Apps for Organised Students

It’s that time of year again – students who have spent the Summer making the most of sunshine and glorious freedom drag themselves reluctantly back to the world of the classroom! It can be a difficult time transitioning back into the routine of early starts, strict schedules and assignment deadlines, and the beginning of the new school year is one of the most common times for students to get disorganized and fall behind.

There are challenging changes, with new classes, timetables and subjects, and sometimes even a whole new school to find their way around. But with these great apps to help them keep organised and stay on track, students will be able to start the year on a high. You can’t take the pressure and anxiety out of starting a new school year, getting to know a brand new teacher or meeting a new class of friends and peers, but at least you can help make the transition process that little bit easier for students by introducing them to some of these helpful organizer apps so they know what they need to do, where they need to be and when!


Apps for Organised Students

1. MyHomework

This fantastic app has already won awards for its clever combination of organisational offerings. Students can use it to keep on top of their class timetables, homework and tests, with a calendar to keep track of events such as deadlines or exams and the ability to set reminders to jog a student’s memory before an assignment is due in or when they need to study for a quiz. It also syncs with other devices, which can be handy for adding their information to a home computer calendar.


2. Super Note

Slightly different from the other apps, Super Note provides more of a Dictaphone-style service, allowing students to record reminders to themselves by simply speaking into their phone or device whenever they remember something they want to make a note of. Particularly useful for dyslexic students, this app cleverly converts voice files into notes so nothing gets lost, and these notes can later be colour-coded and categorised to keep everything organised by subject or date.


3. iStudiez Pro

Another award-winner, this app specialises in pulling all the organisational tools students could need together in one place. Like the other apps there’s a calendar for recording important dates and events, but the special extra value of this app is its ability to list homework and assignments with various ways of ordering them – such as by priority/urgency or date due. Alarms and syncing capabilities mean it keeps up with the other apps in every way and is one of the best all-round organisational tools available.


4. Remember the Milk

This app has been incredibly popular with a wide range of users for some time now, but could be particularly useful for students because it is so simple to use. It’s like an electronic to-do list, enabling students to write down those all important tasks and assignments as soon as they’re set in class, rather than scribbling them on a piece of paper and accidentally losing it, or trying to remember to write it down later only to forget altogether until the homework is due…


5. iHomework

A bit like MyHomework, this app, which works across the iPad, iPod and iPhone, allows students to keep track of schedules and assignments, but also their grades, meaning that it can be used by savvy parents to keep tabs on students’ progress and improvement too. Other activities like hobbies, training and everything from sports matches to debate competitions can be added too, helping students always to be in the right place at the right time!


Which apps do your students find most helpful for staying organised? Let us know in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Janitors.

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