Teaching part-time out of a private Christian university in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Math teacher and YouTube sensation, Matthew Weathers is blowing the minds of students with his innovative approach to education.

Blending his own kooky style of teaching with some amazing special effects, Matthew has his class in stitches as he interacts with his own lesson content, props and even his shadow. The creative use of technology and video shows just how effective a little effort can be in engaging your class.


October 2011: Forgetting Things in Math Class

Starting out as your average Math class, things take a turn for the worse when Matthew is blanketed by an unexpected projector screen. Using simple video recording equipment and a little imagination, Matthew is able to illustrate to his class the phenomena of “in-attentional blindness”.


April Fools: Math Class Shadow

Using more advanced video editing tools such as Adobe After Effects, Matthew has his lecture interrupted by a very disobedient shadow. Starting out slightly more subtle than some of the other videos the shadow effect is truly amazing.


Symbols of Thanksgiving in Math Class

The latest in Matthew’s growing collection, his Thanksgiving lecture goes a step further with all sorts of amusing interactions and props. The mix of live action with the digital characters makes for a lecture I doubt any student will forget.


Halloween 2010: Math Teacher has trouble playing a video in class

One of the more advanced videos, Matthew (literally) enters his computer to try and fix some of the bugs with a new install of Windows 7. Involving some fairly elaborate props and planning, timing is everything when it comes to getting these videos right.


If you are interested in seeing how Matthew creates his masterpieces or even building your own, he has posted a tutorial on YouTube. Let us know what you have made and make sure to let Matthew know too.


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