Gift Guide To The Best Toys For 2 Year Old Girls

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It’s fun to shop for gifts for two year old girls. They are finally old enough where their personality is showing, and you can make some choices based on their interests. It wasn’t that long ago that they couldn’t communicate, and you were essentially guessing at what they liked and disliked.

This does depend on you being luckily enough to know your 2 year old amiga well. It becomes a little more difficult if you don’t have the chance to spend much time with them to get their know their likes and dislikes..

Luckily for you, we’ve put in hours of work coming up with a series of age-appropriate gift guides to help you out.  Girls and boys this age are full of questions – about the world, life, and almost everything else.   We’ve selected the top toys this season for young girls, and broken them out farther by age.  While we have our best picks, any of these toys should bring a smile to your special two-year-old’s face.

Quick Rundown: The Top Toys For Two Year Olds

Designed by experts and backed by researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital to help 2 year olds learn by doing what they do best - play & explore their world!

This toy tea set is good enough to eat off of - literally! Made of FDA-approved for food-contact materials, your daughter can play pretend and be safe at the same time.


  • Can buy as a one-off gift, or get a subscription to keep the learning experience going month after month.
  • Each month provides helpful tips for parents to promote healthy childhood development in their 2 year old
  • Subscription ensures learning continues throughout the year – after some Christmas toys have long been forgotten on the shelf.
  • Easy to pause or stop a subscription.


  • You need to have some time to spend doing the activities with your 2 year old girl.  They aren’t hands-off in nature.
  • The crates are somewhat expensive, but very reasonable when bought with a coupon or on sale.  Check back if it’s not on sale today.

The Panda Crate is a unique gift for your 2 year old girl.  It’s a toy subscription that changes month-to-month.  The focus for children at this age is on learning activities along with play that’s just for fun.  All of it is backed by research from a team at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital.

Each crate contains activities for children at separate developmental stages.  There are prebuilt toys, projects to work on with your little girl, and a board book for you and your kid to read together.  It’s a great gift for a 2 year old because the subscription means they will be getting new and interesting toys to play with throughout the year.


  • Will keep young children entertained for hours on end. It’s fun.
  • girls love to grab, smack and chew on the many arms. This is great for building their hand-eye coordination.
  • It is soft, durable, and washable. Your 2 year old should outgrow this toy well before the toy begins to age.


  • Some children become so attached to it, you’ll have trouble on your hands if you lose it.
  • Not much value for most children over one to two years old.

This is hands-down the favorite affordable toys for 2 year old girl by the staff at Fractus Learning. Hanging from the handle of you car seat, the Whoozit quickly becomes a member of your family. In my family we named ours ‘Mr. Hands’ – other staffers had different names for this cute toy.
It’s a wonderful toy for hand-eye coordination – infants love to grab and move the soft, smiling character to hear the rattle sound it makes. It’s also chew-able, and strong enough to take sibling punishment from multiple children over the years. We kept our same toy for all three of our kids.
If you don’t know whether your little girl has this gift already or not – go ahead and buy it. It’s a thoughtful gift, and no one really minds have an extra around. girls become attached to the smiling face, and it can be an minor crisis issue if you misplace this toy for any amount of time.

Helps To Develop: Motor Skill Development, Exploration, Fun


  • Made in the USA of BPA-free, recycled milk jugs.
  • Easy to clean – it’s dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze!
  • Your 2 year old girl will build both fine and gross motor skills playing with this set.
  • Great for tub play as well.
  • Built to last for years of play.


  • You pay extra for the Earth-friendly construction.

If your young ::age:: girl is looking for a toy tea set to go along with tea time, the Green Toys Tea Set is a great choice.  she can play while being nice to the environment at the same time.  You see, these tea cups, pots, plates, creamer and sugar bowl are all made of food-grade recycled materials.  This is awesome because it means you can actually drink from the set without worrying about hot water melting plastic or leeching and undesirable chemicals.

This tea set is wonderful. The toy items are sturdy while still being small enough for little hand’s to easily handle. It is safe to eat and drink from, washes easily, and quite resistant to scratches and blemishes.  Some people aren’t aware that toy manufacturers now have to put little holes to prevent suffocation in any toy  a young girl might jam in their mouth.  The sugar bowl is the one in this set with the holes – so if you pour a powder in the bowl, it won’t stay there!

These cups are kid-sized, not doll-sized – so they’ll be able to drink more than a sip when playing make-believe.  It’s one of the best tea sets out there for kids!


