The secret about a newspaper is the articles are current and of interest to the reader. Some adults will read a newspaper from the front page to the back page. Others will go directly to a specific section in the paper, for example, the sports or financial section. And some like reading obituaries.

A classroom newspaper has the same function as the daily paper. It provides current news that students want to read. Also, creating a school newspaper article develops the students’ reading, writing, and creative skill.

Teachers can use these free newspaper templates in Google docs, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint for any student project or workshop.

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Overview On How To Use Student Newspaper Templates, Themes, And Designs

There are a variety of free newspaper templates to download from various platforms. Most templates are pre-designed for ease of use. The free, customizable templates allow students to focus on the newspaper content without worrying about designing the template.

Although some writers with experience prefer using a blank newspaper template, many kids prefer a template they can fill in each page with illustrations, details, and even an ad or two.

Before the students can insert the articles into the editable newspaper template, they need to go through the process of creating a newspaper.

Planning the School Newspaper Template For Children

To plan the school newspaper, students need to study an actual newspaper and its various sections. During the planning session, they must decide several things, including

  • The name of the newspaper. Use the title to tell readers what to expect, for example, Elementary School Newspaper, Wedding News, Birthday Newsletter, Classroom Tabloid, or Social Media News.
  • The number of pages the newspaper, magazine, newsletter, or brochure will have.
  • Who is the editor, and what are the editor’s responsibilities?
  • Who are reporters, and what are their responsibilities?
  • Assigning writers for the various sections of the newspaper: sports, obituaries, comics, ads, local news, opinion page, financial, and photographer.
  • The date each newspaper article is due for editing.
  • The date the newspaper will go to the printer (if printed) and the date of publishing the paper.
  • Is it a daily newspaper, weekly tabloid, or a once-a-month magazine?

Create Page Content For The Student Newspaper Template

Each student has an assignment that contributes to the student newspaper. They must decide what newsworthy stories to publish, gather the information, and write the articles.

Stories are submitted to the editor. After editing the articles, each newspaper page is prepared for print. The page layout, artwork, ads, and interactive content like puzzles, activities, and surveys, are finalized and readied for print.

Editable Newspaper Design And Newspaper Layout For Sharing

Ready-to-use templates don’t require designing the newspaper from scratch. Inserting all the content into the newspaper, however, does require a certain layout and design.

  • Use standard fonts and sizes throughout the newspaper. For example, body text fonts are usually 11 or 12, and titles, headings, and subheadings are larger font sizes.
  • Whitespaces are the margins and gaps between the content that gives the newspaper a clean look.
  • All other spaces should contain content, infographics, pictures, or graphic illustrations.
  • Add the written text first before the drawings and photographs. It is easier to adjust images than to change the length of an article or the number of columns.

Preview, Download, And Manage The Kids Newspaper Template You Want

There are a variety of free newspaper templates to use in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and PDF format.

Irrespective of the platform, the process is the same.

  • Preview and choose the free newspaper template you like.
  • Download the free template.
  • After downloading it, open the file in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or PDF (for MS Word or Mac users).
  • If the free template is downloaded as a zip file, click on it and select “extract all.” Then open the folder and pick the template document inside the folder.
  • Customize the free template.
  • Insert headings, titles, images, colors, and text.
  • Change the fonts if the template allows you to.

Free Newspaper Templates For Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Templates are created in boxes, lines, and tables. Therefore, it is not as easy to edit as other templates. In addition, changing the format, for example, decreasing or increasing font size or image, can cause the content to move out of the boxes and lines. Then you must adjust the alignment by bringing the article and illustrations back within the borders.

It is time-consuming and may frustrate kids to the extent that they lose interest in the project. Therefore, be careful when changing anything in the design. However, replacing text, headings, or images of the same size won’t affect the alignment.

Most free Word newspaper templates available on the web are pretty old – many were created over ten years ago. We’ve slowly designed and developed our updated newspaper templates for more modern MS Word versions. We will add them here as we finish more.

General Word Newspaper Template Icon

Fractus Learning’s Newspaper Template For MS Word: Inspiration For Classroom Newspapers

The Fractus Learning children’s newspaper template is created for Microsoft Word versions newer than 2003 – though it may also work with older versions. This MS Word template (.dotx) has:

  1. Banner with editable title and icon.
  2. Featured story with an editable image.
  3. Five smaller article sections.

Each newspaper section is in its own box. Click inside the box and replace the content with your text. Change background colors by right-clicking inside the specific box. Give the newspaper article template its unique look by changing the background color of the Newspaper Title box to match your school’s colors.

