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Free Lesson Plans

Many teachers, especially newer ones, struggle with creating new and exciting lesson plans for their classes. It’s definitely hard to be innovative and creative all the time, but if you ask me, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel for every single lesson you teach in a school year. That’s why today I want to […]

3 Chromebook Management Tips for Google-fied Districts


As discussed in my last post, I’ve had the fortune to work in a few districts that are in the midst of deploying Google Chromebooks on a large scale. While it’s definitely an extremely busy and complicated process, you tend to learn a few things from it as well. Today I wanted to share with […]

5 Favorite Chromebook Apps for the Classroom


As I talked about in a few of my latest posts, BYOD is getting more and more popular in the education world. Specifically, Chromebooks are making a lot of inroads into schools because they’re cheap, small, and of course integrate very well with Google Apps for Education. However, the major gripe about Chromebooks is that […]

5 Essential Steps for K-12 BYOD Programs


I probably don’t need to say this to anyone who regularly reads Fractus Learning, but BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is sweeping across the K-12 world right now with incredible speed. More and more schools are jumping on the bandwagon, anxious not to be left behind in the wake of more advanced and tech-savvy districts. […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Coursera’s New Teacher PD Section


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rug for the past couple years and not reading the Fractus Learning blog like your mother told you to, you know that MOOCs are a pretty big deal. And you also know that Coursera is one of the biggest MOOC organizations out there. While Coursera offers some great classes, […]

How To: Use Wikipedia in the Classroom Responsibly

Wikipedia in the Classroom

Despite the fact that it’s currently the year 2013, and that our collective EdTech excitement is growing every single day, there’s still one aspect of modern technology and the Internet that is too often ignored in our classrooms. You know what I’m talking about: the “W” word. Wikipedia. The problem is that Wikipedia in the […]

Top 4 Student Resources for Learning to Code Online


Believe it or not, one of the coolest things you can be in this day and age is a computer programmer. Computers are the future, and so it makes sense that those who can control them and make technology do what they want it to do will one day rule us all! (OK, it’s maybe […]

Review: Exploring the New Samsung Chromebook for Education

Chromebook for Education

As you may have heard by now, Google’s Chromebooks for education are a big hit in school districts across the U.S. Whether they’re being deployed as part of an ambitious 1:1 program, or just being allowed in the district under a flexible BYOD policy, Chromebooks are fantastic little machines that administrators and teachers everywhere should take […]

Three Useful but Little-Known Excel Functions Demystified


Anyone who’s used a computer in the past 20 years has probably also used Microsoft Excel. And anyone who’s used Excel has probably also been completely stumped by some of the more complex functions and formulas you can use within the program. After all, it’s not human nature to work with a bunch of meaningless […]

Batter Up! Four Awesome Baseball Resources for the Classroom


It’s that time of the year again. The air is starting to smell of hot dogs, freshly cut grass, and leather. Cries of “Play ball!” are being heard all over, and chewing gum is selling out at many a grocery store. That’s right fans, it’s baseball season! America’s national pastime is the perfect context for […]