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Blogging is a huge part of the education technology movement – a great way for schools to connect and share what’s happening, and a fantastic resource for teachers to pass on exciting new resources and techniques. (See our earlier post, ‘7 Must Read Blogs for Teachers’) But what about students? Encouraging students to get involved in the process of blogging can be hugely beneficial in a number of different ways. First and foremost, it helps them to practice their writing technique, forming different types of posts to address different audiences and tackle different topics. This allows them to learn the techniques of writing to persuade, advise, argue and many other important writing styles.

But blogging also gives students a fabulous outlet for their creativity – from writing their own stories and poems to jazzing up their blog theme with colours and pictures and learning how to embed videos and links using code. It’s also a fantastic way for students to reach out and connect with others, including children from their own peer group and even students around the world.

To give your students some inspiration, here are 10 fantastic and very different student blogs written by young people just like them!


Student Blogs

1. Alexandra’s Blog

Alexandra is an eighth grade student who uses events from her life and things she’s learning about at school to inspire her blog posts.


Hagan's World of Awesome

2. Hagan’s World of Awesome

At just six years old, Hagan is a great inspiration for younger bloggers. He loves to take photographs and uses lots and lots of them in his blogs to tell his readers about what he has been up to!


3. Thinking About

This great blog by sixth grader Ethan, from Arizona, is full of interesting posts about gaming, books, learning and life. Including great reviews of books Ethan has read recently and lots of embedded pictures and links.


4. Teegan’s Terrific Blog

13-year-old Teegan is from New Zealand and jazzes up her blog with competitions and games as well as descriptions of school sports matches and the lowdown on her favourite books.


Jordi's Joyful Yard

5. Jordi’s Joyful Yard

Great inspiration for students who want to blog about a particular hobby or a more specific topic, 10-year-old Jordi blogs about horse riding and includes pictures and videos about horses too!


6. Leopold Primary School

Now for something a little different – this great blog is written by a whole group of students – classes 4KM and 4KJ at Leopold Primary School. A great example of a group of student bloggers working together to create something fantastic, they post their creative writing, descriptions of school events and fun games.


Haille's Happy Blog

7. Haille’s Happy Blog

A great blog to inspire students looking to write about their own life and experiences, Haille blogs about things like what she likes to do at school and what she wants to be when she grows up!


8. Adventures of a Koodie

Written by an 11-year-old food lover, this is another inspirational topic-specific blog, in this case focussing on food and experiences of new flavours and restaurants. Including pictures and videos, it’s a great way to practice review-style writing. Students might be encouraged to try similar projects reviewing something different, like films, music or plays. A review-based blog certainly takes the trouble out of thinking of a new topic for each post!


Miriam's Magical Moments

9. Miriam’s Magical Moments

Nominated for best student blogger in the 2011 Edublog awards, Miriam blogs everything from poetry to playing the piano!


10. Jarrod’s Awesome Blog

Jarrod sets a great example for younger student bloggers by including different formats in his blog, from interviews to home made videos.


Do your children write their own student blogs? Which sites do they find most inspiring? Let us know in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Arthur40A – all other images are screenshots of the blogs mentioned.


  1. Dear Ms. Bates,
    Thank you for mentioning me in your post. I really enjoy blogging and I hope you visit my blog again.


    1. And thank you for the comment Miriam! You do such a great job and it is a pleasure to feature you on our site. All of us will certainly be visiting your blog again and hope you continue writing, learning and teaching others through your great posts.

      Keep up the awesome work!
      From the Fractus Team

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