The Top 5 Podcasts for EdTech Fanatics

Adam Heckler is a twenty-something Cincinnati, Ohio local working in the education technology sector. Most of his time is spent at VARtek Services where he writes for the blog, manages social media, and advises K12 s

One thing I’ve been trying to do a lot of lately is putting all of my spare time to good use. Part of this process involved sitting down for an hour or two and really thinking through how to get the most out of each day.

One of the realizations I came to was that I have an unfortunately long commute to work, around 45 or 50 minutes. During the drive, I usually just listen to the radio, but in rethinking my entire day I realized that I could listen to some podcasts instead!

And since my commute takes place on the way to and from work (obviously), I might as well listen to the latest edtech podcasts. I figured some of you might want to do the same, so I gathered up my top 5 podcasts and listed them here:


1. ISTE Casts

ISTE (the International Society for Technology in Education) is the premier edtech community for teachers around the world. Fortunately, they have a freely available podcast that runs new shows on a somewhat regular basis (although the exact day of release is a little haphazard).


The podcast features topics like author interviews, point/counterpoint style debates, and discussion of special technology trends like mobile learning or technology literacy. It’s defnitely worth listening to, and because it’s not a regular weekly podcast, it’s very easy to keep up with. (iTunes link)


2. Hack Education

Edtech champions Audrey Watters and Steve Hargadon have teamed up to create this awesome podcast. They usually review the blog posts that Audrey writes over on her blog, also named Hack Education (which is, by the way, one of the best edtech blogs in existence).

Since their podcast is updated every week on the dot, this is a good one to listen to if you find yourself with a little more downtime that needs filled up. The shows usually run about an hour in length. Here’s the iTunes link, but note that Steve sometimes adds other shows into the lineup other than the weekly ones.


3. EdReach Podcasts

EdReach, which bills itself as the “Education Media Network”, actually has a dozen or so interesting podcasts on various education topics. You can explore them by going to their site and hovering your cursor over the EDCASTS menu button. They have shows on flipped learning, Google, and ELA topics, among others.

after view of my classroom

To see all of their shows at once, simply click here. Be forewarned though, they produce a lot of content, and it’s going to be difficult to regularly listen to more than one or two shows! Here’s an iTunes link to their main show; try subscribing to this one first just to see if you like it, and then branch out from there.


4. NPR: Education

I may be a little biased here since I am a huge NPR addict, but I think their education podcast is actually quite good. Granted, it does cover more general educations news, not just edtech topics, but the best part is that it’s short (30 minutes), informative, and updated regularly (every Wednesday at 11am).

Most stories are taken from their website’s education section, so if you listen to or read NPR on a regular basis anyway, you may have heard some of the stories before. Like the others, this podcast is also available on iTunes.


5. The State of Tech

This excellent podcast is run by three guys from my home state of Ohio. Although they do talk about Ohio-specific events and news on occasion, much of their podcast is beneficial no matter where you live. And since they make their podcast using Google+ Hangouts, you can even watch the video if you want, although you don’t need to.

PHILIPS SHP1900 Headphones

What I like most about TSoT is that their shows are a bit longer than the norm, so they have more opportunity to really dig down into a topic and explore all the angles. Here’s a link to their podcast on iTunes, and here they are on Google+ if watching their live show is more your style.


Special mention (editor’s note) – EDUKWEST

Founded in 2009 by education blogger and Fractus Learning writer Kirsten Winkler, EDUKWEST focuses on interviews with founders and thought leaders in education. With over 80 startups and established brands already in the collection, EDUKWEST is the best way to to hear about the latest EdTech tools, straight from the people creating them.


Anyway, I hope this post has been helpful for you! We did a post on our favorite podcasts last year, but since those are mostly about general education topics, I though I’d suggest some edtech-specific ones that we enjoy.

Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite podcast!


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