9 Best Lego Train Sets

If your kids are loco for locomotion, Lego train sets are a guaranteed hit. With every kind of model from old steam engines to modern high-speed trains, they have something for engineers of all ages, and with a huge range of educational benefits, it’s easy for parents to jump on board!  It’s no wonder many people rate train kits the best Lego sets for kids play.

From the best Lego City trains to the top Lego Creator kits, we’ve looked through the options and chosen 9 of the best Lego train sets on the market today. So, have your tickets ready—our journey is about to begin!

9 Best Lego Train Set Toys

Lego City Cargo Train Set
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LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 75955 Toy Train Set
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LEGO Crocodile Locomotive 10277 Building Kit
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Lego Duplo My First Train Set
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Lego City High-Speed Passenger Train Set
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Lego Duplo Number Train
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Reviews of Lego Trains For Kids

1. Lego City Cargo Train Set

Lego City Cargo Lego Train Set

Get on track with the Lego City Cargo Train Set!

This awesome collection gives you complete control over a cargo station. It really two toys in one.  Use the crane, cargo truck, or forklift to load up the three carriages with cattle, fuel, and cable drums.  Your kids will get a little taste of what it takes to keep products moving on the rails of our country.  The minifigs included can control the forklift or crane as they get the train ready to head on down the tracks.

When it’s all ready to go, put on your driver’s hat and get rolling using the 7-speed infrared remote control. Zoom around the tracks until you reach your destination, and then unload your cargo and get it to where it’s needed. An immersive gem with tons of interactive features, this superb LEGO City Cargo train set makes the perfect gift for any junior train fanatic.

Pieces: 888

Ages: 6–12

Motorized: Yes.

Requires:  9 AAA batteries (not included): 3 for the remote control; 6 for the train motor.

Educational Factor: With its 888 pieces, this beautiful Lego group train set is a challenging build for younger kids. The construction stage encourages STEM skills and procedural thought and produces a genuine sense of achievement. The immersive play stage boosts creativity, storytelling, and social skills.

Tech Specs: The Lego City Cargo Locomotive Set includes: 1 cargo locomotive(3 x 35 x 2 inches), 1 cargo station with sliding crane and retractable hook (7 x 10 x 9 inches), 1 cable drum carriage (3 x 8 x 2 inches), 1 fuel drum carriage (3 x 9 x 2 inches), 1 cattle carriage (2 x 5 x 2 inches), 1 cargo truck (2 x 5 x 2 inches), 1 forklift (3 x 4 x 1 inches), 30 railroad track pieces, 2 cable drums, 1 fuel drum, 1 cow, 1 train driver, 1 truck driver, 1 forklift driver, 1 farmer, 3 bales of hay, 1 wheelbarrow, 1 trolley, 1 trash can, 1 battery box, 1 infrared receiver, 1 train motor, and 1 remote control.

Optional Extras: If you want a longer track for the train to whizz around on, get the Lego City Flexible Tracks and Lego City Switch Tracks. This collection also combines perfectly with any other Lego City set, particularly the Lego City Train Station for a configurable circular track – or whatever you can imagine!

2. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 75955 Toy Train Set

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 75955 Toy Train Set

Relive Harry Potter adventures with the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Toy Train set. Placed between platforms 9 and 10 of the King’s Cross railway station, Harry Potter fans can only reach Platform 9 ¾ by running the train at full speed on the tracks into a brick wall.

This version of the Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 ¾ has excellent improvements compared to previous LEGO sets. The swinging brick wall transforms kids from one world into the other. Platform 9 ¾ clearly distinguishes between the two worlds with stickers, lights, and different sign fonts. There is no confusion on which side of the platform the Minifigures are standing.

The updated train features a false wall in the carriage for easier access to the inside of the carriage lacking previous Hogwarts Express LEGO trains. The coach chairs, smooth tiled floor, and doors may inspire creative role play enacting Harry Potter movie and story scenes. The large driving wheels make this version one of the best LEGO train sets.

Pieces: 801

Ages:  8-14

Motorized: No

Requires: No batteries needed

Educational Factor: The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express set is one of the best LEGO trains sets to inspire creative thinking and imaginative adventures. The LEGO train set motivates creative roleplay interactions with friends and siblings. Kids may recreate Harry Potter adventures or create new journeys and destinations for the train. Like most sets of LEGO building bricks, this LEGO train with platform strengthens motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and critical thinking skills.