School Newspaper Template: Adobe Indesign Free Newspaper Template

The School Newspaper Template for kids has allocated space for various pictures and advertising space. Another easy-to-edit newspaper template from; will work great for an elementary school newspaper.

Sports Newspaper Template: Free Template Microsoft Word

The template is ideal for a newspaper about the school’s different sports activities or creating a newspaper about one specific sport. The template is a Word document that looks like a newspaper. The newspaper name “Sports” can be changed.

Microsoft Word Newspaper Templates: Magazine, Newsletter, Tabloid Templates

  • Template #1 is a simple template that is fully editable and easy to use. It’s possible to rearrange the articles and items to change the newspaper’s layout.
  • Template #2 has a blue theme; the colors are changeable. Duplicate the text boxes for more pages.
  • Template #3 is fully editable, including the colors. Replace the images in the template or paste pictures on the page.
  • Template #4 has a glitzy newspaper look. Edit the colors, add new pages, or change the layout by moving articles around.
  • Template #5 is an excellent template for a magazine project. Customize the newspaper according to your needs without worrying about designing it from scratch.
  • Template #6 requires a little effort to edit. First, replace the dummy text with your text. Next, add pictures in the place of the blue boxes.

Free Newspaper Template Google Docs: No Font Or Software Installation

How To Download Editable Newspaper Templates In Google: Free Google Docs Newspaper Template

Go to Google Docs on your computer to download free printable Google templates compatible with Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google documents. Then, at the top right, click on Google Docs Template Gallery.

You will see multiple free Google templates students can use for school newspapers. Some kids will customize these free Google docs templates for social media, a magazine, tabloid, or birthday newspaper, or use them as a newsletter template.

Preview and find the free Google Docs template in Google you want and click on it. A copy of the Google Docs template opens on your screen, ready for a child to write, edit, manage, and publish their unique newspaper.

Students don’t have to start with a blank newspaper template; here are a few templates in Google documents that are ideal for creating children’s newspapers in educational institutions.

The Changing Times Template: Free Google Docs Template

The newspaper template in Google docs has an old-fashioned look that can give a history assignment a nice touch. The free template looks like a daily newspaper, including the fonts and columns, and is excellent to use for sharing student activities.

Elementary Student Newspaper Template: Free Google Docs Template

The Elementary school newspaper template instructs the student on how to create the newspaper. The free Google template indicates where to add images and captions and insert text. Fun fonts create eye-catching headlines; there is enough space to write about summer camp, a special birthday, upcoming events like the biology class field trip, and prize winners in the latest classroom competition.

Weekly News Vintage Newspaper Template: Free Google Docs Template

The Vintage Newspaper Template is excellent for a school project where you want to customize the style of any article; you can place almost anything on this free Google Doc template and customize it in Google Slides or other editors.

The vintage newspaper template supports Google Sheets, macOS, and Windows. You can also use the vintage newspaper for a social media post or blog about upcoming events.

Newspaper For Kids Template: Free Google Docs Template

The Google Docs newspaper template for kids features colorful designs children like. In addition, the newspaper will attract a younger audience with a large photograph on the front page and ample space for images in the Google docs template.

More Google Templates In Google Docs For School Newspaper Activities

Customizable Book Club Newsletter: Free Google Docs Template

The book club newsletter template is perfect for social sharing of the latest fiction or information on educational books. Learning and becoming interested in subjects like a review of Romeo and Juliet in English or pictures about the American revolution is fun when reading the “news” in the newspaper. In Google documents, there are ready-to-use images related to books for students to publish in the article.

Middle School Newspaper: Free Google Doc Template

The middle school newspaper template in Google docs feature colorful footnotes, catchy subheading, and big titles to draw attention and create interest in approaching events and activities.

Editable Newspaper For Teachers: Free Google Docs Template

Students can create an interesting free newspaper for their teachers. The ready-made Bright Teacher Newspaper Google docs template is ideal for bringing the news to teachers from children’s perspectives. Use Google Slides to add illustrations and details related to school, but also interesting personal news like an upcoming wedding, birthday, and plans kids have for the school and their future.

Free Student Newspaper Templates You Can Use for PowerPoint

The free PowerPoint newspaper templates are easy to customize. After downloading the newspaper template, replace the text and pictures with your text and images. Students easily edit these newspapers before publishing them.

Free PowerPoint Templates. provides various free links to 21 Powerpoint templates for students to use.

Newspaper PowerPoint Template has a postal box with an old newspaper inside at the bottom right of the slide. The background is white with a thin border line on the left.

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