Spring brings newness no matter where you are in the world. Shaking off Winter, Spring is the season of a new fresh look. The rain and longer days tell the world – it’s time to grow, to blossom, and bloom.

Your classroom deserves some awesome spring-themed bulletin boards to match the optimism of the season . These door coverings and bulletin boards are a daily inspiration to your students – and yourself – of the promises of the new season.

Here are 30 Spring bulletin board ideas from teachers around the world that you can use in your classroom. They are made for all classroom levels – preschool through high school. We’ve included great spring bulletin board ideas along with pictures and links to the original information source so you can get a closer look if you want more inspiration.

Learning and Growing Themed Spring Bulletin Boards

1. Never Stop Growing

easy peasy
Pictures From Easy Peasy and Fun. Check out their other Spring Craft ideas.

This is a really creative bulletin board idea!  Educators can have their class create flowers from the handprints of the children for this Spring Bulletin Board.  Easy to make with construction paper – and cute.

2. Growing Flowers By Subject

Found all over Pinterest. If you are the original creator, please let me know!

Flowers are a sure sign Spring is in the air.  Inspire an interest in the subjects the children will be learning. Math, language arts, science, and art are all covered by this bulletin board design. Create a 3D effect of flowers with a subject name and activities in the center of each flower.

3. What Plants Need

what plants need board
Found on the website traciclausen.com

This spring bulletin board shows the process of flowers growing – and what plants need to thrive. Create sunflowers with sunflower seeds and construction paper. Then write the text applicable to each part of the growing process. Don’t be afraid to improvise and add some clouds and raindrops if you feel like it!

4. When We Learn We Grow

From Melanie Crownover

This bulletin board consists of large 3D flowers with school subjects as centers to motivate children to want to learn. Wiring behind the petals helps add to the 3D effect. It’s bright and fun to look at.

5. Lifecycles Butterfly and Frog

From http://teachinghints.edublogs.org/2011/02/15/bulletin-board-ideas/

Students in primary grades will love these types of bulletin boards. Teachers can demonstrate the lifecycles of the butterfly and frog through the information on the board. The butterfly’s lifecycle is in a tree, and the frog is on a leaf in the pond. It’s a great board for the Spring season.

6. Bloom Where You’re Planted

Idea from: http://kisatrtleskreativekorner.blogspot.com

One of the more simple Spring bulletin boards with a powerful message to inspire students to adapt and to grow in the classroom. Perfect for the season!

Other Bulletin Board Ideas To Check Out:

Spring Flowers Themed Board Ideas

7. Spring Flower Bulletin Board for First Graders

From : rainbowswithinreach.blogspot.com

Inspire students to create their own May flowers art with a floor-to-ceiling 3D flowers bulletin board. I love the way the tissue paper flowers bring these style of bulletin boards to life. You can make this board with or without a cutting machine.

8. Marvelous Multiplication Spring Bulletin Board

Found at: http://stepinto2ndgrade.com/

Display the children’s multiplication skills with this group activity bulletin board. Each child draws circles and dots on a mushroom to indicate a multiplication table. It’s one of the more creative ideas in a post that we’ve seen. A great way to display information.

9. Spring Is In The Air

From Easy Peasy and Fun

Create a clothesline with the letters forming words hanging above the garden of flowers. To give these decorations a clothesline effect, hang two pieces of clothing on it as well. Clouds can hide the line ends. Kids will love the wooden pins – lots of students have never used a clothesline. It’s easy enough to use in your classroom.

10. Spring Flower Bulletin Board with Trophy

The trophy in the midst of the spring flowers on this bulletin board shows a winner’s attitude. Use this board to motivate students to achieve in class or for a quiz or competition.

11. Friends Are Like Flowers

The meaning of friendship is nicely displayed using photos of the students in the center of the flowers. Each student creates a flower of their own.  Instructions are provided at tippytoecrafts.

12. Spring Flowers

From http://beckermiddleart.blogspot.com/2010/10/overview-of-projects.html

As an art project, each child makes a vase with flowers. Alternatively, create a Spring bulletin board with a vase of flowers surrounded by flowers made by the students.

Birds, Bugs, and Insects – Bulletin Board Ideas

13. Debug Your Brain and Read

From Supplyme.com

Ladybug decorations are a tried and true way to cuten up classrooms, and also convey the very important information that Spring has sprung!

Inspire young students to read with the ladybird bulletin board. Use it as a library bulletin board or in the classroom in the reading section.

14. Bee And Environment Friend

From a contest run on supplyme.com

Engage and encourage elementary school kids to protect the environment with this bee-themed bulletin board. It can also be used for an Earth Day bulletin board.