  • Made in the USA.
  • Easy to store – just fold it up and put it away
  • Constructed of hard plastic for years of use.
  • Great for 2 year old girls that weigh up to 50 lbs.
  • Quick assembly time.
  • Made for both inside and outside play.


  • The more adventurous children among us may become bored with this slide as they get older.
  • More expensive than no-name branded slides.  You pay for the Little Tykes brand quality.

Sometimes the weather isn’t good enough to take your child out for playground fun.  With the Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide you can bring the outside fun indoors!  This toy is portable – just fold the slide up and easily move it indoors or out.

It’s sturdy enough that you don’t need to worry about your girl tipping this toy over on accident.  There’s a wide base and a low center of gravity.  The sides of the stairs are a perfect handrail for little hands.  Stuffed animals like riding this slide almost as much as little girls!


  • There’s nothing better for gaining balance skills to prepare for a “big-girl” bike.
  • Looks very similar to bikes ridden by Mom and Dad.
  • Provides age-appropriate mobility so she can explore the world.
  • No flat tires and limited moving parts make for easy maintenance for parents.
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills for your 2 year old.


  • Not everyone loves the ride of no-air tires due to harder ride.
  • The foot rest may rub against the smallest riders feet and ankles depending on their form.

A balance bike is a great choice for your girl that has places to be! Unlike many tricycle or regular bikes, balance bikes don’t have pedals.  Instead, kids use their feet to push around “Flintstones-style”.  This is much easier for a 2 year old to master, and helps to quickly develop the balance skills needed to graduate to a regular bicycle.
This bike is adjustable so your child will be able to use it as girl ages. she will likely move to a real bike long before outgrowing this toy.

This model is especially nice because of it’s low center of gravity – it’s easier to control.  Most children over 6 will be too big for this balance bike, but it will depend on the height and skill of the individual girl.  Each child grows differently.


  • Provides sturdy support as your 2 year old begins to learn to walk.
  • Colorful construction and entertaining lights and sounds make it a great toy on it’s own.
  • Very easy assembly will get your girl up and playing in no time.
  • Wheels add traction on almost any indooor surface – including wood floors and carpets.


  • Does every toy have to have lights and sounds  :)
  • The phone is small enough that it’s VERY easy to lose.  Keep an eye on it.

Build those motor skills and have fun at the same time!  Your 2 year old girl can find she balance and get up and walking while using this toy. It’s not just a walker, but also a stand-alone toy when you remove the play panel from the wheels.  There are bright colors, a wide variety of animals and shapes and other distractions for your 2 year old to have a blast! There’s even a phone – no rotary dial on this model like you might remember from your childhood though.

Once your 2 year old girl is mobile, this walker really shines.  It’s easy to push and provides nice support as she begins the journey to walking.  There are two settings on the wheels so if it’s moving too fast or slow for their age, make the necessary adjustments.  Do remember the batteries to power all the lights and sounds – unless you need a break of course!



  • This plush toy is SOFT….REALLY soft!  Your 2 year old will love holding it.
  • The animation will keep your young child entertained for a long time.
  • It’s a great gift your girl will remember as she grows up.


  • There isn’t a lot of variety in the song (there’s only one) – but children at this age don’t seem to mind.
  • It’s only surface washable due to the electronics.

Every child LOVES a stuffed animal, and the Baby GUND Flora The Bunny is the top toys for 2 year old girls for a reason.  To begin with, it’s really soft.  Your young one will absolutely love to hug and snuggle with Flora because of the way it feels.

Since it’s made by GUND, there’s 120 years of tradition and craftsmanship at work that you can see in this toy.  They know how to make safe toys for infants – and the Flora The Bunny toy doesn’t disappoint.

Once you flip the switch, Flora comes to life.  There are two modes your infant girl will come to adore.  The first is a game of interactive “Peek-A-Boo”.  No child this age can resist peek-a-boo, and Flora is very good at playing it.  If her other foot is pressed, the bunny will sing a cute rendition of “Do Your Ears Hang Low.”  She’ll also move her ears – your kid will love it.

In fact, the only real downside to this toy is you’ll eventually know all the words by heart because most children don’t tire of repeating the play and song, over and over.  Luckily, it’s not TOO loud.


  • Very young girls will love the colors, and love the teething capabilities more as they age.
  • It excites many senses – sight, sound and touch.
  • Enough chewing variety that it’ll become the go-to teething toy for your girl.