Tech Specs: The LEGOS train set includes: 1 train model and carriage (3 x 18 x 5 inches) with 4 seat and removable side panel, 1 railway to bridge with a clock, 1 Platform 9 ¾, 1 moving brick wall entrance, 2 newspapers, 1 Wanted poster,  5 LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures (Harry Potter,  Ron Wesley, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, and Trolley Witch) Dementor and Scabbers figures, 3 pieces of luggage, 4 wands, chocolate frog, ice cream, King’s Cross Station sign, Platform 9 ¾ sign.

Optional Extras: The LEGO train set does not come with tracks. The LEGO City Tracks 6020 and other LEGO trains tracks of the last decade are compatible with this train. The 6020 contains 20 pieces, and purchasing a few sets may create a circular track for the train.

3. LEGO Crocodile Locomotive 10277 Building Kit

LEGO Crocodile Locomotive 10277 Building Kit

The LEGO Crocodile Locomotive set model is one of the best LEGO train sets for adults; LEGO train sets fans and enthusiasts who enjoy recreating vintage trains in LEGO brick form. The train was initially built for the Swiss Federal Railways Station in 1919 and 1927. The LEGO model is based on the Swiss Ce 6-8 Krokodil electric locomotive. It is the most authentic model of the LEGO train sets.

Side rods move when the wheels turn, and the posable pantographs move up and down. By lifting the roof train, enthusiasts may access the crew compartment.

It is perfect as a gift for model train sets enthusiasts, railway fans, and adults, and teenagers who enjoy a LEGO challenge. When completed, display it on your coffee table with the rail track base and included the plague with sticker describing fun facts about the locomotive.

Pieces: 1271

Ages: 18-21

Motorized: No, but can be motorized

Requires: No batteries required

Educational Factor: The Crocodile Locomotive is one of the most significant train sets for hobbyists and adults to relax and enjoy recreating authentic train models. It inspires attention to detail and interest in the history of these iconic trains.

Tech Specs: The set includes: 1 train model with two carriages, one on each side (6 x 20.5 x 3.5 inches), a display train track, tools, 2 LEGO Minifigures (1 male and 1 female) in blue creased overalls, caps, and red neckties, plague.

Optional Extras: Motorize the train set with the Powered-Up components sold separately: 88009 Hub, and 88013 Technic Large Motor.

4. LEGO City Tracks 60205

LEGO City Tracks 60205

You know what makes any Lego City high speed train even better? More track to run on!

The LEGO City Tracks Building Kit is essential for all those trains, and especially LEGO sets that come without rails for the train to ride. It is one of the most versatile LEGO sets for engineers, adventurers, and kids who like to build trains and train tracks. Create train tracks for LEGO sets or extend existing tracks for longer and more intricate tracks.

Twenty pieces are enough for a starter train track; add multiple rail sets, and you end up with a full circular track or other interesting train track shapes—only a child’s imagination may limit the potential train tracks for trains to journey to their destination.

Pieces: 20

Ages: 5-12

Motorized: No.

Requires:  Nothing.

Educational Factor: The LEGO City Tracks Building Kit strengthens and improves motor skills, creative thinking, problem-solving, and imagination.

Tech Specs: This set includes: 8 straight tracks, 8 flexible tracks, and 4 curved tracks.

5. Lego Duplo My First Train Set

Lego Duplo My First Lego Train Set

How about a cool Lego train set for littler fingers? The Lego Duplo My First Train Set lets your budding train driver steam around the tracks, pull into the station, pick up passengers, refuel, stop at the traffic lights, and speed off again for more fun. The steam train is made of colorful child-friendly bricks and comes with 3 cute figures to play with. Load up cargo, passengers, animals, or any of your own toys onto the spacious back carriage. Push the button to get the engine off to a flying start, complete with realistic sound effects. There’s no need to worry about the batteries running out too quickly—it automatically turns itself off after 2 minutes. A perfect playset for Lego-loving preschoolers!

Pieces: 52

Ages: 2–5

Motorized: Push-button start; no remote control.

Requires:  3 AA batteries.

Educational Factor: The Lego Duplo My First Train Set is one of the best LEGO train sets for teaching shapes and colors. It also encourages fine motor skills, storytelling, social skills, imaginative design, and creative play. Piecing it together is a great puzzle for developing minds, too, boosting early critical thinking skills.

Tech Specs: This set includes: 1 steam engine (3 x 5 x 2 inches), 1 passenger/cargo carriage (3 x 6 x 2 inches), 1 train station (7 x 7 x 2 inches) featuring a clock, window, and fuel pump, 12 pieces of railroad track (22.8 inches long), 1 traffic light, 1 train driver, 1 passenger, and 1 goat.

