Sleep is a magical time for new parents when it happens! Moms and dads everywhere search for that elusive key to bedtime happiness, and they just might find it with a star projector. These technological marvels project images and colors onto the ceiling to soothe and distract babies and kids at bedtime.

For older kids, falling asleep to twinkling constellations is a reminder of the vastness of our universe. What better way to encourage pensive thoughts than to stargaze? And what better way to stargaze than from your comfortable bed with a star projector for the ceiling?

These eight amazing star projector night light toys will thrill kids and parents alike and get everyone ready for bedtime!

The Best Star Projectors for Bedtime

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light (Turtle)
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Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother
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Boomile Baby Night Light
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Star Sky Night Lamp
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Le Petit Prince Projector Night Light
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1. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light (Turtle)

CloudB Star Projector

A plushy friend that transforms your child’s room into a starry sanctuary? Yes, please! This snoozing turtle night light projects constellations in blue, green, or amber, and includes actual stars from our night sky. The turtle comes with a constellation guide to help discover the eight constellations while you and your child wind down at bedtime.

The Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle earns points for not only calming kids’ fears of the dark, but also providing an educational element that parents appreciate. Children are naturally curious about the world around us, so it makes sense to incorporate actual star formations in the night light projector show.

Top Features:

  • Battery operated (3 AAA batteries included)
  • 45-minute auto shutoff timer
  • Doubles as a stuffed animal
  • Includes real constellations and a guide to viewing them

Best for: Cuddling, kids over 2, timed shutoff, space education

Ages: 2 to adult

2. Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother

Summer Infant Star Projector

In addition to starry sky projection displays, Summer Infant’s Eddie the Elephant also plays five different songs plus soothing nature sounds. Choose either a set color (blue, green, or amber) or a rhythmic light show. Then set Eddie to shut off at 15, 30, or 45 minutes for uninterrupted sleep.

Volume control keeps the melodies from overstimulating young babies and children and allows everyone else in the house to get their rest! Choose heartbeat sounds to comfort young babies as they fall asleep or select another background noise to cover household or neighborhood noises.

Top Features:

  • Battery operated (3 AA batteries included)
  • Auto shutoff timer at 15, 30, or 45 minutes
  • Melodies and ambient sounds
  • Battery life is approximately 10 hours

Best for: Babies, white noise, music, auto shutoff

Ages: Birth to adult

3. Boomile Baby Night Light

Boomile Star Projector

Inspire kids’ curiosity about the night sky with this laser star projector from the Boomile Baby Night Light. Plug it in via USB cable for power, or install four AAA batteries to go cordless. Four LED bulbs deliver ambient light in different colors and a rotation option sets the stars spinning.

Use the Boomile Baby Night Light from day one to soothe infants, or gift one to a child who’s interested in astronomy. Also helpful as a nightlight for older kids who might be embarrassed by their fear of the dark. With a star projector night light, there’s no reason they can’t enjoy a calm light show while they drift off to sleep.

Tip: This model does not include an auto shut off function. Unless you want to have the light show continue all night, set it on a timed power strip, or turn off once kids are soundly asleep.

Top Features:

  • Battery or USB powered (four AAA batteries or the USB cord- adapter not included). Note: do not use batteries and USB power at the same time, or you could damage the unit.
  • 4 LED light colors with eight modes
  • Rotating projector

Best for: Battery or USB, rotating projector

Ages:  Birth to adult

4. Cloud bTwinkles to go Octo Nightlight

CloudB Twinkles Star Projector

A cute star projector with a friendly face will no doubt ease kids into their nighttime routines. The Cloud bTwinkles to go Octo Nightlight is octopus shaped with a smiley face, and projects not just stars but also fish and bubbles. Its plastic construction is durable, and its auto shutoff lets you set it and get to bed yourself!

Small and portable, the Octo Nightlight runs on batteries and looks more like a plastic toy than a night light or projector. Kids will love it for its friendly face and portability, and parents will love reduced stress at bedtime. The Octo Nightlight’s light is bright enough to see by, but the auto shutoff ensures complete darkness once the kids drift off.

