9 Solar System Projects for Astronomical Fun!

Shooting stars, colossal comets, and undiscovered UFOs—our universe is a mysterious place that inspires wonder in children and adults alike. Many children imagine futures as astronauts, traveling in a rocketship to explore the vast expanses of space. Whether or not this dream becomes a reality, you can bring the intangible aspects of space a little bit closer to home with the solar system projects we’ve compiled below.

Is your child a budding artist or astronaut? Check out the yarn or scratch art kits.

A dreamer? The moving mobiles and sticker sets will transform their bedrooms into their own little corner of space.

Future engineer? Help them construct their very own telescope or solar-powered solar system.

Just like space, there are no boundaries to the number of ways you can explore the solar system from here on Earth. Happy building, Earthlings!

9 Solar System Projects for Out of this World Fun

Scope Constructor Science Kit
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Wooden Solar System Mobile
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Solar Powered Solar System
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DIY Yarn Solar System
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Bouncy Ball Planet Kit
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Solar System Puzzle
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Glow in the Dark Planet Watercolor Set
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1. Great Explorations 3D Solar System

Reach for the stars from the comfort of your home with the Great Explorations 3D Solar System set. The stars and planets will transform any dark room into a personal planetarium just waiting to be explored. Simply stick the adhesive stars and hang the planets around the room, and prepare to be amazed! The kit also includes a guide to creating your solar system to scale. The glowing planets and stars glow “longer and brighter” with Glowminite technology, and include a Lifetime Glow Guarantee from Great Explorations.

Ages: 5+

2. Scope Constructor Science Kit

Check out the Scope Constructor Science Kit for an out-of-this-world building experience. Not only can you explore the solar system using your very own telescope that you’ll build yourself, but you can also explore smaller ecosystems with the microscope! The incredible 147-piece kit brings telescopes back to basics with informational guides on lenses and bending light. You’ll build over 25 scope-type models using the 60-page manual.

Ages: 10+

3. Wooden Solar System Mobile

Looking for a creative, hands-on solar activity you can treasure forever? Then look no further than the Wooden Solar System Mobile kit. The kit includes “10 flat wood solar system pieces, 5 yards of silver metallic cord, 1 non-toxic metallic silver finish, 1 stencil sheet, 7 non-toxic acrylic paint tubs (including one tub of glow-in-the-dark paint), 2 artist-quality paintbrushes and 1 instruction sheet” for hours of creative fun. Manufacturer Works of Ahh… has also developed a bonus painting app, which allows your child to digitally plan their mobile project before beginning construction. Space, technology, and art all in one for ultimate fun!

Ages: 4+

4. Solar System Scratch Art

Blast off! This simple Solar System Scratch Art kit will be loved by artists and astronauts alike. The kit includes two of each of the six different solar-inspired designs, ribbons, and scratch sticks. Simply scratch the surface of the coated black paper to reveal a world of rainbow colors below. Perfect for a space-themed birthday party or a rainy day craft.

Ages: 3+

5. Solar Powered Solar System

Your child can learn about the power of the sun while building it at the center of this Solar Powered Solar System! This mini solar kit is the “perfect exercise in science and creativity.” First, use the six included opaque paints and brush to create lifelike models of the planets. Then, explore the inner workings of the solar motor firsthand as you construct the orbiting mobile. Use the kit as a launchpad for a lesson in orbits, renewable energy or engineering.

Ages: 10+

6. DIY Yarn Solar System

Become a craft-onaut and recreate the planets using the DIY Yarn Solar System. If you think you’ve tried every model-making kit out there, think again! You’ll use balloons, glue, yarn and paint to recreate the “gas giants and rocky terrestrial planets.” Simply inflate the balloons to the appropriate size, wrap with glued yarn, let dry, then pop and paint! The results are stunning, and could even be combined with lighting to create planetary lanterns.

Ages: 8+

7. Bouncy Ball Planet Kit

Sail through the solar system with the Bouncy Ball Planet Kit from Thames & Kosmos. Teach your child all about the gasses and particles that give each planet their color, as they mix and mold their own set of solar system bouncy balls. The kit comes with a six different colored polymer granules and a spherical mold. Make your bouncing planets as realistic or out-of-this-world as you’d like, then have fun watching them bounce around the room.

Ages: 7+

8. Solar System Puzzle

Use the Solar System Puzzle to piece together the mysteries of our universe. The large, 500-piece brightly colored puzzle is unique, with a planet and “other heavenly body”-shaped pieces!  Your child will better understand the spatial relationships of the planets and see the orbiting pathways each one takes around the sun. The puzzle also includes a bonus planetary guide on the back side of the puzzle and a poster.

Ages: 8+

9. Glow in the Dark Planet Watercolor Set

Love art? Love science? Then check out the Glow in the Dark Planet Watercolor Set from Aquarelle. The stunning palette will bring the solar system to life with a few brush strokes. The designs are set in relief, so little artists won’t have any trouble keeping the paint where they want it. Paint planets, stars and space crafts—everything you need is included. And the best part yet? This twentieth-anniversary special edition is outlined in glow-in-the-dark ink for serious artistic impact.

Ages: 7+


What do you think of these solar system projects? Have you any favorites that your kids or students love? Share the joy—let us know in the comments!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, fiomaha

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