Optional Extras: You can add more tracks with the Lego Duplo Track System Train Accessory Set. It also works well with many other fantastic Lego Duplo train sets, such as the Push Train or the Deluxe Train Set.

6. Lego Monster Fighters: The Ghost Train Set

Get ready for some monstrous fun with this ghoulishly good train and plane set! Lego Monster Fighters: The Ghost Train Set features 20 glow-in-the-dark ghostly elements for spine-chilling late-night play. It follows the adventures of Frank Rock and Ann Lee as they try to stop the evil Ghost Train from escaping with the magical Moonstone. Jump into the cockpit of a stunt plane equipped with 4 flick-fire missiles, a ghost-capturing vacuum, a spinning propeller, and retractable landing gear. Hop on board the spookily designed Ghost Train with its ghastly grille, bony wing-flapping carriages, and green-flamed smokestack. Can you capture the three ghosts and recover the Moonstone – or will you be tossed into their skeletal prison cell? Win or lose, there’s tons of high-spirited entertainment to be had with this phantom-tastic Lego train set.

Pieces: 741

Ages: 8–14

Motorized: No.

Requires:  Nothing.

Educational Factor: As you might imagine from the suggested age range, this train set offers a complex build for younger Lego lovers. Completing the build will strengthen vital STEM skills and help to develop confidence and self-esteem. This particular set also offers wonderfully imaginative play and encourages kids to be brave and fight for what is right.

Tech Specs: The Lego Monster Fighters: The Ghost Train Set includes: 1 ghost train featuring 1 engine car, 2 detachable train cars, and 1 detachable prison car (4 x 19 x 4 inches in total), 1 hero airplane (3 x 8 x 8 inches), 2 hero mini-figures, and 3 ghost mini-figures.

Optional Extras: Couples well with other building sets in the Lego Monster Fighters series, such as The Werewolf or The Vampyre Hearse.

7. Lego City High-Speed Passenger Train Set

Lego City High-Speed Passenger Train Set

Keep behind the yellow line—the Lego City High-Speed Passenger Train is fast approaching! With its sleek modern design, the high-speed LEGO City passenger train really rockets around the full circular track thanks to the included 7-speed remote control. Check the station train service map to make sure your passengers are waiting at the right platform.

Lift the train’s removable roof to help them to choose their seats—or let them ride up front with you. But don’t zoom off just yet—the train signal warning lights are flashing! You’d better wait until the cyclist has safely crossed the tracks. Hours of fast and furious fun, guaranteed!

Pieces: 610

Ages: 6–12

Motorized: Yes.

Requires:  9 AAA batteries (not included): 3 for the remote control; 6 for the train motor.

Educational Factor: As with the other larger Lego train sets on this list, putting this  LEGO City passenger train collection together is a challenge that strengthens STEM and critical thinking skills as well as fine motor skills. It also boosts creativity and social skills through play.

Tech Specs: The Lego City High-Speed Passenger Train Set includes: 1 high-speed passenger train with 3 carriages (4 x 30 x 1 inches in total), 1 station platform (2 x 7 x 5 inches), 20 railroad track pieces, 1 track crossway, 2 warning lights, 1 train driver, 1 passenger, 1 cyclist, 1 bicycle, 1 briefcase, 1 battery box, 1 infrared receiver, 1 train motor, and 1 remote control.

Optional Extras: The Lego City Flexible Tracks and Lego City Switch Tracks are also compatible with this train set. As with the Cargo Train Set above, the High-Speed Passenger Train Set pairs well with any Lego City toys, especially the Train Station Set.

8. Lego Creator Winter Holiday Train Set

lego creator winter train

Celebrate the holiday season with the beautiful Lego Creator Winter Holiday Train Set. Another tremendous Lego train option, this one is certain to get you in the festive spirit. After a busy day out shopping, your little Lego family’s hands are full with mini Christmas gifts. The kids are playing while they wait at the platform for the train to arrive. They’ve got a mini robot, a little fire truck, and many more teeny tiny toys to play with. Suddenly, the wonderful winter train pulls into sight, its Christmas tree rotating as it chugs along the tracks. White smoke pours out of its gorgeous vintage smokestack. No time to gawp at its beauty right now—they’d better load up all their gifts and hop on board before it has to head off to the next station. All in all, this stunning Lego train set makes an ideal Christmas present for any little loco lover.

