Famous Quotes to Inspire your Students


We’re in the middle of that dreary time of year, when the excitement of the new term has faded away but the Easter holidays are still too far off to contemplate. The days are cold and grey and settling back into the school routine for another year can feel a bit too much like hard […]

The Who, What, Where, Why, When of Setting up a Class Website


Who? Schools around the world are starting to branch out digitally and take advantage of the opportunity to build an online presence for their classrooms. As well has having a school website, creating one for your class is a fantastic opportunity to forge an identity with your group of students and carve out your own […]

5 Brilliant Ideas for EdTech Scavenger Hunts

EdTech Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a brilliant way to pursue a particular topic or educational course with your class in a fun and innovative way. As well as the excitement of pursuing clues and deciphering the message to work out where to hunt next, educators can use scavenger hunts as a way to drip-feed small, digestible chunks […]

Designing Assessment Using The Power of Google Forms

Designing Assessment

Michael Schmoker talks at great length in his book “Results Now“, of how the power of a common curriculum, common assessments and teachers working together can have unprecedented results in student learning. He cites many studies wherein teachers who seemingly taught the same class had varying levels of effectiveness, mostly through lack of their planning […]

5 Fun Online Games that Disguise Important Lessons

Fun Online Games

Of all the impact education technology can have in the classroom, it is at its most powerful when students are enjoying themselves so much they don’t even realize they are learning! These brilliant online games each help students learn about important new skills, issues or ideas, but they are guaranteed to enjoy themselves at the […]

5 of the Best Sites for Student Writing

Student Writing

1. Figment More than just a website, Figment is a fantastic online community that encourages students to share their writing with one another and inspire each other to new heights of creativity. The site offers a wealth of information on both reading and writing, helping students find and recommend new books and authors. It also provides […]

5 #EdTech Alternatives to Traditional Classroom Activities

EdTech Alternatives

Flashcards Once considered a rather old-fashioned classroom tool, flashcards have had something of a resurgence lately thanks to a wealth of brilliant online versions. Try using a simple site like Quizlet, which allows you to create teaching aids quickly, easily, and for free! HOW IT GOES THE EXTRA MILE COMPARED TO THE NON-EDTECH VERSION: The […]

Back to School: 3 #EdTech Icebreakers

EdTech Icebreakers

It’s that time of year again and we are back to school…September has arrived, and with it come students, reluctant and enthusiastic alike, flocking in their droves to begin the new school year. Starting a new term can be tough, both for students and their teachers. It can be nerve-wracking to get to know a […]

5 EdTech Pitfalls to Avoid

EdTech Pitfalls

We all know that education technology can be a fantastic and rich resource that transforms the experience of classroom learning. We know that it opens the door to infinite new learning possibilities and lesson variations; that it enables hitherto un-dreamed of connections between teachers and students across the globe. But there are circumstances in which […]

Should We Be Teaching Computational Thinking In Schools?

Computational Thinking

Teachers of ICT (Information Communication Technology) in England are in the midst of recreating the subject they teach. The UK Government has announced that the current programme of study will not have to be taught from September 2012, and teachers have the freedom to teach ICT how they want during their lessons. So, what should […]