  • Some infants prefer a harder surface when teething

Once your little girl is over 3 months old, these rattling teethers will become a staple in the toy rotation.  girl’ll be able to shake it to make sound while exploring the many different textures in this toy.  There’s soft cloth on the outside, and the bright colors will keep your 2 year old’s attention.  The noise will enthrall your newborn as well.
The First Years Baby Rattle is the perfect size for an infant’s small hands.   Eventually you’ll want to get a hard-plastic teething ring as well, since different pains require different surfaces.  But since this toy is soft and lightweight, it’s a great rattle for day-to-day use.  There’s not much chance of your 2 year old hurting themselves with this toy.

Helps To Develop: Motor Skill Development, Fun, Teething Relief


  • Molded-design means no assembly time – and makes it really easy to clean.
  • Built for toddlers – so safety is a primary concern
  • Doesn’t make a ton of noise + a lot of fun for your little girl? What’s not to love!
  • Made in the USA.


  • While rated for 50 lbs, your child will likely outgrow it before that.
  • Does a rocking horse really need an Alexa skill enabled?

This classic toy is brought into the 21st century!  The Little Tykes Rocking Horse is given a modern look but still retains it’s spectacularly simple design.  The entire horse is made in one color, with soft edges to prevent injuries from inevitable falls and spills. It looks really cool too!

It’s made of a high-quality, hardy plastic that should mean your girl will outgrow this rocking horse before it begins to show signs of age.  The rocking angle isn’t as steep as a toy for older kids – and that’s the way you want it for your 2 year old.

You can take this toy outside or play with inside – it’s made for both.  The simple construction means it’s easy to clean, which is why it’s one of the best toys for 2 year old girl.


  • Self-propelled nature of toy both builds up muscle development and helps to burn off energy in your 2 year old.
  • While relatively easy to use, there is some skill needed to spin fast. This helps to keep the replay value high.
  • In simplest terms: Most girls think it’s really fun to spin.


  • Really only appropriate for girls who can move about on their own – so you’ll need to judge if your child is ready.
  • Not every kid likes to get dizzy. Most parents don’t like to clean up after children that don’t like to get dizzy.  :)

The Playskool Sit ‘n Spin is a fun toy geared towards girls developed enough to sit up on their own.  Children control their speed through their own arm power, which both allows them to control the speed and burn off tons of energy at the same time. This is especially helpful when kids are cooped up inside during winter months without many outlets for pent-up ::gender::-power.  While it’s simple, it is extremely fun.  It’s definitely one of the best toys for 2 year old girl.

This isn’t a new toy – I played with and loved one of these as a child myself. They last for many years, and kids will play with them from the pre-2 age all the way up to 6-7 years old.

Helps To Develop: Hand-Eye Coordination, Motor Skill Development, Cause and Effect


  • This is one of the best toys for 2 year old girls to develop fine motor skills.
  • It’s a great enabler for imaginative play which is important at this age.
  • Multiple modes mean high replay value.


  • Not the most durable toy around.  It’s meant to be kept on the floor, and can break if dropped from a table or high chair.
  • Steering wheel too small for older kids.

Honk!Honk!  The VTech Turn and Learn Driver will keep your little girl immersed in an imaginary driving world of fun!

This toy isn’t just about the driving.   Sure, they can pretend to drive, but there is more as well.  girl’ll pretend to drive using the steering wheel, causing the adorable dog character to move back and forth on the toy. There are five buttons that enable over 60 different songs and words about animals and driving.  Even the turn signal gets in on the act – pull on it and your child will get a light and sound display.

The wheel and handles are all sized right for little kid hands.  Your 2 year old will sit on the floor for hours playing with this toy – and you’ll have fun watching!  If you grow tired of one set of noises – switch it to another of the settings to get some variety.


  • Large selection of instruments means more hours of play and exploration for your 2 year old.
  • Multiple toys enable sharing and playing with others.
  • Builds hand-eye coordination which is important at this age.
  • Very reasonably priced for what you get.


  • You and your 2 year old girl’s idea of “music” are sure to differ. Prepare yourself with earplugs beforehand. :)

Twenty-four months is the earliest most girls express interest in playing with musical instruments. Satisfy that creative curiosity with this set of musical instruments. You’ll get maracas, a xylophone, blocks, a drum and sleigh bells with this set.  You’ll also appreciate the carrying bag – it’s great to store the instruments when needed, and will come in handy when you take them for a play date or overnight trip.
The wide range of instruments give your 2 year old a chance to explore different sounds and styles of musical play. The variety also helps to prevent toy boredom and burnout. As your young girl ages and begins to socialize more, having numerous instruments available provides an easy means to share with other children.

