creative writing prompts about family are familiar topics kids can associate with. Whether they like or dislike the current situation or family members, there is always something to write about your family.

You woke up in the morning as a parent, and your parents are the children. Describe your day.

If money, time, or obligations weren’t a factor, describe the perfect family summer vacation.

Parents should be more lenient with rules. Do you agree or not?

Would you rather be your parents’ only child or have nine siblings?

What advice would you give parents on rewarding and chastising their kids?

Should one or both parents help with your homework? If so, how much and what kind of help should they offer?

Do you want your parents to ask you, “How was school today? Or do you prefer them not to? Explain why.

Would you rather eat dinner with your family at the table or in your room watching TV? Explain the benefits of both options and conclude why you prefer one to the other.

Your mom left her journal on the kitchen table. Would you read it or not? Explain why.

If you were a parent, what would you never allow your child to do?

If you had kids, how would you discipline them?

If you were the ruler of the world of parents and teachers, what would you insist they do at the beginning of every day?

What are two things your parents do or say that you hope you will do or say to your children one day?

If your family were superheroes, what special skills would each member have?

What is the most embarrassing moment in your life concerning your parents or sibling?

What is your earliest childhood memory that made you laugh or cry?

If each member in the family was a food, what would they be and why?

What is the best gift your parents gave you? A gift can be anything you treasure; it doesn’t have to be a tangible gift.

If you could organize a camping trip for the family, where would you go and what would you do?

Would you rather text siblings and parents or talk to them face to face?

What would happen if you took a parent to the class, and the parent behaved at school the way you do at home?

Name two books you would recommend parents to read and give your reasons.

Your family is going away for an exciting weekend. Each person can take only one item, and you must decide what they take.

Writing Prompts For Children’s Self-Discovery And Expressing Emotions And Feelings

Creative Writing Prompts Focusing On The Person

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever done?

How would you describe yourself?

If you could look back from the future, what advice would you give yourself today?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

Who is your favorite person in the universe?

Which animal is your favorite and why?

If you could do anything in the future, what would it be?

If you couldn’t talk, how would you communicate?

What is the one thing you are truly good at?

What is your happiest memory?

What kindness would you want people to do for you that you will also do for others?

What is your favorite activity in spring, summer, winter, and fall?

What chore do you like the least to do? Would you rather do that chore or eat a grasshopper?

Describe an event that changed your life.

Describe three skills you are good at and three skills you would like to improve or have.

What is your favorite place in the world? What is your least favorite place?

What is the one thing you can’t do but wish you could?

Social-Emotional Writing Prompts For Kids

Life at school is busy, and teachers have to teach students many things in a short time. A writing prompt for children is one way to strengthen social-emotional learning; instead of silence, kids write about their emotions. Creative writing prompts for kids help students express and discuss these vital concepts.

How do you feel about yourself and your abilities? Do you believe in your abilities? If not, how can you improve?

Are you self-confident? What gives you self-confidence? If you don’t feel self-confident, what can you do to become more confident?

What should you do, and what should you avoid doing when you are angry or upset?

How do you cope with stress? What can you do to relax and feel peaceful again?

Describe a situation where you had to make a tough choice, and you made the right choice.

What would you do if you were at the mall and you saw someone stealing something?

A new student came to school. Will you introduce yourself, ignore them, or make fun of them? Describe your actions.

How would you empathize with a student feeling sad?

It’s not always easy to ask for help. Discuss ways to ask for help and the advantages of asking and giving support.

What does responsibility mean to you?

Tell about an incident where you were kind to someone and when someone was kind to you.

What scares you? How can you overcome your fear?

How do you feel about a change in your life? Do you like it or do you prefer things to stay the same?

Interesting Writing Prompts For Children’s Creative Thinking Process – Would You Rather…What Would You …

Would You Rather… Writing Prompts For Kids

“Would you rather” questions are fun and creative writing prompts for kids. These writing prompts offer choices that will make a child laugh or contemplate the best option; it may even change their outlook on some things in life.

Would you rather live on Mars or under the sea?

Would you rather be a frog or a rat?

Would you rather be a king or queen of a kingdom or a president of a country?

Would you rather write stories or poetry for the rest of your life?

Would you rather be a movie star or an astronaut?

Would you rather survive a shipwreck or a plane crash?

Would you rather live underground or in the sky?

Would you rather go without food or sleep?

