11 Kids Desks for Hobbies, Learning and Fun

Encouraging kids to explore their creativity is crucial for their development. Children that spend their time staring at an iPad will not grow up into well-rounded individuals, so it is good to provide a place where your child can draw, write, color, and read. An easy way to do this is to explore a kid’s art desk for their bedroom or playroom.

Child-friendly desks and art tables are usually small enough to be tucked into a corner of a bedroom, a place to spend some quiet time drawing and coloring or writing stories. They are also useful places for kids to settle down and for older children to do homework. However, for now, the important thing is to choose a kid’s art table that is age-appropriate and with enough play space for your child to become engrossed in his or her favorite creative activities.

To help you choose a suitable desk for your child, here is a list of our favorite kids’ desks for younger children.

What makes a Kids Art Desk Great?

Buying children’s furniture can be challenging because adults can’t always test the small-sized kid’s tables and chairs. Here are characteristics and features to consider that make a kids’ art desk great.   

How and why the kids’ art table will be used will determine the type of table and chair set you need. A simple design works well for various activities and tasks; dedicated features may limit the usage. For example, a table with chairs for arts and crafts requires lots of storage space, whereas a table dedicated to learning and study needs features like a chalkboard surface or whiteboard to assist the kid. 

Some kids’ art tables and chairs come with plenty of storage and shelves or trays to hold art supplies. The storage compartment could be under the chair, attached to the table, or removable for storing contents in cupboards. A storage box, storage bench, plastic, and fabric storage bins are great additional storage options. They come in different shapes and sizes, so look for something that fits your kid’s needs. For painting, look for cups with lids, a table with a paper holder for drawing and doodling, built-in storage trays for smaller items, or a shelf for storing coloring books

Activity tables are primarily rectangular, square, or round to fit most spaces. An octagon or round table allows multiple kids access to the art supplies and work area; it teaches them to share and work together. Horseshoe and kidney-shaped tables are best for young children; the shape offers lots of workspaces and minimizes room for fidgeting. For a large group of kids, opt for square tables placed side by side. 

The kids’ art table should be big enough for the number of children using it at one time. There should be enough floor space for children to comfortably move around the activity table or at least effortlessly access the chairs. 

The table-top should be about eight inches higher than the chair seat and a comfortable height for your child’s length; children shouldn’t need to stretch or stoop to reach the table-top surface. Sitting on the chair, their feet should be flat on the floor with knees at a 90-degree angle. Select an age-appropriate kids’ art desk and chair set, or opt for a height-adjustable art table that grows with your kid. 

Consider the weight of the art desk if you need to carry it to different rooms or store the table after usage. The table shouldn’t be too light that it moves if children lean against it during activities. 

A kids’ art desk and chair set is generally made from laminated or high-quality plastic material that is easy to clean, safe for children, and durable. A wood table is more customizable to home style and decor; it could lose shape with moisture damage if not treated. Considering that toddlers play messy and love water, wood is a better option for older children. 

With the wide range of products available, including bright colors and themes, parents can find the ideal choice that is aesthetically pleasing and blends in with the child’s room furniture. 

An activity table for children should be safe. An art desk for toddlers and young kids must have a sturdy base with thick legs to support energetic toddlers; you don’t want the table toppling over. The kids’ art desk and chair should have smooth and round edges; children can hurt themselves against sharp edges. The material should be child-safe; wooden furniture must be sanded and sealed to avoid splinters harming the child.  

Top Kids Desk Ideas For Younger Children Compared

KidKraft Wooden Art Table With Drying Rack
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Step2 Flip And Doodle Desk With Stool Easel
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Alex Toys Super Art Table With Paper Roll Kids Art Supplies
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Alex Artist Studio My Art Desk Kids Art Supplies
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Step2 Creative Projects Table
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Step2 Great Creations Art Center
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VIVO Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair
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Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk
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Best 11 Art Desks For Toddlers And Kids Reviewed

Overall Best Kids Art Desk: KidKraft Wooden Art Table With Drying Rack

The KidKraft Wooden Art Table With Drying Rack and storage bins are our editor’s pick. The art table has all the features a child needs and wants on a kids’ art desk. Easy to clean, the modern table has plenty of storage space, easy access to art supplies, a drying rack, a roll of art paper, and enough tabletop work area for little ones.