Helps To Develop: Creative Expression, Hand-Eye Coordination, Musical Curiosity


  • Double sports focus will keep your 2 year old girl entertained for longer.
  • Provides an age-appropriate level of challenge so it’s a fun experience for your child.
  • Great early introduction to some organized sports.
  • Won’t break the bank – great gift for well under $50.


  • While there are 50 rotating phrases used by this toy, it won’t feel like that many to you as the parent.
  • It’s not a toy that will grow with your girl toddler.

This multisport setup will satisfy even the most demanding junior jock. Containing both a basketball hoop and a soccer net, your 2 year old child will enjoy hours of play while building up their motor skills and coordination.
Most girls love the bright lights and sounds of the scoreboard.  There’s a ton of praise being given through the electronic speakers as well.   It’s easy to pretend play about shooting the winning goal in front of a huge crowd with the electronic encouragement this toy provides.

Helps To Develop: Motor-Skill Development, Hand-Eye Coordination, Focus


  • Great toy to inspire imaginatively and role-playing for girls.
  • Big enough for 2 year old children to play with but stores easily.
  • Perfect for playdates – many kids can comfortably play together at once.
  • Solid construction means this should outlast your child’s interest in it.


  • You will need to assemble this toy. Be prepared with a power drill to save yourself time and anguish.
  • You might notice the lack of counter space – your child probably could care less!

Most 2 year olds are fascinated by the kitchen, and how it’s the realm of “big people”. Now you can get your child their own pretend kitchen to work and play in!

This play-set comes with everything a young girl needs to play house.  There’s a playset, along with cookware, dishes and a recycle bin.  You’ll find 20 pieces when you buy this toy.

While role-play is very important to preschool children, you’ll also help develop their relationship skills since this kitchen is great for inviting friends to play.

Helps To Develop: Role Play, Imagination, Social Play


  • Easy to assemble – it comes shipped in 3 pieces so not complicated.
  • girls learn to balance themselves in a relatively safe manner.
  • As long as it’s used on level ground, these will allow for exploration at safe but fun speeds.
  • Balance bikes are great at building strength and muscle control in 2 year old kids.  Great fun!


  • When you first introduce the toy, it may take a little while for a child to figure out what exactly to do with it. Don’t sweat it – most take less than a day to get going.
  • You’ll need to keep an eye on your 2 year old girl when she is playing with this toy.

The YGJT Baby Balance Bike is a great way to get your baby girl up and moving fast.  Unlike many tricycle or regular bikes, balance bikes don’t have pedals. Instead, children use their feet to push around “Flintstones-style”. This is much easier, and helps to quickly develop balance skills in pre-toddlers.

This model is designed for those under twenty-four months of age.  That means it puts child safety first and foremost.  To begin, this toy has four wheels rather than the normal two on other balance bikes.  Your girl won’t have to actually balance the bike – she’ll just need to concentrate on their own balance.   In addition the steering is limited to only 135 degrees – meaning it’s much harder to tip than a normal balance bike.

It’s really good for helping to develop motor skills and balance in girl, along with hand-eye coordination.


  • Toys provides the durability and stability of wood construction
  • Every cube face has a new activity to play with – like 5 toys in one.
  • Colorful toy will keep your 2 year old entertained for hours at a time!
  • Expect this toys for 2 year old girl to be one handed down to future children in your family.


  • It’s a pretty sizable cube; you’ll need some space to store this toy in your playroom.
  • Some of the toys on the sides aren’t for the youngest children – they won’t know what to do with them.

You’ve probably seen similar cubes at dentist and doctor offices in the past – but this cube is yours! This farm-themed wooden activity cube is not only 5 different toys in one; it’s also a great toy for your girl to pull themselves up as they learn to stand and walk.  It’s very solidly made – it’s a heavy toy since it’s made of wood.   Most 2 year old kids will have fun developing their motor skills as they open doors, move beads up and around poles and interact with a multitude of other activities built-in to this cube.

Some of the sides are meant for slightly older children – you may have to get involved and show your younger child how to use them depending on their age.  They will grow into the activities over time.  Little hands will get a great workout grasping and moving pieces all around the cube.