Would you rather skip a grade and repeat the next grade for two years or go back to first grade for a year?

Would you rather travel back in time or into the future with a time machine that goes only in one direction?

Would you rather be a pet at home or a bird in the sky?

Would you rather be a newborn baby or a grandparent?

Would you rather have winter with snow or summer with flowers?

Would you rather be your parents or your grandparents?

Would you rather be four hands or four feet?

Would you rather go on an adventure in the desert or the ocean?

Would you rather communicate in 10 different languages and help a nation or be able to speak to animals and help prevent the extinction of an animal?

Would you rather pay someone to do your chores or get paid to do theirs?

What Would You Do If… Creative Writing Prompts For Kids

Much the same as the previous section, except a little bit more open-ended by design. Use these prompts to drag out some entertaining, interesting stories from your students.

What would you do if you woke up one morning and you discovered you were on Mars?

What would you do if you woke up one morning and you had shrunk to the size of an ant?

What would you do if you were the school principal?

What would you do if you woke one morning and you were exploring Antarctica?

What would you wake up one morning and you are the house pet?

What would you do if you try to throw the ball forward, but it goes backward?

What would you do if you came to school but no one recognized you?

What would you do if you woke up in a strange land where no one looks like you or speaks your language?

What would you do if the character in a book jumped out into your world?

What would you do if a famous inventor from the past sat next to you in class? Who would you like the person to be?

What would you do if your favorite superhero came to visit?

What would you do if your handwriting became invisible and you had to write a test?

What would you do if all your favorite movie characters came to your school at once?

What would you do if you found someone living in your attic?

What would you do if you woke up on a boat on an island?

What would you do if the kids became adults overnight and your teacher became a child?

Outline Description Kids’ Writing Prompts To Inspire Imaginations And Critical Thinking For Articles And Essays

Argumentative Writing Prompts For Kids

Kids must know what they believe about the topic before they can write their arguments. Argumentative writing tries to convince the reader that the writer’s ideas are valid and want to change someone’s opinion. The writer presents both sides of the argument and then forms their opinion based on the facts.

How does history help our future?

At what age should a child get a smartphone, and why?

Which cartoon character is an excellent example to follow and why?

Which celebrity is a fantastic role model for kids and why?

What is the best way to communicate?

What is better, reading books online, printed books, or audiobooks?

Why is it essential to go to school? If you disagree, what would you recommend as an alternative to education?

All sports should be banned at school. Explain why you agree or disagree with the statement.

Should or shouldn’t the school have a dress code?

Kids should be able to use social media supervised or unsupervised. Why?

Kids should go camping or hiking with family regularly.

Creative writing prompts for kids stimulate kids to write more engaging and creatively. Do you agree or not, and why? If you disagree, what alternatives do you suggest?

Writing is old-fashioned and will be obsolete soon. If you agree, explain the alternatives. If you disagree, describe the uses for writing in the future.

Reading and writing are essential even with modern technology.

A child won’t have to learn to write if they can verbally communicate. True or false. Explain.

Descriptive Writing Prompts for Kids

Descriptive writing aims to describe a place, thing, or event so that the reader forms a picture in their mind. Details are essential, and consider all five senses when describing something. The reader should be able to visualize and experience what the writer describes.

Describe a life without electronics – no smartphones, tablets, laptops…

Describe a hole in the garden. What would happen if you fell to the bottom of the earth?

Describe A Day in the Life of your parents when they were your age.

Describe what it would be like to be a pretend character in a sibling’s favorite video game.

Describe what an eagle sees when flying over your favorite place.

Imagine a time machine that takes you back or forward in time. Describe what school, education, or lack thereof, would be like in that era.

Describe what it would be like to be a pair of shoes, any footwear a parent wears.

Describe the perfect classroom setup and decor for an elementary, middle school, or high school student.

Describe your favorite food to someone who has never tasted it.

Describe your favorite color to someone who cannot see.

Describe the worst place on earth you never want to go to.

Pretend you’re a king or a queen; describe your kingdom.

Persuasive Writing Prompts For Kids

Persuasive writing helps students think about important topics and allows them to persuade others to their way of thinking. The goal is to have the reader agree with the writer’s opinion. Persuasive writing is often used to convince someone to buy an item.

Which is best, to be popular at school, top in your class, or the best in sports?

As a child, I should be allowed to know…

The best way to commute to school is…

Which is more critical for earth’s survival, the sun or the moon?

