Disrupting Teacher Professional Development: A Technology Enhanced Approach

Disrupting Teacher Professional Development

If you’re a teacher, you’d probably agree with the statement that most of the professional development you have taken suffered through over your career has been less than amazing. What is a shame—actually tragic—about this is that with all the research that is available on staff development and professional development, no teacher should have to […]

Which Came First? The Objective or the Tool?

The Objective or the Tool?

It is part of human nature to want to immediately try out something new that has been learned. This definitely holds true for me when I learn about a new app or tool. I get excited about the app or the tool, and I want to immediately use it in the classroom. I’ve learned over […]

Launch: Programming for Kids – How to Make Coding Fun

Coding for Kids

After talking about it for so long, we are finally so excited to be launching our latest Fractus course Programming for Kids – How to Make Coding Fun! With over over 800 educators joining on the first day the response has been amazing and it is clear that coding is becoming a “must have” skill in […]

Edcamp: Where Teachers Confess, Encourage and Brainstorm


Edcamps have been springing up across the country as a “grassroots movement in educator professional development“. The definition of an Edcamp according to the Edcamp foundation is “a form of unconference designed specifically for teachers and their needs“.  Edcamps are always free. Edcamps flow. It’s living, breathing professional development that is determined by the educators who attend it. […]

All That’s Wrong With Education Technology Conferences (and You Can’t Handle the Truth)

Education Technology Conference

Follow Simon at @connectedtchr Over the course of 2013 my school paid out a considerable sum for me to attend a range of Education Technology conferences. Unfortunately, I came back from all of them feeling largely dissatisfied and in some cases even “ripped off.” I am confident that others have had the exact same experience; […]

4 Engaging Ways to Breathe Life into Your School Staff Meetings


Are you feeling a bit like this cute, cute kitten? Are your eyes glazed over? Is that “kill me now” expression pulsating from every other face in the room? If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, there is every chance you might be stuck in another agonising, inefficient and time-zapping staff […]

Incorporating Training Concepts for Better Learning


Angel Ramos is an excellent instructor, but he is not a professional educator. He motivates his clients to learn and grow measurably, but he is not an educator. Angel is impacting the long-term quality of peoples’ lives, but he is not an educator. Angel Ramos is an accomplished and popular trainer at Xsport Fitness, where […]

“Making” as Meaningful Professional Development

Engaging in the "Let's Try It" Approach

When was the last time you attended a conference or professional development opportunity and spent the entire time learning? Maybe your answer to that question is “never” but after attending Constructing Modern Knowledge (CMK) this past week, I can thankfully say, “a few days ago!” CMK is truly a meaningful professional development experience and one […]

Five Best US Computer Science Programs in 2013

Computer Science

Over the past fifty years, computer science has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy as well as in academia. In response to the economic crisis, more students than ever are looking for a relatively safe career field that can promise them a decent income. As such, choosing the best computer science […]