One of the best features of this kid-friendly design is the dowel rods on the sides for hanging finished art projects to dry. It’s out of the way and frees up the tabletop space for the next drawing. Hanging their artwork to dry also teaches children the process of keeping working surfaces clutter-free. 

Four open storage bins offer lots of storage for art supplies, and two sealable paint cups fit snugly in their slots, minimizing mess from dripping paint. Two storage compartments hold the crayons, markers, and pencils within reach to grab or put back. A paper roll is mounted to the bottom of the desk; it is easily accessed without being in your child’s way. The paper roll feeds through a slot and fastens to the tabletop with clamps for a secure work surface. A child turns the little wooden knob to feed the paper roll.   

Recommended for ages 3-8 years, the art table with storage measures 50 x 25.5 x 21 inches. The table-top surface is spacious enough for two kids to play and draw. The table is high enough for two chairs to fit under it, giving kids the option to stand or sit.  

Best Kids Art Easel And Desk: Step2 Flip And Doodle Desk With Stool Easel

The Step2 Flip And Doodle Desk WIth Stool is a versatile art center for painting at the art easel board or transforming it into an art desk. With the options to stand at the easel or flip it down, there’s no limit to a child’s creativity and means to express their fun ideas standing at the easel or sitting at the desk.

The built-in storage bins and molded-in trays store all the additional art supplies your budding artists needs for their paintings and drawings. The storage space at the back of the kids’ art desk is perfect for keeping coloring books, folders, and paper pads where it is easily accessed but out of the way of accidental spills. 

When flipped upwards, the magnetic dry-erase board has a paper clip to hold the paper while painting, drawing, or displaying the latest artwork. The 13 x 20 inches desk surface is large enough for all art projects, and the desk height ensures a comfortable posture when standing.   

Best Child’s Drawing Desk: Alex Toys Super Art Table With Paper Roll Kids Art Supplies

 The award-winning Alex Toys Super Art Table for children with its chalkboard surface is perfect for arts and crafts projects and a fun place for study time. This art play table for kids features plenty of space, two benches, a built-in paper dispenser with paper roll, and storage for supplies.

The art center won Dr. Toys 100 Best Children’s Products award, NAPPA Gold Seal award, and Openheim Toy Portfolio’s Platinum award. The art table is an excellent addition to a child’s bedroom, play area, daycare, or classroom; it will withstand time, made from sturdy wood construction and durable plastic. Designed for children age 6 – 10 years, the activity table is sturdy and child-friendly.

A paper roll holder hangs underneath the desk, and the 100 feet paper roll is included in the package. A child can easily unroll a piece of paper and cut it to its desired length with the paper cutter on the table-top.

The kids’ art table and chair set assemble effortlessly by following the included instructions. After parents prepared the surface by chalking up and wiping it, children have a chalkboard table-top for homework or more fun kids table activities. A canvas storage bin and three removable storage cups hold all the supplies keeping the surface free for play. The table and bench set is one of the best desks for kids that enjoy creative variety. 

Best Toddler’s Art Desk: Alex Artist Studio My Art Desk Kids Art Supplies

Winner of the NAPPA Gold Seal Award, the Alex Artist Studio My Art Desk, with its star design and bright pink color, is an excellent desk for toddlers and young girls. The easel for kids can adjust at an angle or be used flat as a desktop. 

Find the perfect spot for the toddler table for your kid to express their creativity with drawing, painting, doodling, or coloring masterpieces. The flexible drawing surfaces will inspire them more; the 3-in-1 design offers a kid three choices, a chalkboard surface, a paper roll, and a tilted easel. Although adult assembly is required, your kid can safely adjust the easel angle by themselves without pinching fingers.

A paper roll holder underneath the top holds a 75-foot roll of art paper that rolls out as needed. The paper cutter also functions as a rest on the table-top preventing pencils and crayons from rolling off the desktop. The design feature includes four recessed storage cups keeping crayons, pencils, and painting supplies within reach, and the storage bench provides additional storage under the seat. Made from hardwood, the durable construction can support your child’s weight and is sturdy to last a while. The product size measures 3.9 x 26 x 34.1 inches, ideal for the age three years and up. 

