Educational Apps

Educational AppsEver worried that with the vast variety of educational apps out there you may have missed something brilliant? Check out our gallery of little gems that might have (almost) slipped through your fingers!


1. Monster Physics

Monster Physics – Great for budding scientists and enquiring brains, this fantastic app, with bright and visually striking images, lets kids design their own machines and inventions using various pieces of physics equipment. A great way to explore tricky topics like gravity and forces!


2. Historypin

Historypin – This great innovative app is unlike almost any other. It allows users to explore the way the world looked over the centuries by finding photographs near to a user’s location and layering them over modern scene in front of them. Historypin provides a fascinating and whimsical window into the past for curious learners.


3. Doodle Tales

Doodle Tales – A great concept, this app simply and cleanly puts together illustration and storytelling to allow students to turn their own drawings into tales. This app has wide-ranging appeal – the stories and pictures can be as simple or as complex as you like, so it can be used from young children right through to teenagers. Pupils can use the exciting narration option to add speech to their stories.


4. King of Maths

King of Maths – This great maths app combines a wide variety of sums to practice, from division, multiplication, addition and subtraction to finding the area of shapes. In a great incentivised twist, kids start out as a low-level farmer and have to work their way up through the levels to become King of Maths!


5. My Spelling Test

My Spelling Test – This free app allows users to insert school spelling lists and record the words, before playing them back and testing themselves on the spellings. A great way to keep track of your child’s homework spellings whilst making homework interactive and fun!


6. Musical Me!

Musical Me! – Another lovely, simple app, this one aims to introduce young children to the major concepts of music, from notes, rhythm and pitch to the different types of instrument. A great, fun way for younger kids to explore music accompanied by a cartoon mouse!


7. Alphabet Plus

Alphabet Plus – A fantastic, free app, this one combines everything your child needs to learn the alphabet into four fun and easy games. The alphabet song helps with memory retention, whilst phonics and sound are also included for full learning potential.


8. Reward Chart

Reward Chart – Reward Chart is a great, interactive way to reward kids for their achievements, from educational attainments to daily chores. Brightly colored charts and fun medals and trophies help give kids incentives to fill in those stars!


9. Stack the Countries

Stack the Countries – This geography app helps give students an early appreciation of world geography and understand how countries fit together and where on the map they belong. The countries are brought to life with vibrant color and happy faces to help students remember where they go and who their neighbors are!


10. Green Planet 4 Kids

Green Planet 4 Kids – A great way for children to learn about the environment and important ways in which they can take simple steps to reduce climate change and keep an eye on their carbon footprint. App users follow the Eco family as they learn how to make small changes in their own home to become environmentally friendly.


What are your favourite educational apps? Are there any we’ve missed? Let us know below!


Images courtesy of Flickr, William Brawley, Mosman Library and Robert Couse-Baker


  1. Educreations, for sure. Makes demonstrating problem-solving and step-by-step cognitive processes a dream. Math becomes a playground! It is an IPad app with an accompanying website a teacher can configure for a specific class. And somehow the whole thing is free.

    1. Thanks for the tip Blakbuzzrd! Educreations is a real winner and the price certainly is right :)

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