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I am just going to put it out there and say that Prezi is one of my all time favorite tools for work and for play. Simple, fun, free and with an endless number of uses in the digital classroom, the tool is now a favorite of many teachers around the globe.

Being the most popular course on Fractus Learning Online Training and boasting over 5 million users, Prezi is indeed a favorite in and out of education. So, what are some different ways that educators are using the tool in the digital classroom? Here are five Prezis that exemplify great uses of Prezi to enhance your presentations, engage your class and further your professional development.


Prezi In The Digital Classroom

Prezent ideas

Prezi is a sensational tool for getting your ideas across. The flow and open feel of Prezi both engages and immerses your audience. This level of engagement is hard to replicate with other presentation tools. So next time you need to present to your school or share ideas at a conference give Prezi a go.


Prezent A Lesson

It is very interesting how the exact same information can be presented to students, but the format, delivery and medium can make all the difference. Prezi is a great way to quickly and easily give your lessons some personality and life.


Prezent Yourself

Multimedia resumés are becoming more and more common when applying for work or promoting yourself. Try taking your Word formatted resumé and turning it into a “Presumé” that will most certainly make you stand out among the rest.


Prezent Visuals

Because of the very visual nature of the Prezi canvas, content does need to focus around text and paragraphs. Image driven Prezis can be among the best and are a great way to present and engage younger audiences.


Prezent a Quiz

A novel idea, but one that is sure to get more sparks of interest than a standard quiz. Try putting together a Prezi of trivia or Q&A where students can join in with the presentation. Or encourage students to create and present their own with Prezi U for education.


What ways are you using Prezi in the digital classroom? And have you found it engages your audience better than other presentation tools?


  1. I have used prezis to create photo quizzes where students categorize the photos and information to solve a problem. I tell them that all of the facts are linked together, but they have to figure out the connections.

    1. Love the idea! Prezi really lends itself to working with images and photos. I can imagine that one goes down well in class.

    1. Hi JT,
      The embed codes were outdated, so each Prezi was not linking. They’re now updated :) Thanks for the heads up!

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