Everyone should journal daily because…

Video games influence a person’s behavior negatively and should be banned.

Computers are making kids less creative and lazy to think.

Modern music today is not of the same quality as the music was 100 years ago.

Boys or girls should only play certain sports.

Social media creates fake relationships and opinions.

Persuade your parent about a skill you need for the future.

Persuade your principal that the school should introduce a particular sport or exercise not currently available at the school.

All children should have a pet. Explain why and how the child will benefit.

A child should be allowed to practice the same privileges as a parent.

A child should have the freedom to choose if he or she wants to go to school or not.

Lying is never good, not even a white lie.

Story Prompts To Inspire Poems And Fiction Writing Romance, Fantasy, And Mysterious Adventures

Write A Story Writing Prompts For Kids

Using your imagination to write a story is fun and stimulates creative writing. These story starters help younger kids be innovative when writing stories.

Write a story about a supposedly extinct animal found alive outside in your backyard.

Write a story about your favorite day as the president of…

Write a story about a strange land you discovered.

Write a story about visiting and exploring Mars.

Write a story about spending a day with a robot, a dog, and a cow.

Write a story about discovering a broken time machine that doesn’t use electricity.

Write a story about you invented something that changed the working world.

Write another chapter of your favorite book.

Write another ending to your favorite movie.

Write a story where the chief character faces their greatest fear. What do they do when?

Write a story where you wake up in a bully’s home, and they wake up in your home.

Write a story about a lost city deep in a mine.

Write a story about going to school on another planet in September.

Write a story about an invention that cured all diseases.

Write a story about discovering a gratitude journal in the attic.

Write a story about a kid who gave back to the community.

Write a story about a cartoon character knocking at your bedroom window with an eraser.

Write a story using these words in the narrative: “Send the menu, it is blue” or “The spoon has lots.”

Write a story about a child growing up among wild animals or dinosaurs.

Mystery Writing Prompts For Kids

Everyone likes a good mystery, especially if you are the one that solves it! The five essentials for a mystery are the characters, the plot, the setting, the problem, and the solution.

You are particularly bored, so you page through your mom’s recipe book. You come across a recipe that has really nothing to do with food or cookies. What happens next?

Your dad has a new job, and he doesn’t want to take about it. You follow him to work and discover he goes to a red door in a wall. You…

The local pizza owner calls you, the local detective, to solve a mystery. The cook makes the pizza, but when it reaches the customer, some toppings are missing. It only happens to pizzas made for younger kids.

One day, you and your best friend were walking in the woods when you heard someone calling for help.

Something or someone is hiding in the barn. You go to investigate and find a kid who can’t remember anything and a talking dog. You must help them get back home.

A kid in school asks you to write this amazing story, but after the first interview, the child disappears.

You go to school, as usual, only to find out it is two weeks later, the principal is missing, and you were the last person who saw him.

Someone is stealing the library books and leaving your name written in strange handwriting in its place. The principal gives you the weekend to prove your innocence.

A kid waves to you and beckons you to follow on your bike. He leads you down the wrong road to an abandoned mine and disappears into the mine.

Lost in the woods, you see a wolf lurking behind a tree as Red Riding Hood walks past. You know it is a fairy tale, but what are you doing there?

The school replaced the janitor with a basic robot. The way the teachers and principal ignore the robot makes you wonder if there is more to the robot than meets the eye.

You come home from school, and the basement door is open. You hear a humming sound, and you go downstairs to investigate. A man climbs out of a time machine. “Just in time, I was looking for you,” he says to you.

Your family returns from a vacation in a foreign country. The airport official tells your dad your country no longer exists; it has disappeared under the sea as Atlantis did.

You find journal pages scattered in the backyard. When you read a page, it refers to a family secret.

Write a Letter/ Email Creative Writing Prompts For Kids

A letter or email comprises unique elements. A person usually writes a letter or email to someone for a specific reason and expects the person to respond.

Write a letter to your parents telling them why you are glad they are your parents.

Write a letter to your teacher explaining why all students should read your favorite book.

Write a letter to a new kid in class telling them what to expect at school.

Write a letter to a new kid who moved in, telling them about your favorite place in town.

Write a letter to a celebrity explaining why they should visit your town for the holidays.

Write a letter to your favorite cartoon character telling them why you should be in their next cartoon story.

Write a letter to your superhero telling them why spending the summer vacation with your family is a good idea.

Write a letter to your favorite pet.