Best Kids Activity Table For Sharing: Step2 Creative Projects Table

 The Step2 Creative Projects Table is an excellent choice for two kids to play together and enjoy art time with each other. The colorful red and blue kid-friendly art table and chairs set is a simple design that offers plenty of storage. 

The supporting base forms a storage box on both sides of the table to store toys, books, files, and paper pads. Four removable storage cups hold removable craft supplies for easy storage in cupboards. The molded tray in the center panel can carry painting supplies and items your kid wants within reach; it’s at a comfortable height for young children. The storage shelf is movable to accommodate the number of kids at the toddler table. Keep the shelf in the center for two kids to have access or push it to the other end of the table to provide more drawing space. 

Easy to assemble, the product dimensions are 39 x 26.5 x 32 inches; the table size and height are recommended for 3-8 years. The plastic table and chair set are sturdy and durable. 

Best Art Desk For Versatility: Step2 Great Creations Art Center

The 360-degree Step2 Great Creations Art Center is the perfect art table for social interactive play and kids to develop fine motor skills with the multiple mediums available. Fully equipped, the kids’ creative art station provides various storage opportunities (art supplies excluded).

Whether your children enjoy drawing, painting, or doodling, they can express their masterpieces at the art station. The art center design features a spacious desk, a built-in bench supporting 75 pounds, and a two-sided easel; on the one side is a chalkboard and on the other side is a whiteboard with dry-erase markers. 

The sturdy plastic construction cleans easily and has plenty of storage to keep the top neat and organized. The storage containers feature shelves, trays, and a removable supply caddy for various types of supplies. Art supplies are within reach irrespective of the child’s spot; the removable trays and storage bins are easily replaced when the budding artists are done for the day. Molded-in hooks are perfect for hanging aprons, and two included art clips allow them to hang their artwork to dry and for display. 

Best Adjustable Kids Art Table: VIVO Height Adjustable Children’s’ Desk and Chair


The VIVO height adjustable kids desk and chair is a fully interactive workstation. The art table and chair are ergonomically designed to support good posture and prevent slouching. They both have a steel frame, so it is a solid piece of furniture for growing kids. The desk can be tilted for ease of use, and there is a pullout drawer where kids can store their pens, paper, and craft materials. There is also a metal hook for hanging things, which can be placed on either side of the desk.

Top First Art Desk For Young Children: Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk

Step2 Deluxe Art Master

The Step2 Deluxe Art Master is a fantastic workstation, kids desk, and chair set for budding artists and creative children to work on their artistic masterpieces. The desk is made from tough plastic for easy cleaning. There is a. large dry-erase work surface with storage beneath, various molded storage compartments for pens, paints, and other art supplies, a light, and storage bins at each side. The Deluxe Art Master is perfect for preschoolers and younger kids.

Best Portable Art Desk For Kids: Delta Children’s’ Chair Desk with Storage Bin

Delta Children’s’ Chair Desk with Storage Bin

The Delta Children’s Chair Desk is decorated with Frozen’s Elsa and her sister, Anna. Little girls will love this adorable kids’ desk (it is also available in a Mickey Mouse design). The desk is made from sturdy engineered wood and features a fabric storage bin for toys, plus a recessed cup holder. It is the perfect desk for toddlers transitioning from a high chair. They can sit in a comfortable chair to color, paint, read, and eat snacks. 

Tot Tutors Kids Table and Chairs

Tot Tutors Kids Table and Chairs

The Tot Tutors kids table and chair set is an excellent little desk for up to four children. The white table perfectly complements the four pastel-colored chairs in pink, blue, yellow, and green. Your child and her friends will have a ball enjoying craft activities, reading and writing stories, or imaginative play. The set is made from sturdy wood and is suitable for children aged three years and above.

Wild Zoo Furniture Childs’ Wooden Computer Desk

Wild Zoo Furniture Childs’ Wooden Computer Desk

The Wild Zoo Furniture wooden computer desk is big enough for two children to sit side-by-side comfortably. The solid wooden construction is perfect for kids aged 2-5. An optional cabinet and CPU/printer stand is available as an add-on.

If you have an even better kids desk in your home, let us know in the comments section.

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