Fractus Affiliate Program

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We are always looking to partner with the best educators, consultants, trainers and teams who share our passion for technology in education.

Becoming an affiliate with Fractus Learning is a simple process that will help you provide a better service to your customers as well as generate new revenue to grow your business.

Become an Affiliate

Each time an educator, school or district purchases a Fractus Learning course or package using your unique discount promo code, you will receive 10% of the entire sale value. 

[quote]For small school purchases this could range between $100-$500 and for larger purchases it can be upwards of $1000 [/quote]


Getting your Affiliate Promo Code

Applying to become an affiliate is as simple as filling in the below form. Once we have reviewed your application, we will send on your unique discount promo code. This code can then be used by your customers to receive 10% off all purchases as well as allow us to link all purchases to your referral.


Any questions, thoughts or ideas? Get in touch.