Write a letter to a person who can help you develop a skill you aren’t good at.

Write a letter to yourself from a teacher.

Write a letter to someone from outer space explaining to them what a tree is.

Write a letter to the music teacher explaining why the school should create a unique band, the instruments they should play, who should be in the band, and the type of music.

Write a letter to a season explaining why it is better than the other seasons.

Write a letter to the mayor persuading him/her about something the town needs.

Write a letter to the principal explaining why all kids at school must move from classroom to classroom on skateboards or rollerblades.

Write a letter to the prom king or queen explaining why they should wear a similar outfit to the school’s mascot to the prom.

Point of View Creative Writing Prompts For Kids

We all have our perspectives, but when we place ourselves in the other person’s shoes, we see the situation from their perspective. If we do that more often, there would be fewer misunderstandings in the world.

You are called to the principal’s office because of an incident. Tell it from the principal’s point of view.

Describe your town from an outer space point of view.

You argued with a parent. Explain what happened from their point of view.

Someone tore two pages out of your favorite book. Explain the reason from their point of view.

Rewrite a fairy tale from the villain’s perspective, being sympathetic towards the villain.

Your sibling suggests a movie genre you hate. Explain from their perspective why watching the movie with them is more important than watching your favorite TV show.

Children’s Writing Prompts With Fun Animals And Dream House Themes

Animal Themed Writing Prompts For Kids

Kids like animals and pets. Animals play important roles in stories and their lives. Most kids can easily associate with an animal or a pet. Animal-themed writing prompts are creative writing ideas that young children and older kids can write about; even those who think they aren’t creative will surprise themselves.

Write a conversation between a cat and a dog.

Write a conversation a parent has with a hamster, frog, or skunk.

If you could invent a new pet, describe what it would look like, its favorite food, what superpower it has, and how you would take care of it.

If you were the pet and your pet you, what would you want them to do for you?

What is your favorite animal, and which is your least favorite? Explain why.

What would the world be like if lions and deer and wolves and lambs were friends?

If you were a fish, what fish would you like to be?

If you were a wild animal or bird, describe your habitat, food, favorite season, and three interesting facts or something unique to that animal.

Write a letter to your teacher persuading them you can bring a wild animal to school.

What animal is the best pet in the universe?

Describe the best day with your pet. If you don’t have a pet, write about a dream pet.

If you were a bird that could fly anywhere, where would you go, and how long will it take?

Would you rather be a crocodile or a tiger?

Describe three animals, birds, fish, or insects that start with the letter b. Which one would you like as a pet?

If you could spend a day in the jungle with an animal, what would it be and what would you do?

One day, while swimming in the river, a fish swam toward me and…

Everyone knows the lion is the king of the jungle, but describe another animal (actual or fictitious) that you think should be king of the jungle.

Tell a story about why the ostrich stuck its head in the sand.

If you were trapped in a cage with a circus animal, what would happen?

House/Dream House Themed Writing Prompts For Kids

Describe your dream house and which room would be your favorite.

Explain how you would get an elephant into your house.

Would you try to discover what is in a locked room in your house?

If you hear a sound in the attic that sounds like a call for help, what would you do?

If you had to remove one room from the house, which room would it be and why? Would you replace it with something else?

You sneak into the kitchen for a piece of birthday cake, but in its place is a plate of broccoli. What happened?

How would you build a shelter if shipwrecked on an island?

If you had all the money in the world, how would you decorate your dream house?

If you could build three things for three kids, a doll’s house, a treehouse, and a hideaway. What would it look like, and who are the kids you build it for?

Describe your dream house living in a strange land.

Journal Prompts For Elementary School And Middle School Learners

Funny Writing Prompts For Elementary School Adventures

Children in elementary school have a unique sense of humor stimulated by the absurd. Creative writing prompts that make them laugh could also help them improve their writing skills.

A lobster is your substitute teacher; tell the story about what happens next.

You walk in the park and see two cows in a tree; what are they doing?

Someone replaced your favorite lunch with the most disgusting lunch, which they dare you to eat. Describe the food, and will you eat it?

It’s the national opposite day, and you have to say everything as an opposite. Describe your least favorite food.

Your teacher walks into the classroom with feathers like a duck and the head of a chimpanzee. You may not laugh; if you do, you will be sent to the principal’s office. What do you do to avoid laughing?

You wake up one morning, and your room is upside down. Your bed is on the ceiling. What will you do?