  • Your child will really like sitting in this for a long time – so you’ll get more outside mobility for yourself.
  • Builds creativity and role play skills, along with helping to increase motor skills.
  • Pink and purple color is pretty cool – other choices available if pink isn’ your girl’s jam.


  • Some assembly required.  A hammer, pliers and screwdriver make the process much easier.
  • Plastic wheels are sturdy, but not as comfy a ride as rubber ones.

A great year-round toy for your young girl!  The Push Around Buggy GT is perfect for children that want to pretend they are driving on the open road.  You’ll easily be able to steer them in the right direction with the sturdy attached handle.  It’s comfortable shape means you’ll have no trouble keeping them moving in the direct YOU want them to go.  The handle is easily-removal for transporting this toy in your “real” car.

The car comes equipped with a seat belt built-in to the molded seat.  This will keep your 2 year old safely confined within the car.  If you end up making a bad “driving” decision, expect to hear your child hit the horn to let you know!

There’s a built-in cupholder to keep a sippy-cup handy, and storage space under the hood for keeping snacks and other supplies.


  • A versatile tent structure with 4 tunnels, 2 tepee tents, and 2 square tents.
  • Setting it up is easy and is stored in the storage bag included in the package.


  • Tie-downs could break with aggressive tunnel crawling by older kids.

Toddlers would love playing in the UTEX 8 in 1 Play Tent with the connected tents and tunnels. It’s almost like a little village or a maze. Four tunnels connect two square houses and two tents. Build it in a square or a line or connect only a few pieces.

There are enough openings for ventilation or to climb in or out. The tepee tent has a window and a door, and the square house’s opening is on the roof. Hours of imaginative play and adventurous games will take place inside the tunnels and tents.

No tools needed to set up the structure. The play tent for kids meets ASTM-F963 safety standards and CA 65


  • German engineering means you should expect a high-quality constructed product.
  • Shapes aren’t all cubes, so there’s a push towards creative expression when playing. It’ll develop some beginner engineer skills to stack some of these block toys!
  • Your little girl will play with these for years to come. High replay value.


  • These have some heft, so make sure to supervise play with these toys when used by 2 year olds and infants.
  • There are cheaper sets available; we like these because the company has a reputation for quality and isn’t likely using dangerous paints or additives in the toy design.

These wooden block toys  will allow your 2 year old girl to express their budding creativity. The HABA Wooden Mod Blocks have some mass to them, which helps in building both coordination and strengthening motor skills.  They are best suited to use on a smooth surface.
The colors and patterns on the wood are very vibrant. The shapes are non-traditional so your girl will have to think a bit outside the box when using them to play make believe . You’ll be amazed at the different worlds your child can build from these simple wooden blocks. While the 21 blocks are enough to play with solo, you can expand the set with other blocks so your child can play with friends.

Helps To Develop: Creative Expression, Hand-Eye Coordination, Motor Skill Development
Clipboard Toy List

Our Process For Selecting The Best Toys And Gifts For 2 year old girls

We spend weeks writing all of our toy review and gift guides. We know you rely on our input, and we take that trust seriously.   Our writers and editors have spent approximately 27 hours researching and testing the most popular toys for 2 year old girls that you can find on the market in June 2022. 

All of this time and resources are spent to bring this toy guide to you – we’ve put in the time to make sure our recommendations are ones you can trust.

We also update these lists daily.  That’s because we don’t want to provide you with toys that are no longer in-stock – a gift you can’t buy isn’t worth much to you, no matter how cool it might be.  We have reviewed many more toys than we list in this guide – and many of them are good but not quite as great as the ones that made the cut. 

As toys move in and out of stock, the list will change.  We want this list to help you get the best toys you can for your 2 year old this Holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toys for Two-Year-Old Girls

What is the best toy for a two-year-old girl?

The best toys for your two-year-old girls are the type of toy she likes. Even at such a young age, your little toddler girl is selective. Her character and behavioral traits may help you finding her the best gift. If she likes paging her picture books and enjoys it when you read to her stories, then a new book may be the best gift toy for your two-year-old girl. If she prefers cuddly toys or dolls, then she’ll be happy with another soft toy or doll.

If you don’t know the little girl well enough to know what she likes, buy a toy for the recommended age. An open-ended toy is a toy that she can play with in different ways and won’t bore her. Little girls like to pretend-play with dolls, toy foods, dress-up, and other imaginative toys. A great gift may be a creative toy for two-year-old girls that stimulates her, a toy which she may continue playing with next year.

