green kid crafts subscription box review

“Where do clouds come from, Daddy?”

“Daddy, why does ice float?”

Oh, I remember the days when my children would ask me more ‘Who/What/Where/Why?’ questions than the average cub reporter.  While sometimes it got to be a bit too much, I loved that they cared about how the world worked.

There are many different paths for a person to arrive at a lifelong love of learning.  Green Kids Crafts is for the child who likes to explore the world around them.  They might call this science; they might not.  But after having one of our supporters with their children explore the kit , I’m convinced it’s a great product for the child that’s always asking you “why?”

This review is split into two parts.  I personally did the unboxing video (such as it is) and background research on the product.  For the hands on review, I had one of the friends of Fractus Learning review the free subscription box.  She has children in the target age range so they can let us know their thoughts on the kit.  I think it’s more valuable to you if we let someone do a real-world hands-on review and give us their take on it.

Who Is The Green Kid Crafts Monthly Subscription For?

Green Kids Crafts is a great gift idea for the child that likes exploring the natural world around them.  We received two complementary boxes for review.  One was themed to learn about volcanoes.  The other was focused on water science.  Both contained reading information and hands-on experimentation.

There are monthly subscriptions available for both 2-4 and 5-10 year olds.  The two boxes we received we for the older age group.  You can also purchase individual craft boxes if your child is particularly interested in one area. It’s also a way to get an idea of what the monthly steam subscription would entail.

One benefit of this particular STEM box subscription is the wide variety of subjects covered.  If you have a child that gets bored easily, this product will give him or her a completely new area to study every month.  It’ll also be a surprise, so there will be some anticipation built up as they try to guess the subject coming up.

Who Should Pass on the Green Kid Crafts Box?

Most middle-school and older children would probably not enjoy these subscriptions for very long.  Check out our overview guide for a more age-appropriate gift for these kids.

I also think there are better STEM subscription gift options available for children solely interesting in learning how to code.  This product does have a wide range of topics, but it doesn’t seem to be focused on electronics to any degree.

What Is the Green Kid Crafts Box?

As you can see from our quickly-shot unboxing video below, you receive a medium-sized box in the mail from Green Kid Crafts.  Inside, you’ll find a short magazine (<20 pages) that provides some experiements and activities to try that month.  There are also some word puzzles and other fun quick games focused on the monthly subject.

Along with the magazine, the box contains the materials needed to do the experiments for the month.  Each experiment comes organized with ingredients sealed away in their individual plastic bag.  That makes it much easier to pull out one experiment at a time if your don’t want to tackle the entire box in a sitting.  It does contain nearly everything, but you are expected to provide common household items on your own.  As an example, you might need to have cooking oil and sugar on hand for a particular set of experiments.

There is also an online component to take a more in-depth look at the topic.  This is great for a child that wants to go beyond what is provided.  It’s also a way to keep a student engaged for the whole month until the next subscription box arrives.

Our Hands-On Green Kid Crafts Box Review

As mentioned before, we gave the Green Kid Crafts boxes out to a parent not formally affiliated with Fractus Learning.  They agreed to give us their and their children’s honest opinion of the product after trying it out for a day.   As the parent of a 5 year old boy and a 7 year old girl, her children were a perfect fit to the target group for this particular box.  They didn’t want their names used in the article for privacy reasons, which we will respect.

The son took the volcano box, while the older daughter experimented with the water science themed kit.  The whole afternoon had been cleared of other distractions so they began all the experiments in a day.

To begin with, both children really enjoyed the boxes.  Both kids agreed they would like it as a holiday gift, though neither child wanted it to be the only gift they’d receive.  Still, there was agreement that it was different from most gifts, and it would be nice to get something new in the mail every month.

What We Liked The Best

Both children thought the amount of activities contained in the box took just about the right length of time.  The 5 year old had the Volcano themed box, and of course wanted to jump right into the erupting volcano experiment off the bat.  However, the crystal growing kit takes time to finish so they started with that activity.  The 7 year old girl started with the ice boat race setup because that takes more time as well.  They completed both activities the next day.

Another positive was that the instructions were easy to follow, and the kids could do most of the experimenting on their own.  Of course, parental supervision is a good idea.  However, this wasn’t one of those kits where the parents ends up doing everything, while the child gets bored and eventually loses interest.  Even with the 5 year old, there was room to let them try, fail, retry and succeed.

Finally, the activities were fun.  When I asked the kids how they would describe the day, “fun” was the first word out of their mouth.  While both learned a lot, neither child focused on the learning.  They just thought it was a blast to learn and create with the Green Kid Crafts  kid box.

What Would We Change?

The kids didn’t have any major complaints in using the gift boxes.  When pressed a bit for anything they would change, the 5 year old said he wished there some stickers that came with the kit.  The 7 year old girl wished there were a few more activities because she had so much fun.


Green Kid Crafts has put together an outstanding learning box subscription set.  The materials are of good quality, the material covers a wide range of subjects, and if our experience is typical most kids will be able to create and learn on their own with minimal parental involvement.  If you have a curious child that likes to find out the “why” behind everything, a Green Kid Crafts subscription will make a great gift.

We thought you should know...
We here at Fractus Learning wish to be as transparent as possible.  We were provided two different sample Green Kid Crafts boxes in order to facilitate the review. Fractus Learning did not receive any other inducement to write the review.  The opinions expressed in the article are that of our writers and editor involved in producing it. Fractus Learning will receive a commission for purchases of Green Kid Crafts subscriptions by users following our links.
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