You wake up one morning with ears and a tail like a donkey. What happens next?

You walk in the woods, and a skunk sees you and invites you to a party. What happens next?

The teacher welcomes a new student into the class. Every time you look at the new student, they make a funny animal noise. Describe the noise and what happens next.

You are the only one that can smell outer space. Describe the smell to your best friend.

The teacher announces that you are going to learn new communication skills using your toes. Explain how it works.

Suppose you were a plant in your mom’s garden that could talk. Describe A Day in the plant’s life.

Write a thank-you letter to your best friend who gave you a piece of gum that smelled like trash and tasted like Brussel sprouts.

Journal Prompts For Middle School

A gratitude journal or a journal writing prompt can be a statement or question that inspires the student to write about something. Middle school students practice their writing skills, and creative writing prompts for kids are excellent starting points.

You were traveling through a mountain pass in the 19th century. Something or someone is coming fast from the opposite direction. What happens next?

Write a story about a student who ran away and returns ten years later to find the hometown deserted except for one person. What happened, and who is that person?

What is your favorite hobby, and why?

If you lived underwater, what games would you play with friends?

A strange sound wakes you up one morning…

Describe your dream vacation with your best friend.

If you could climb any mountain in the world, who would you take with you and why?

If you received a large sum of money, what would you do with it?

If you could help someone from the past, who would it be, and how would you help them?

Would you rather be your favorite food or your least favorite?

You are an astronaut. Where would you go, and what happens on the way to your destination?

Elementary Writing Prompts For Scholastic Curriculum

Historical Writing Prompts For Kids

One way to learn history is to write about it. Teachers can use history writing prompts to help students understand historical facts in a fun way.

If you could spend a day at the playground with one person from the past, who would it be, and what would you do?

If you could ask Abraham Lincoln one question, what would it be, and what do you think would be his answer?

If you could change any part of history, what would it be and why?

A famous historical figure from the past visits your parents. What happens next?

Describe A Day in the Life of children living during the early settlement years in the US.

Imagine you discovered gold in the California gold rush; what happens next?

Someone steals the Declaration of Independence, and you have to find it. Where will you look, and who stole it?

You are one of the daring riders during the Pony Express; describe your day.

If you had a visitor from outer space, how would you explain the Bill of Rights?

Write a mock interview with a child who joined their parent in an archaeology expedition in Egypt.

If you could interview anyone from the first century, who would it be, and what will you talk about?

Math Writing Prompts For Children

Math writing prompts can help a child work through a math problem in a more relaxed way. How students explain their understanding of a word problem or new concept shows teachers where kids need help.

Rephrase this word problem in your words.

What mistakes did you make while solving this problem?

Explain the process steps to solve this kind of problem.

What is your favorite part of math class?

What is the most challenging part of math class?

Give an everyday example using math.

Describe a world without math.

What is true, and what is not true in this statement? How do you know what is true?

How would you explain this concept to a fellow student?

Write a word problem using these concepts.

Make notes during the lesson and then explain how the new math concept connects with previously learned concepts.

What is…?

Tell me everything you know about…?

Explain two different ways to solve this math problem. Which is the most efficient way?

Change a value in this problem and explain how it changes the problem and solution.

How are these graphs or solutions similar or different?

Science Essay Writing Prompts For Kids

Scientific experiments are fun, but writing about science could be as much fun. Science is part of our daily lives and our future; creative writing about science could make kids more aware of the practical application of science. It may even stimulate a child to explore a STEM-related career.

If you could choose any STEM career, what would you choose? How would you go about achieving your goal?

Choose a hobby or interest you like and explain how science is involved.

Is there a future on Mars? Should we colonize Mars, and if so, would you like to live on Mars?

Describe what your life would be like if the telephone was never invented.

Name a scientist from this century you admire. Explain what you admire and what you can learn from that person.

Your best friend hates science. How would you convince them science is fun and essential to our future?

If you could invent something, would you rather invent something to help planet Earth or improve space travel?

Are all inventions good for humanity? Explain your answer with an example of an invention.

How do you think science is going to change the world in the next 30 years?

Volcanoes erupt differently. Explain what causes some volcanoes to erupt with slow lava flow and others with explosive smoke and ashes.

The Earth has forgotten how to make fossil fuels. Write a step-by-step instruction guide to help Earth.

Write about A Day in the Life of an ant.