Top Features:

  • Battery powered (3 Lithium metal batteries included)
  • Battery life is approximately 2 hours
  • 45-minute auto shut-off
  • Star and fish projection patterns

Best for: Auto shutoff, projection pattern choice, durability

Ages: Birth to adult

5. Galaxy StarBee Projection Nightlight

Galaxy Star Projector

A sweet bee shape offers multi-color LED light shows with star projection in a compact form. Set it to alternate color modes, or set orange, blue or green. This touch activated bee night light is ideal for kids who wake at night and need a quick glimpse of light to reorient themselves in the dark.

A built-in timer shuts the bee’s projection off after 45 minutes but kids can reactivate it with a touch anytime. The body of the projector is hard plastic, compared to other plush projectors that can easily moonlight as cuddly toys. However, the plastic is high-impact and ROHS-compliant (so lead-free) and its surface wipes off easily. Light glows from the back, eyes, and legs rather than just the top, like many plush versions.

Parents love that the Galaxy StarBee Projection Nightlight runs on battery power so that it can shine anywhere in the house or bedroom. Negatives include a somewhat subdued projection when the room is not completely dark, which may not be an issue for kids whose rooms are pitch black and therefore desire a bright night light.

Top Features:

  • Battery powered (3 AA batteries included)
  • Battery life is approximately 60 nights
  • Set for one color projection, or alternate between three color modes (yellow, blue, or green)

Best for: Auto shutoff, battery life, durability

Ages: Birth to adult

6. Star Sky Night Lamp

Star Sky Star Projector

Custom timer controls and four color settings earn the Star Sky Night Lamp rave reviews. The lamp rotates practically soundlessly, ideal for a night light that doubles as a projector. Customizable timer settings make bedtime a breeze, and kids can reset the timer anytime they need extra light in the middle of the night.

This projector also features a lamp mode for starless nights when desired. Run on battery power for mobility, or plug in for dependable power throughout the night. The included DC adapter means you don’t have to sacrifice other technology devices’ USB adapters for the kids’ night lights!

Top Features:

  • Battery or USB powered (4 AAA batteries- not included- or DC 5V power- USB cord and wall adapter included)
  • Multiple light modes
  • Custom timer with settings from 5 to 95 minutes
  • Rotates

Best for: Custom auto shutoff, lamp mode

Ages: Birth to adult

7. Le Petit Prince Projector Night Light

Le Petit Star Projector

A touch activated orb with an unobtrusive delivery, the Le Petit Prince Projector Night Light projects multicolored stars in four LED color settings. Choose orange, blue, green, or color changing mode with ease. Using AA batteries, the Le Petit Prince is portable yet packs a dazzling star show in its small size.

Parents report battery life far exceeding Le Petit Prince’s conservative estimate. The auto shutoff function that times out at 45 minutes may contribute to longer battery life. Touch-sensitive buttons allow for easy adjustment of color settings, and the plastic surface is durable and easy to clean.

Top Features:

  • Battery powered (3 AA batteries)
  • Battery life is approximately 60 nights
  • 45-minute auto shut-off

Best for: Auto shutoff, battery life, programming buttons

Ages: Birth to adult

8. GermGuardian 4-in-1 Air Cleaning System

Germ Guardian Star Projector

While the GermGuardian isn’t a standard star projector system, it earns major points for its multifunctional features. The GermGuardian 4-in-1 has interchangeable projection cutouts, one featuring stars and a moon, one with jungle animals and scenery, and one with ocean themed imagery.

In addition to its function as a projector, the GermGuardian filters the air through a HEPA filter, to catch dust and allergens, pet dander, mold spores, and plant pollens. It also reduces odors from baby’s nursery or the laundry basket with a charcoal filter. UV light kills germs, and on high speed, the machine outputs white noise.

This star projector outranks all other projectors regarding additional functions, but if you’re not already in the market for air purification and allergen reduction with your projector, it might not be worth the cost.

Top Features:

  • 4-in-1 star projector, allergy filter, germ reducer, and odor trapper
  • Uses HEPA filters that capture particles as small as .7 microns
  • Must change filters every six months (reminder dial on machine)

Best for: Projection pattern choice, air filter, odor reducer, allergy relief

Ages: Birth to adult

What’s your must-have star projector that your kids just can’t live without? Share with us in the comments section below!

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