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Games For SchoolThere is no doubt that the gaming industry is huge, but with sales of $18.58 billion last year the industry overall is down 5% on 2009 figures. One of the theories behind the drop is the huge bloom of online and mobile games that are taking away customer focus.

When we originally created this list nearly 10 years ago, there were only Flash animation games available.  They were fun, and taught many subjects.  But oh, how have times changed! Today there are SO MANY great educational games for all levels – middle school, grade school, high school – they all are covered.

Best Educational Games For Kids At School Or Home


fun math games for kids


Little Alchemy 2

Little AlchemyNew and improved from the original Little Alchemy on our old list – but still as addictive!  This simple game will have you trying more and more combinations of “elements” to see what you can create.

Not as animated or graphically advanced as other games for school, Little Alchemy is still totally addictive. Following a very simple concept, students are given four base elements (water, fire, earth, air) with which to create new ones. For example, water + fire gives you the new element of steam. Yes, sounds simple, but you’ll just keep wanting to see what else can be made.

Alchemy screenshot   –   Liitle Alchemy game link







What games for school do your students enjoy? Drop a comment and we can grow this list.


Images courtesy of Flickr, Kreative Eye – Dean McCoy


    1. Not too sure on plays per month, but Cargo Bridge is currently on of the most popular games in the Chrome Web Store. It has 632,000 users which is higher than Evernote, Picasa and Google Reader.

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