Create a list of ideas and at least five ways how kids and teachers can recycle.

Children’s Writing Prompts For Older Kids’ Creativity And Inspiration

Journal Prompts For Kids In High School

Being a teenager can be challenging. Journaling is one way to help kids cope, strengthen critical thinking, and encourage them to reflect on their experiences in high school and life. A writing prompt that resonates with a teenager can motivate, inspire, and help the student write about what matters to them.

What is the nicest thing you can say to someone? Who in your life would you like to give that compliment to?

I agree curfew is essential because… Discuss the statement from your perspective and a parent’s perspective and conclude whether you agree or disagree.

How can students improve their communication skills with each other? If you think communication skills aren’t practical, what would you invent for better communication?

Describe an experience that made such an impact on you; it changed you, your attitude, or made you see a situation differently.

Do you have something precious that is always with you? What does it mean to you, and why do you carry it with you?

Describe or imagine entertainment for children that appeals to kids and parents approve.

Education is on trial. You must argue for education or against it. Why is it essential, or is it unnecessary? Present your case before the jury.

What is your ideal job or career? How can you attain your dream job?

What is best for students today, learning online, physical classroom, or a flipped classroom model?

Describe your personality using a season, two colors, and a plant.

What are the pros and cons of peer pressure? If you think there are only pros or only cons, explain why.

Who is the most special person in your life?

Describe a time when you felt isolated. If you’ve never felt like that, explain why.

What is the worst thing, and what is the best thing about the internet?

We should ban drones. Do you agree or disagree?

It is 20 years later and your birthday. Describe the day and how and with whom you celebrate it.

Name three people that influence your life in a good or bad way.

Would you rather have your journal pages published on the internet or have your best friend tell your deepest secret to the kids at school?

Would you rather attend a writer’s conference or an engineering workshop?

Digital And Social Media-Themed Practice Writing Prompts For Kids

If a social media friend would meet you in real life, would they recognize you as the same person as the one on social media?

Why did you share photos on social media?

Have you ever posted or texted something you were sorry you did? What happened next?

If your parents could read all your social media posts and text, what would they say?

What is your favorite social media platform, and why?

If you could improve your least favorite social media platform, how would you do it?

At what age should kids be allowed to be active on social media?

Social media does more harm than good. Discuss the reasons you agree or disagree.

How long can you go without a smartphone? When is a person addicted to their smartphone? Do you think you’re addicted or not?

Describe three types of apps that are helpful and three types that are time wasters.

If you spent as much time on your studies as texting, would your grades improve or not?

If you receive a dollar each time you refrain from texting or posting, how rich would you be?

What is a reasonable amount of time to spend on social media platforms? Discuss it from your perspective, a parent’s perspective, and your teacher’s perspective.

Should tablets and smartphones be banned in school or applied more?

Write a breakup letter to your favorite social media platform and explain why you want to cancel your account.

Motivate five reasons why people shouldn’t be without social media.

Would you rather have your dream summer vacation without social media or stay at home during the summer vacation with social media?

Write a chapter in a book where the characters replace social media platforms like Instagram.

Would you rather have your family or a social media family?

Does social media improve communication skills with real people? Explain how with examples.

Would you rather ban books or social media?

Imagine a social media platform was a diary, and you fall into one of its pages. What happens next?

Write a conversation between the Internet and Social Media.

How is AI related to social media, and what do you think will happen in the future?

Use These Fun Writing Prompts For Pre-School And Kindergarten

Picture Writing Prompts For Kids In Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an excellent place to teach kids that they can write. Creative writing prompts will help kids experience the joy of writing and putting their ideas on paper.

I am happy when I…

Do you like summer or winter better? Why?

What is your favorite toy in the entire world?

I like Kindergarten because…

What is your favorite game you like to play?

What is your favorite room in the house?

Name three things you like and three things you don’t like.

What is the funniest thing you can remember?

Which is your favorite story and why?

When I am a grownup, I will…

If I lived in the biggest tree, I would…

I went fishing at the lake. I cast the line into the lake, and then…

If I could build a robot, it would be able to mentor…

When I went to the aquarium, I saw batman spark…

Once upon a time, there were three kids who started…

Children’s Story Writing Prompts Bonus for Leap Year:

AI is going to take over the world. Argue for and against the statement.

Whew! That is a lot of writing prompts! If you have any great additional writing prompts you think need to be added to this list, leave them in the comments. We can update the list as time goes on.


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