10 Great Tools for Tech Savvy Teachers

Laura is a writer and recent Cambridge graduate with particular experience in the area of education technology. She has worked with a variety of different education companies and is active in the 'edtech' community on Twitter, so she prides herself on always being in touch with the latest developments and exciting new tools in e-learning.


A fantastic tool to liven up presentations, Prezi does away with traditional, crowded slides by allowing you to zoom in and out, so you can create an entire presentation on one slide and guide your audience through it step-by-step. Zoom in to the details, but zoom out to show how your ideas fit together as a whole.



Edmodo turns your classroom into an online community by providing you with a secure online social learning environment. Imagine Facebook for the classroom and you’re almost there. You can securely add your students and colleagues and upload and share assignments and responses with them online.


That Quiz

A great, simple-to-use online tool for creating your own quizzes on the topics your students are working on. Or you can take advantage of thousands of great educational quizzes already uploaded. It offers great flexibility, with the opportunity to select the number of questions, time allowed and more.


Crossword Puzzle Maker

A fantastic, fun resource to engage your class; particularly useful with language, vocabulary and spelling or complex definitions for subjects like science. You simply type in the clues and solutions and the program does the rest, magically producing a fun crossword puzzle for your students!



A simple, online program for creating your own animations. Useful for creating animations to illustrate a complex topic to your class, to help them grasp the concepts and how they interconnect. Also fantastic for encouraging students to express themselves by making their own animations.


Flashcard DB

Free online tool for making your own flashcards, which students can then use in an online test format. Quick and easy to create, you can modify speed and time to suit your students as they practice.


Collaborize Classroom

A free collaborative education platform for students and teachers. Set, receive and grade assignments online and connect with your students in and outside the classroom.


Certificate Street

A great resource for creating individual, personalised certificates and awards to inspire and encourage your students by celebrating their achievements. Fantastic, professional looking certificates, with lots of templates to choose from and the option to modify them to suit your class’s specific needs.


Simple Booklet

Create a free online book with text, images, audio and more. A great way to get students involved in creating a varied, lasting project they can be proud of. Easy to share online and spread to engage with parents, other educators and students.


Think Quest

An online learning community that supports the integration of technology into the curriculum. Most excitingly, it allows collaboration on projects with other teachers and learners around the world!


What are your favourite edtech resources? Share them with us and with other teachers using the comments box below!


Prezi presentation photo courtesy of Flickr, preetamrai

Crossword picture courtesy of Flickr, CrosswordMan

Illustration for ebook courtesy of Flickr, Senor Codo

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