15. Lovely Ladybugs ‘Spotted’ In Kindergarten

From lisaslittlegraphics

Use the ideas in this entry and your bulletin board can do double-duty.  Using hearts as the wings of the ladybird is an added touch.  This spring bulletin board can also be used as a Valentine’s Day Board.

16. Motivational Spring Birds

From mrspicassosartroom.com

A novel take on the bird theme.  Each bird is uniquely-patterned for individuality and rest on a tree branch.

Use a bird-themed statement to motivate students to stay on track and to ‘fly’ high.

17. We Are Hungry For Knowledge

From Easy Peasy and Fun

Almost every student had at one time read the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  This board brings back memories of one of the most read books in schools today.

A caterpillar chewing on a leaf tells the story of students hungry and eager to learn. Circles make up the caterpillar body.

18. Learning Gives You Wings To Fly

Thanks to EasyPeasy&Fun.com

Go out on a limb for learning with this nest-focused board.  Remind preschool and primary aged kids they need to try new things to soar – academically and personally. You can use tissue paper or construction paper for the nest.

19. Un-BEE-lievable Spring Bulletin Board

Thanks to https://handmedownideas.wordpress.com/

Show your school pride to your class and the world with this motivational board using the Bee theme.

20. Beehive Bulletin Board with Egg Cartons

From: msbarbarasblog.blogspot.com

I thought this board was ‘eggs-ceptionally’ creative!  Send home an information sheet to parents asking for egg cartons a few weeks before you want to create this bulletin board.

You can make this beehive bulletin board as a classroom activity while studying bees.

21. Butterflies on a Balloon Tree

Yep…Easy Peasy and Fun again

Trees and balloons – two things I enjoy are brought together in one fun spring bulletin board.  Balloons portraying the leaves on a tree and butterflies among them create something of a spring feeling in the classroom.

22. We Can’t Wait To March Into Spring

From myclassroomideas.com

Marching ants is a fun way to announce Spring and have a bulletin board for March.  Spring bulletin boards shouldn’t be too complicated to make and the students will be sure to enjoy it.

Easter and April Themed Bulletin Boards

23. April Showers Bring May Flowers

From room-mom101

Every teacher knows the time of year where kids are stuck inside for recess because the weather won’t cooperate.  This board can relate – it’s a kindergarten project where each child decorates their umbrella for the April shower bulletin board. Raindrops add to the April vibe.

24. Have a Hoppy Spring

Original at kisatrtleskreativekorner

Ah bunnies!  Easter and the rabbit are together in popular culture – along with candy!  By using bunnies as part of the spring theme, the bulletin board can be used for Spring and as an Easter Theme.  Cute carrots accent the grass.

25. Spring and Easter Bulletin Board

From Sunny Days In Second Grade

Cottonballs and glue – what could go wrong?  :)

Yes it can be messy, but you’ve got a handle on that.  You are a super-teacher!  Using fluffy bunnies gives a nice 3D effect combining Spring and Easter holidays in one bulletin board.  Make sure you have soap and water on site for any messes.

26. Dressed for April Showers

From dltk-teach.com

This is a great idea for someone with a smaller class or a few bulletin boards available – the original pictures are from a daycare.  Use actual pants and boots create a realistic April shower bulletin board. Then add photos of each student for the faces.

27. Egg-Cited For Spring

From rainbowswithinreach.blogspot.com

Easter Eggs are a tradition most kids love to participate in – painting them is fun!

For this board, each child decorates their Easter egg while the Easter Bunny continues painting his.

28. Rainbow Chain

Found on Pinterest.

The Spring weather brings about more chances to see rainbows – and people out with umbrellas.  This board uses that theme.

To create the 3D effect, use paper chains for the rainbow. The upside down umbrella is filled with flowers. Each flower has a student’s photo at the center.

29. Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Everything

From www.supplyme.com

A great mindfulness theme to remind children to be grateful. In spring, there are so many things to be thankful for – from splashing in puddles to geometry worksheets. Ok, the kids might not think the worksheets are great :)

Flower petals are made from the handprints of the students. The center of each flower has the name of a child.

30. April Showers bring POET-TREE

From thecurlylibrarian

April month is poetry month.  Let you students see this through a board visualization.  Instead of April showers bringing May flowers, it brings the students’ poetry hanging from the poet-tree.

31. April Showers, May Flowers, Poetry Month Bulletin Boards

Created by Surfing Through Second

The bulletin board to the left has the students’ original poetry displayed as raindrops. To the right, the children created different flowers in various shapes and sizes.

What is your favorite Spring Bulletin Board? Let us know in the comments below.

We've brought together 31 irresistable spring bulletin boards for your classroom. Be inspired, take action!
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