9 Fun Balance Board Choices for Active Kids

You’ve probably heard of balance bikes before, but have you looked into a balance board?  A balance board is a fun and active toy kids can enjoy both in and out of the house.  There are even electronic balance boards available!

But more than that, these boards help kids development important skills. Physical skills like spatial awareness, balance and coordination are developed and practiced with the use of a balance board. Studies have even shown regular use of a balance board can increase attention span and focus in children. All that, and my kids genuinely enjoy the physical and mental challenge of staying on their balance board.

Top Balance Board Choices for Kids

ALEX Toys Active Play Monkey Balance Board
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Sportime Duck Walker Balance Board
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Kiddies Paradise Balance Board Maze
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Camden Rose Rocking Balance Board
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Miles From Tomorrowland Supersteller Blastboard
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1. ALEX Toys Active Play Monkey Balance Board

ALEX Toys Active Play Monkey Balance Board is by far the best balance board to use for younger children. It is perfectly sized for an older toddler or preschooler and sturdy enough to be used safely. The adorable monkey design is also kid-friendly and fun! Although this board is designed for kids, mom or dad can also give it a try because the weight limit is 200 pounds. With a toy this fun, the whole family will want to get in on the action.

Ages: 3+

2. Spooner Boards Freestyle

Spooner Boards Freestyle is a top-rated balance board for kids as young as age three. This board is popular with physical education departments at schools because it’s’ such a great way to give kids a good workout. If your child is interested in skateboarding, this is a fun way to have them try it out safely. These boards are good for more than balancing, Spooner Boards are made to spin, flip, and test out other tricks from the safety of a board without wheels. A truly unique way to have your kids be active and work on coordination and gross motor skills.

Ages: 3+

3. Carrom Balance Board

Carrom Balance Board is a more challenging version of the typical balance board. This board has a higher center than most other boards, adding an additional challenge. Skiers and skateboarders, or those who aspire to become them, will love honing their skills on this board. It’s a great way to practice the balance and coordination required for board sports and it’s a great workout! This board is recommended for ages three and up but is best suited to school age kids and older. The weight limit is 300 pounds.

Ages: 3+

4. Sportime Duck Walker Balance Board

Sportime Duck Walker Balance Board is perfectly designed for little feet. This colorful board has a unique design that allows kids to “walk like a duck” when they stand on it, by rocking from side to side. Balancing and spinning on this board is as just much fun as the duckwalking though. It’s a fun way for kids to practice balance and coordination—and it’s hilarious to watch! Although the weight limit is 200 pounds, this board has small foot rests that are a much better fit for kids than for adults.

Ages: 3+

5. Diggin Wobble Deck

Diggin Wobble Deck is an electronic balance board that adds mental challenges to the physical challenge of balancing on the board. Three games included in the board help test memory, number skills, and color recognition while multiple difficulty settings keep the board interesting as your child learns new skills. A hard surface is required for best use of this board but it can be played indoors or outdoors so there are lots of options for getting the most fu out of this board.

Ages: 5–8 years

6. Kiddies Paradise Balance Board Maze

Kiddies Paradise Balance Board Maze adds an extra challenge for your child. Maneuvering a ball around by rocking the board while at the same time balancing is the crux of this unique balance board. Imprints on the board help your child position their feet in the best position to work the maze. My kids enjoy the maze feature because it gives them a sense of purpose when simply rocking back and forth becomes repetitive. It also makes for fun competitions when they want to see who can complete the maze fastest. This board is lightweight but sturdy with a weight limit of 176 pounds.

Ages: 5+

7. Camden Rose Rocking Balance Board

Camden Rose Rocking Balance Board is a high-quality balance board made of maple wood. It is designed for use in Montessori or Waldorf Early Childhood Education settings. The curving design allows for rocking back and forth, increasing your child’s body awareness and physical coordination. Another great feature of this board is its ability to inspire imaginative play. Watch your kids turn it over to make it into a bridge or use it as a hidey-hole for toys. The simple design allows a child’s imagination to decide on how best to use it. Built to last through years of use, this board is worth it’s higher price tag.

Ages: 3+

8. Miles From Tomorrowland Supersteller Blastboard

Miles From Tomorrowland Supersteller Blastboard is as much fun as the name indicates. Three different game modes will help your child practice different balancing and coordination skills and the music based games are both entertaining and educational. Beyond the physical skills required for these games, your child will practice following directions—a skill my kids definitely need to work on! This is the perfect board for fans of Disney’s Miles From Tomorrowland series, but even if your kids have never heard of the show, they will still love this unique take on the balance board.

Ages: 4–5 years

9. Pogo Ball Sports Balance Platform

Pogo Ball Sports Balance Platform is a balance board with a bouncy ball in the middle. Combining the bouncing fun of a pogo stick and the coordination skills of a balance board should give your kids quite a workout. My kids are a little young for this, but I had one as a kid and I look forward to my girls having a chance to try it out. Mastering bouncing and balancing is a challenge for even the most coordinated children and it’s sure to test and improve their skills—and yours, if you decide to give it a try! With a 220-pound weight limit, there’s no excuse for mom and dad not hopping on too!

Ages: 6+

What do you think of our selection? Do your kids have a balance board which they love? Let us know!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Strelka Institute photo.

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