Create Your Own Education App in Minutes With Cleverlize


“There’s an App for that”… Well actually, sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes the App you want is the one in your head, not in the App Store. This is where German startup “Cleverlize” steps in to help educators create their own custom apps… In minutes… With no programming required at all!   Help educators create their […]

A Magically Visual Way to Explore Complex Ideas – Imaginary Factory


Every now and then you stumble across a website that is truly magical ( A site that makes you realize that the web, digital media, and technology have created a whole new realm for artists to explore and create. This week I was sent a link to a brilliant early stage project called ‘Imaginary Factory‘. […]

5 Different Ways to Start Creating Apps With Students


It’s true… Coding is officially cool! Well, at least that’s what Will.I.Am is telling me. With high profile figures in business, sport, technology and music promoting coding, it is no longer a space reserved just for geeks and nerds. A huge part of this mainstream adoption to coding has come from our daily interaction with […]

25 LinkedIn Groups for Networking Teachers


We often talk on Fractus Learning about building a strong, informative and inspiring PLN. Most of this conversation centers around social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. But, in all the excitement, we tend to neglect some great resources that take the form of professional networking sites. And when it comes to professional […]

8 Education Technology Books Every Leader Should Read


Everyone has their own reading style. My long held reading rule is to have two books on the go. One trashy thriller to tune out the world with, and one “mind nourishing” non-fiction to make sure I am not letting life float by (it’s also a bit less embarrassing to pull out on the train). Luckily for […]

Teaching Students To Manage Their Time With

To-Do List

Whether it is doing the shopping or planning a complex project it is essential to know what needs to be done and when. The simplest form of project management is the to-do list, where we put in written form the tasks that we know will slip our mind. The basic to-do list has evolved from scribbles on the […]

8 Great Udemy Courses for #EdTech Teachers

Technology Teacher Training

If you have not yet explored Udemy, I can’t urge you enough to just dive in and see what all the hype is about. With the the catchphrase of “Start Learning from the World’s Top Instructors“, the platform is a treasure trove for all life long learners. And with more than 350,000 students already enrolled in Udemy courses, it is […]

5 Modern Ways to Find The Right Education Consultant

Find Education Consultant

Whether you are a school in need of a technology coach, or a parent looking for a math tutor, finding the right education consultant can be a very challenging task. In the last few years there has been massive growth in the number of education consultants. This growth has made it much easier to find someone, […]

5 Electronics Projects for Students With Spark

Electronics Projects for Students

I’d have to check with my mother, but I am pretty sure that Christmas ’88 through Christmas ’92 Santa exclusively brought me electronics project kits. Disappointed not to find the next piece of Voltron under the tree, I worked my way up through the kits until I took the next logical progression and (many years later) completed a degree in […]