Top 5 Funny Teaching Scenes From The Simpsons

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Teaching SimpsonsYou may or may not be a fan, but there is no question that “The Simpsons” has had a huge impact on pop culture over the last twenty years. The four fingered family have tackled just about every major social issue and with two children ‘continually’ in the 2nd and 4th grade, teaching and school is a big part of the show.

With “The Simpsons” celebrating its five hundredth episode a few weeks ago, I decided it was as good a time as any to share my favorite Simpsons teaching moments. Most of these are from (in my opinion) the golden era of Simpsons programming. Featuring some of the most iconic characters in Simpsons history, here are my top 5 funny teaching scenes from The Simpsons.


5. Teachers On Strike

In season 6 of The Simpsons, Bart convinces his teachers to go on strike. The below clip is the resulting conversation where Homer voices his opinion on striking and “The American Way”.


4. That’s A Paddlin’

When regular townsfolk are brought into the school to cover striking teachers, some interesting and somewhat controversial discipline methods are put in place.


3. Creating An Open Dialogue

In the season 7 classic, “Lisa the Vegetarian”, Lisa decides that she can no longer eat meat. In response to this, Principal Skinner tries to “anonymously” dispel the myths about vegetarianism.


2. Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Another clip from the season 6 classic, “The PTA Disbands”, a series of whispers lead to a confused and now iconic message.


1. Daddy’s A Teacher

In perhaps one of the most memorable Simpsons lines of all time, Homer discusses his teaching methodologies with Lisa. An easy number 1!


What is your favorite teaching moment of The Simpsons, and what other popular TV shows do you think address the humor in education?


Image courtesy of Flickr, JD Hancock