Pieces: 734

Ages: 12+

Motorized: No.

Requires:  Nothing.

Educational Factor: Lego rates this build complexity at “expert” level, so it’s a great challenge, even for older kids. The holiday city train set can be a super family project, bringing everyone together at this special time of the year. As with the other Lego train sets on this list, it also boosts STEM skills, procedural thinking, and creativity.

Tech Specs: The Lego Creator Winter Holiday Train Set includes: 1 Winter Holiday Train featuring 1 engine car, 1 coal car, 1 flatbed car, and 1 passenger car (4 x 20 x 2 inches in total), 1 boarding platform, 1 lamppost, 1 train driver, 1 ticket collector, 1 mother, 1 girl, 1 boy, 1 Christmas tree, and numerous festive decorations and miniature Christmas presents and gift-boxes.

Optional Extras: The engine can be motorized with the addition of the Lego Power Functions sets 8879, 8884, 88000, and 88002, which will require 9 AAA batteries in total. Details of how to integrate Power Functions are included in the instruction booklet.

9. Lego Duplo Number Train

Looking for a train you can count on? The Lego Duplo Number Train is an attractive and educational train set featuring a cute chunky engine and three colorful carriages. Preschoolers can piece it all together with relative ease, and it helps them to learn the numbers 0-9. Encourage them to put the numbers in order, and then load up your passengers and roll off. Not so fast… Don’t leave the poor kitty cat stranded at the station!

Pieces: 23

Ages: 18 months–3 years

Motorized: No.

Requires:  Nothing.

Educational Factor: The Lego Duplo Number Train is one of the best LEGO train sets to teach number recognition and counting. These key skills are reinforced through play. Two passengers and a cute cat are included for imaginative roleplay and social skills training.

Tech Specs: This set includes: 1 train engine, 3 carriages, 10 number blocks, and 3 mini-figures (1 boy, 1 girl, and 1 cat). The pieces are specifically designed to be safe and suitable for tiny hands.

Optional Extras:  This number-building set makes a great gift alone or with the Lego Duplo My First Bus and Lego Duplo My First Tractor sets. The My First Bus toy teaches letter recognition, while the My First Tractor set focuses on colors and common fruit names.

Buyers Guide to Selecting the Best LEGO City Train Sets for Your Kids

Are LEGO Train Sets Compatible?

LEGO bricks and pieces are compatible with other LEGO sets. LEGO train sets are consistent, and all train tracks fit all types of LEGO trains. Although train features changed throughout the years, the track gauge has stayed the same. That makes it easier becausue there is no choice with the size of rails to buy – they are all the same.

Therefore, you may buy a LEGO train set with a track as a gift and purchase additional tracks and trains to expand your child’s LEGO trains collection.

What Is The Best LEGO Set?

The LEGO train set is the set that brings the most fun and satisfaction to the recipient. Young kids and beginners may prefer a DUPLO Number train set, whereas collectibles like the Crocodile Locomotive may please adults and train collectors.

A train set that stimulates imaginative role-playing could be the perfect gift for adventurers and creative storytelling scenarios. The LEGO Creator Winter Holiday Train Set and the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express set are excellent train sets for adventurous journeys.

All the train sets in the list have educational value for kids of all ages.

What Types of LEGO trains Are There?

The first LEGO Train set was launched in 1965. Since then, LEGO has engaged kids and adults with numerous train sets and tracks. Some sets were discontinued, and others were improved.  However, all Lego train sets throughout the ages have been about fun.

Today the LEGO train sets can be categorized into four types.

  • Passenger or City Trains come with fun accessories and pieces, including Minifigures, coffee shops, tracks and crossings, platforms, way station, dining car, and more.
  • High-Speed trains are often motorized and powered by a battery with remote control. The train set may not be so fast on the smaller tracks, but the design is like high-speed trains.
  • Steam engine locomototives/ train sets are very realistic, looking and inspire creative imaginations for hours of engaging fun.
  • Cargo trains and freight trains come with fun accessories, fuel wagon, and cargo wagons for transport pretend-play. Part of the fun is loading the cargo and ensuring it reaches the destination safely.

Most train sets feature Minifigures like a train conductor, security officer, train attendant, and other minifigs relevant to the type of railway train and set.

OK, you’ve heard our favorites—now it’s over to you! Do you own any of these Lego train sets? Or did your favorite one fail to make the list? Let us know all about it in the comments section below!

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, North Charleston.

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