What is the difference between toys for two-year-old girls and boys?

As toddlers, there’s not much difference in milestones or development skills for boys and girls. Therefore, the type of toys that stimulate and strengthen the development skills of your two-year-old girl may also encourage a two-year-old boy. Most toys for toddlers are recommended for an age range up to three-years-old. Toys you bought last year are still age-appropriate for this year.

Some research indicated that girls might be more mature in their emotional development than boys. Girls tend to play with toys like dolls that help them express their emotions in pretend play. Dolls, dress-up clothes, and toys that replicate adult items are examples of imaginative toys. Boys also like to pretend play mimicking their superheroes, dad, firemen, and so forth. Imaginative toys that stimulate their pretend play may help boys to understand and help them express their emotions.

The most significant difference between toys for two year old girls and boys is the visual aspect. Most toys that come in pink are also available in blue and other colors. Although most girls like pink, not all do. Some like blue, red, yellow, or purple, for example. The same with boys and manufacturers realize this. Therefore, they bring out toys for two-year-olds in a variety of colors to satisfy your child and mom when she decorates her little girl’s room.

Is it essential to buy toys with sound and lights for my little girl?

Toys with sounds may be fun for a two-year-old but aren’t necessary for the grownups. It could become noisy. How important is it to buy toys with sound and light for my little girl, or could we avoid noisy toys?

It’s more important to buy your two-year-old a toy that stimulates her intellectually than choosing between toys with or without sounds and lights. The best intellectual toys for your two-year-old girl would be toys that involve and strengthen her critical thinking skills, her vocabulary, and evaluation skills.

You may want to skip sound toys altogether, but toys that speak to your little girl, however, are great toys to stimulate intellectual development. Some of the best toys for developing her vocabulary and critical thinking are toys that ask open-ended questions. It allows her to think about the answer instead of simply saying yes or no.

Open-ended toys encourage your little girl’s imaginative play. These toys are designed to stimulate her to discover new ways to play with the toy as she develops skills and reaches milestones. Some open-ended toys may have lights and sound, but it isn’t a prerequisite.

Am I too early or too late to start buying educational toys for my little girl?

You may not be thinking of your baby girl going to school, but it’s never too early to start with educational toys. Although there are educational toys for as young as four months old babies, it’s not too late either to give your two-year-old girl educational toys.

Educational toys help with your child’s mental and physical development. Kids as young as four months old begin to understand their environment and develop memory skills. Your two-year-old is developing critical thinking, vocabulary, and other milestone skills. Educational toys help her strengthen these skills. It is a fun way to prepare her for school. She gets a head start by exposing her to basic principles she will be learning at school. By the time she goes to school, these concepts are familiar to her, and it’s easier for her to learn new ideas. If she knows the basics, it builds confidence and helps her feel secure in her abilities in the strange new environment of the school.  

What is the best toy for any two-year-old girl?

A doll may be the obvious choice when buying a gift for a two-year-old girl. It isn’t always the easiest gift to buy because you don’t know what type of dolls the little girl likes or if she already has that kind of doll. They may be the exception, but some little girls prefer other types of toys to a doll. Even if the two-year-old doesn’t play with dolls that often, dolls make great decoration in her bedroom on a shelf or her bed. Dolls are good toys to collect too.  

Another gift that you can’t go wrong with is a book. Everyone loves a story, and two-year-old girls are no exception. Studies have shown introducing children to books may boost their intelligence. It also creates a love for books and inspires them to become lifelong readers. A survey by Fast Company showed that CEOs read about 5 books per month.

If you have favorite stories that you liked as a child, it may be an excellent book gift for your little niece or as a birthday gift for a two-year-old.

How much should I spend on a gift toy for a two-year-old girl?

You don’t have to spend a lot when buying the best gift for a two-year-old toddler. She doesn’t need many toys or expensive toys at this age. Your time will come when she may be demanding costly toys. For now, she will be happy with the type of toy she likes and a new storybook.

Even birthday gifts don’t have to be extravagant. Your two-year-old girl doesn’t care that much about quality or quantity. One toy that stimulates her imagination could entertain her for hours and become her favorite toy.

Too many gits at a birthday or Christmas may overwhelm your little girl. She won’t know what to do with all the toys. Instead, give her a few that she can play and enjoy to its full potential. You can always buy her a new toy when she outgrows her current toys.